Pubblicato il 21 dic 2018
Reacting to MY MUSIC VIDEO HATE + BTS ( AZZYLAND - MONEY ) Behind the scenes
Song available here:

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Hello Citizens of Azzyland.... I'm Azzy and welcome to another amazing reaction video! Today we are reacting to life hacks that will literally change your life.



  • Anyone else here wondering what happened to the original video? 2.20

  • Wow😘😘😘

  • Is that your new boyfriend

  • Why would anybody say that I think you’re the best IT-tvs or in the world sorry dang Matt Smith i’m sorry reaction time I’m sorry frustrated gamer and I’m sorry kindly kin

  • I think your music vids is sexy

  • 29.5million at the momment of the 20th time ive watched theis video

  • That song is failed

  • Azzy it’s cause you said a bad words in it

  • *a quiet classroom* Me: *finds out i brought a tv remote instead of a calculator* 7:31

  • don't forget the other provinces love youuu!


  • OMG I actually thought PewDiePie hated on her...!

  • It’s great I love it I watched it so many times

  • I love ur music vid

  • Who would leave hate comments on azzys song money it's so amazing and so is she

  • Azzy is amazing

  • that just.........ITS PERFECT

  • Azzy your song is the Beeeeeeest

  • How did you get the jet😅🤔

  • i though it was BTS the band

  • Hey hey hey I really like your singing that song was really good to me and I really really wish I was in that song but I don’t I don’t think I live where you live so I don’t know 😔😔

  • Azzy I rly rly rly luv your videos and you make me smile every day! I know that you won't notice this but I want you to know that I admire you so much!😀 You make me feel so confident so thanks again!!!!

  • azzy i love you

  • Where is that gorgeous shirt from😍

  • Why is Jordy not in this video

  • Best song ever I love it😗😚😍😁

  • I like it

  • Who else hates when people comment "Stop begging for likes" filipinos aren't like that so as many other countries

  • azzy did that music video

  • I know I suck but that ain’t stopping me I say that every day Azzy has always inspired

  • On the from the weather dude said this is trash the people who say this is trash is coming from their body so that means they’re trash

  • Yay I’ve seen her music vid like 100 times

  • I feel like a butterfly in this dress me 🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋🦋

  • Use me as your she looks beautiful button!

  • I'm only 9 but i admire you for trying and I think you rocked and 1.nice tatto! 2.when you were lying on money in bikini and it showed the front of your face and leaned towards camera you looked so beautiful 😙😍😘🙂😛🤗

  • @:;_-#()/+.,?!'"=\%*[{{}$€¥|~^§…&.,?!'"

  • let's be honest it kind of is.

  • You did so great 😁

  • A💕💗 Az💕💗 Azz💕💗 Azzy💕💗 Azzyl💕💗 Azzyla💕💗 Azzylan💕💗 Azzyland💕💗

  • I aspire to be like you azzyland I want to be confident

  • Hey don,t bully azzy she,s beautiful

  • YES.AZZY.👏👏👏👏

  • It is Inappropriate it is yuky

  • I love her song

  • I love it

  • Low key her voice made me snatch my ears out. But run and get the money

  • BTS is a really popular song band

  • If your watching this vidéo at 2020 get a thumbs up ;)

  • Ugliest song every person heard in their lives 😒😕😳😑

  • Look in the bio what she wrote! 🤣 real life hacks huh! Haha ❤️ U azzy

  • What did they say in the car at 16:45?? Can anyone understand??

  • I love You so much azzy

  • She should not focus on the hate comments she's such a good person

  • Did you see Beastys reaction it’s hilarious 😂 Big Nem is the Smurf Boy and Azzyland is the Angry Soccer Mom

  • Not to be mean but you look like Camila who sang liar when you were homeless

  • Your sooooooooooooo pretty

  • When I saw caption BTS I was like whaat

  • want i thot that was your privet jet....

  • I wish I was azzy she is so so so so positive and she is really nice

  • When it said BTS I’m like OMG WHY DOES EVERYBODY HATE THIS! next thing I know I found out bts is behind the scenes