Rallylegend 2019 | Crash, big jumps, & crazy crowds

Pubblicato il 15 ott 2019
This is madness. This is heaven. This is Rallylegend.
Join legends such as Thierry Neuville, Gigi Galli, Paolo Diana,
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Filmed by:
Sebastian Klos
Hans Klos
Fabian Gaukler
Torsten Euler
Editing by:
Sebastian Klos
Fabian Gaukler
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  • 19:55 estoy llorando wn que lindooooooo😭😭😭😭

  • that motherfucking ladaaaaaaaaa😍😍😍😍😍

  • @7:00 how to fail........ Like a fkin boss 😎 And rally fans be as crazy as the drivers 😂

  • The fans on the track fucking ruined Group B and they still haven't learned. That was an awesome video. I loved seeing the Group B's being driven properly.

  • MEGA footage!

  • 20:19 Audi 4 Number One

  • And this is why women live longer than men, on average. Stay at full send.

  • I need to see this in person...

  • From the guy blowing his whistle at 19:05 until the guy with his pink suit runs in, broke me hahaha

  • 17:50 the breaks were on fire

  • 14:18 dude’s arm almost got smacked 😂

  • Awesome Video

  • 5 cylinders 😍

  • 2mins in, not 1 crash, a few small jumps and a bunch of retards standing in the road.

  • 🙏super...

  • A lot of Darwin Award candidates here!!

  • Wtf is wrong with these crowds, standing Infront of the car waving? Complete morons

  • Another excellent video, one can practically feel the passion put into the capture and editing. 10/10 👍 There was a brief moment where I could swear I saw the Kelly's hanging out of Baby Blue. Frank, at least pretend rallying is a challenge if I didn't know better I'd call you out for Hacks - drive bots. 🤪 EDIT: Grammar.

  • Реально выезд монстра впечатляет. Как когда-то. В прошлом.

  • pas sur la route bande de cons

  • 2:30 2:37

  • Love the topical Audi understeer at 4.30

  • 2:33 awesome!

  • That Quattro at the end with the blue flames!!!!! 🥰

  • 20.10 fiat 126p bis


  • Rally legend is Markku Alen Fiat Mirafiori and Hannu Mikkola Audi,Ari Vatanen Ford etc.

  • I have the big feels right now man :( I wish I did more of this when I was single and dying didn’t matter... now I have a wife, job, house, etc.:: Rip life... lol

  • Misfiringu systemu

  • xd more they die of rally fans and the more you put in front of the curves. There are those who like to die, he is happ

  • Magnifique montage ! Superbe vidéo !!

  • The only event where spirit of Group B is still alive!

  • why are rally crowds such assholes? they almost die with every car that passes...love that Lada Riva !

  • Awesome !!!!!!!!!!! Just wish that i could of been their.

  • Откуда столько жигулей?

  • good to see rally alive and well

  • DELTA?

  • How stupid and irresponsible bunch of ralley fans, to put up such a reaction with these high powered group B vehicles. Where were the police and other officers to control such an act on the race tracks. Really, just a bunch of fools.

  • Did i see lada in the race ?

  • That Fiat sounds amazing....then.....Quattro........all bow down........

  • 2:24 дед ты не туда заехал

  • i love it!

  • It's hard not to smile when watching this

  • I can’t believe this in 2019, it seems magic and crazy like in the 80’ies. That Guy with the 131 Fiat Abarth knows how to drive it !!.! Respect🤘

    • @alex debua Thanx 4 his name. If you know him, you can tell him to come to BELGIUM at the Legends Boucles de Bastogne in februari 2020. We need that kind of drivers. It’s a great historic rally. Before it was Legends Boucles de Spa, Mutch better, but organisation (mister DL) wanted more money and went to Bastogne. Meanwhile some legendary specials were kept. Great experience

    • Raphael Thijs Paolo Diana rules

  • GUFF!

  • 9:39 was that a wink?

  • Is it bad that when ken block appeared, he looked like a snail compared to the rest

  • Brilliant video, didn't want it to end. Great to see the drivers relax a bit and entertain the crowds, Thoroughly enjoyed this :D :D :D Thanks you

  • Paolo Diana è qualcosa di spaventoso ....... da lui si può solo imparare , il migliore !!!

  • Those new rally cars are damn fast xD and really fun to watch.

  • 20:53 Audi Quattro breathing fire 👍 Really loved to see all the Quattros. But I also loved the Cosworth Sierra, the Ladas and especially that Fiat 👍👍👍

    • André Bartels yeah but have you seen the winking evo at 9:39

  • 19:10 Cheekee Breekee i v damki

  • So much better with Initial D ost. )

  • way too much fun being had.

  • It's a continuous high-octane orgasm.

  • First half is the best

  • was ein hammer publikum :D

  • And they say drifting is born in Japan😁it seems more like drifting was born on a rally stage😂

  • ty for sharing this great footage whit us..

  • I can only imagine how amazing it would be in that crowd !! 20:18