Radio Reaction During Crazy Qualifying | 2019 Italian Grand Prix

Pubblicato il 7 set 2019
Listen in on team radio from the protagonists during a crazy end to qualifying at the Italian Grand Prix - when only 2 drivers made it to the start line in time to start a second flying lap.
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  • "they kept us all behind..." Lmao, this joker was literally weaving trying to catch a tow when he could have gone upfront himself if he really wanted to

  • Si Leclerc creyera estar al mismo nivel de Vettel o ser mejor que el, entonces por que no le da el rebuff, se nota que lo hace a proposito, que no avanza ni abre paso para pasar, tiene que venir Vettel desde atras para hacerlo y Leclerc hasta deja que otro se le coloque atras a Vettel. Asi cualquiera gana, asi cualquiera es mejor que otro jugando sucio, no manteniendo su palabra o lo que promete, dando puñaladas por la espalda a su propio compañero. El sabe que no iba a poder con Vettel, por eso se la jugó tan suciamente.

  • Crymilton

  • Yes a tattic...of course...not a mess, no...a tattic

  • How about removing the dependence and over reliance on clean air aerodynamics/downforce? Inherently, cars will always need to take advantage of slipstream, any smart runner or cyclist that races knows that. However, if F1 cars banned front wings they’d be a lot more capable of abuse and a lot less fragile.

  • Keep doing dummy pitstops Mercedes and shuttup

  • Any chance we can have an unedited one? Surely there must have been an opportunity for the cars behind to overtake at some points, it's a lap full of straights. Looks like they brought it on themselves

  • Hamilton dude you are the most annoying arrogant and disliked champion in the history of F1....villeneuve included...

  • Crybaby Lewis.

  • Everybody was complaining but nobody wanted to go forward lol

  • Hamilton is a bitch

  • Charles was a little bit of a cunt here tbh

  • And hamilton again complaining and whining. Dudes so talented but the biggest diva in the sport.

  • Yo he pulled out the 'Interesting tactic' line lmfao

  • All the teams should cop a fine for that. They all sat in the garage's waiting. Pathetic all blaming each other

  • 🤦‍♂️

  • They are all equally responsible

  • Lewis having a trademark moan🤣

  • Would Hamilton like some vinegar with that salt?

  • So Charles was suppose to go and give Vettel a good chance like Vettel did a lap before

  • Lewis post race : I was not thinking about the championship, I'm just tryna do my best. Also Lewis post race : I only gave up my position to Charles because I was thinking of the championship. 'Interesting Tactics".

  • I cannot Believe Lewis. He thinks that Ferrari deliberately tried to mess his outlap. If he was so confident, why not do it without a tow and go on himself? Sick.

  • Hamilton with the most dominating car in the history of F1, still whines and moans all the time. spoilt brat!

  • "Thank you thank you " lol

  • "Thank you thank you " lol

  • 0:49 orgasm.wav

  • Love seeing Hamilton make an ass of himself. Beautiful.

  • Obviously one man can't be blamed for something like that.

  • Don't talk! Just drive!

  • Leclerk is a scam

  • I'm still waiting for the complete team radio... I wanna hear Leclerc's win radio!!!! Pleeeeeeease

  • Its Marcus Ericsson' fault.

  • Lewis... “I’m just pissed because I didn’t think of it first”😎

  • Oh, yes, Liberty! Good boys! I was waiting for this one, and you didn't disappoint.

  • And these clowns get paid how much $?

  • so the trick for next year Q3 is, go out early and set the best time with your team mate towing, than play the game at the end, the others have to go out first and you get the tow or you get pole if nobody wants to be in front. how about scheduling a time lapse release at the end of q3, every 7 seconds 1 car out in reverse order of time, last car leaves pit 63 seconds after the first , plenty of time to go around before the first cars catches up and no tow.

  • While there was intentional slowing at the front, they should only all complain to their team because guess what there was time to do multiple flying laps.

  • aren't these delayed? so the fact they said "you need to go" and he was already slowing down, very likely he was already told "we are out of time, abort"

  • It's funny listening to Hamilton crying "They kept us all behind" . Well if they keep you behind,overpass like the ferraris did and go for your lap then,your own games turned into you and now "it's not cool" Play with the fire one too many times and eventually you WILL get burned. Stop the fucking slipstream games and start doing laps

  • Hate the way Hamilton uses team radio, to express his wild conspiracy theories. Everybody on track had more than enough time to set a hot lap

  • Everytime i think i might start to like lewis hamilton , he start bitching

  • I kinda wish they had made the flag, to see 8 cars racing to turn 1, no one would've gotten a good lap anyway.

  • Lewsi could overtake nearly every time. Later "mimimi mimim mim mimi "

    • I wonder if they actually got to the line in time they were all on the same straight It would be like *whoever reaches turn 1 first gets to do a lap*

  • Everyone complaining about Leclerc being unsportsman-like like they didn't wait for someone else to tow them. Look at the pit lane exit: Hulkenberg, Stroll, Sainz, Bottas and then Leclerc and Vettel. How did Stroll end up last? How did Hulk end up behind Mercs and Ferraris? Every single one of them, from Leclerc to Albon, didn't want to tow. They all had the chance at some point to overtake the group, like Sainz did when he realized he was about to not make it in time to the finish line, but they didn't. They can bitch and moan and cry as much as they like, in the end they all played the same game

    • Supposedly Ferrari don't need any other team's slipstream because they already devise a plan to provide slipstream for themselves Leclerc already received one from Sebs during his first run, but Leclerc hold off and delayed his run when it was Sebs' turn. That's why Sebs is a dissappointed because his team mate failed him. And Leclerc sounds very disingenious as if he never had a choice on the matter when he and Sebs could just easily blast through the track and run ahead of the pack. Leclerc denied Vettel his chance for a more competitive lap... not the other teams.


  • What astounds me is with the tech and money, they couldn't tell them to go harder earlier. They came out of the pits with few seconds to spare. Surely after that first corner you tell the driver to go.

  • what did that lulufuck just said? interesting tactic from Ferrari? He is clearly blind man

  • Lewis always finds a way to blame Ferrari for everything.

  • These kind of games started with mercedes... Others learn with mistakes

  • Alonso prob thinking: “This qualifying is a yoke!” 😂

  • “They kept us all behind” -Hamilton What a little bitch

  • Hamilton so sour 😂 aiming a comment at ferrari when they had nothing to do with it 😂

  • Hamilton is a cry baby...

  • Did vettels time still stand even after breaking track limits?

  • im kind of mad at Leclerc and his Team behind him. this is the reason why sebastian destroyed his race because Leclerc doesn't overtake seb earlier. leclerc did know he had to go ahead, and the ferrari team ignored to tell seb´s task at leclerc, that he should go ahead....

    • @DieZockerZone Dude you just asked a question Im just answering it... I don't understand why you are being so grumpy.

    • @Gel Mir shut up

    • @DieZockerZone Leclerc is not the reason why Sebstantian destroyed. Sebs is just unprofessional and stupid.

    • @Gel Mir i know and?

    • @DieZockerZone Im just saying that having a bad day don't give you a pass to wreck other drivers races or worse endanger their safety. Vettel's decisions are just stupid, and he can only blame himself for that.

  • I'm going to save this in a playlist called "Legendary" because I doubt this is EVER going to happen in the future again.

  • That was almost worse then soccer/football players flopping around like fish on the pitch for a penalty

  • Lewis is such a whiney bitch

  • Leclerc will get his carma

  • Of course Lewis thinks it’s a conspiracy when he doesn’t get pole. 😂