Rams vs. Steelers Week 10 Highlights | NFL 2019

Pubblicato il 11 nov 2019
The Los Angeles Rams take on the Pittsburgh Steelers during Week 10 of the 2019 NFL season.
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  • When's Big Ben coming back?

  • Poor goff does not even have a offensive line but still be hated on.

  • What a game great defense fitzpatrick looking great

  • Juju x Lamar x tyreek x Brandon cook


  • That's OK rams!! We got it next week!!!! Lol!!!! #RAMSRULE

  • The only victory for us rams was that safety.

  • Good game

  • Hold on to that damn ball!

  • Rams wyd

  • Goff looked pretty bad ngl

  • Steelers didn’t even score once. Washington was out of bounds and Goff didn’t fumble. Nice job refs.

  • Love you. Mom. Good bye

  • Say whatever you want about records or about whoever. The reason the steelers are consistently good is Mike Tomlinson.

  • The real problems Rams don't want to talk about... 1. What's wrong with Todd Gurley. 2. The offensive line 3. Jared Goff's bad throws. 4. No first-round draft picks. 5. No ability to deal with blitzes. 6. Greg the Leg starting to miss field goals. 7. Ref' s managing to miss calls at key moments without being challenged. 8. Not much of an attempt at a run game / being too predictable. It's surprising the Rams are doing as well as they are considering all this garbage. It's easy to see the problems but there doesn't seem to be a plan to fix any of it.

  • 3:36 anks

  • Why are they taking gurley out in the fourth quarter?

  • 1:55


  • Go Steelers goooooo

  • Goff sucks omg he’s so bad

  • So many drops

  • So,........... when are we going to start admitting Mason is developing and is going to be a great QB!?!

  • Minkah has to be Defensive Player of the Year he’s been the change the Steelers needed!! Go STEELERS.

  • Knee out of bounds = TD Forward pass = fumble Incidental contact = pass interference Literally stopping your throwing motion and dropping the ball when you're about to get hit = forward pass Just an average Steelers game.

  • Lol love how the refs bail out the Steelers every damn game.

  • I love that the Rams are trash again

  • 7:55 they only need a yard aaaaand it's intercepted lol

  • As a steelers fan very impressed with this win! The concerns, mark barron is trash, about as good of a pickup as moncrief. And we need another safety alongside fitz, because Edmunds is also trash. And ju ju with the drops, not too late to trade!

  • Way to go Steelers!

  • I don’t care what nobody say .. Jared golf is not good dude ..

  • That Super Bowl window is closed ~ Rams fan

  • Ok, anyone remember Hank Scorpio from The Simpsons? If you don't, look up that clip and tell me he's not HC Sean Mcvay, omg I'm too dead right now😂. Any of you who don't know who I'm talking about will be laughing once you look it up. Here: it-tvs.com/tv/video-A6KZhFMWzPM.html


  • Rams looked awful

  • Here we go Steelers here we go

  • St. Louis Rams, LA style lol

  • Ball not catchable and still call PI? That's bullshit. Defensive Holding should have been the accepted penalty as it was the only actual one.

  • Steelers got away with interference in the end zone on the next to last possession of the game!! Big time interference!!

    • Yup. Would've set up 1st & goal & most likely would've been Rams game. BS!!