Razer Phone 2 - I like my iPhone XS a little less...

Pubblicato il 11 ott 2018
Everyone's reaction to the Google Pixel 3: it-tvs.com/tv/video-RSkIuTuNLlk.html
The Razer Phone 2 is awesome. Hands on with one of the coolest smartphones of 2018. From the 120Hz display to the amazing stereo speakers and a super cool light up RBG logo, the Razer Phone 2 stands out in a sea of notch filled smartphones.
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  • The Razer Phone 2 is legit awesome. Better than the Pixel 3? it-tvs.com/tv/video-RSkIuTuNLlk.html

  • Love my Razer Phone 2, and I hope Razer stays in the game (pun unintended, but acknowledged). I really just wanted a super phone...but not YA smoothed rectangle with a wee or not-so-wee notch. Also, "...pretty much throwing middle fingers to every single smart phone trend out this year..." yes indeed. I love the" 2001: A Space Odyssey" monolith design, and what's everyone's fixation with no bezels, anyway? It's a bitchen phone. BTW, I'm not much of a gamer, but this thing SLAYS as a media consumption device and all-rounder. Camera software is the weak spot...that's any easy fix bc quality ports of Google camera exist. The sensors are actually very good. Win.💪🏽

  • Pickle mega evolved into megapickle

  • I am switching to Android tbh

  • Your background set is so serene and lovely.

  • Razor phone 2 is $399 on Amazon it's cheaper then iPhone

  • No mention of the 2k screen as well

  • Went to bestbuy with the idea of getting one of these to replace my reliable xsmax but honestly was not impressed at all. The 120hz did nothing to me, did not feel much of a difference, even the speakers co pared to the iphone arent that great, bummer, makes me wonder if you reviewers are totally honest or have a hidden agenda.

  • I am watching this on the razor phone 2

  • Nice phone but I don't like the big speaker's. Full screen with no speaker's would be nice

  • Price?

  • no headphone jack. i feel like hating apple for making this no headphone jack trend D:

  • Mega pickle lol 5:17 best review! Thanks!

  • Can't say it's throwing it's middle finger at trends when there's no headphone jack.

  • I like that you are bashing the newest iPhone a bit, because that overpriced pile of garbage deserves it......but this video should not have been made until you actually have the Razer phone 2 in your hands. I own the Razer 1&2....my opinion matters, because i have actually experienced what the Razer phone 2 has to offer first hand......you have no idea except for reading specs online, i have no idea why you made this video right now without having the actual product.

  • There is jack shit to like about any Apple product, so there is that. Unless you enjoy spending tons of money for a product that requires you to bend over and grab your ankles from purchase to replacement.

  • 5:16 mega-pickle 😂😂

  • 5:16 8 mega pickle shooter

  • Will definitely buy this next month. I had a sony xz premium but fuck T-mobile and their bullshit it's time for Verizon with another kickass phone.. Sony you need to step your game up instead of limitations :/ not a good look and isn't worth the Hi-Res audio and 4k when certain carrier experience will fuck quality reason to buy your product. Rant Over.

  • And yet Oneplus fans think the Oneplus 6T's bottom mono speaker sounds better...cough cough


  • Best of all its american phone all others are not that's badass Singapore California. So iPhone Samsung yours isn't.

  • 5:15 sounds like "mega pickle shooter"

  • I need it for my birthday!

  • Who puts a jean jacket....on their face? Lol good review man.

  • उस्मान

  • Should i get iphone Xs or Razer?!


  • 2:59 “thicc boi beefy train”

  • Will this work on T-Mobile?

  • There isn't headphone jack because of the marketing..... Like, they made razer nari, hammerhead, kraken......

  • 5:16 Megapickel?

  • Hello

  • RGB is kinda cool just saying 😁

  • I have this phone myself and I love it

  • is that phone gaming is a gaming phone?


  • Woooooooooo 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😱omg

  • But there is no Headphone Jack too... So no middle finger to every trend actually.

  • the logo are everything💕

  • but kept the trend of no earphone Jack

  • Where can I get one of these phone 📱

  • I wish my phone had a megapickle!

  • 1 terabyte? Where did you bought that very special SD card?

  • The only time I use smartphone speakers is when I shower. But other than that, 100% of the time with headphones on. Sad face for no 3.5mm jack. I'm still not willing to let go of this feature. I will upgrade my iPhone 6S to either a LG v40 or a Galaxy S9, both with 3.5mm audio output and decent cameras.

  • This or s9

  • Like how when u said it was b.a., was like (to myself) "wow, haven't ever agreed with anyone saying any smartphone is b.a. ever until now."

  • I must be tripping since I just heard mega pickles

  • Why do you need 120 hz if mobile games don't even support 60 fps

    • daily task on this phone would be sick . Im getting one !

  • right now im flippin out at that razer phones snap dragon 845 not being overclocked like the rog phone.... rog phone doesent have 120hrz tho only 90hrz

  • RGB logo!? Take my money!

  • I have a razer phone 1 😭😭

  • Waiting for gen 4

  • What's an 8 mega pickle? Lol

  • 5:17 mega-pickle lol

  • The Back to the Future content, on point.

  • WHAAAAAAT! You mean I get an "Eight Mega Pickle Shooter" too? WOW! 🤣 SUBSCRIBED!

  • Did Jonathan say 8 megaPICKLE? 😂 😂 😂

  • This is really cool

  • $800 bucks, glowing triquetra logo, and no headphone jack. Nah. 3:45 Why, just why? Creepy.