Pubblicato il 29 giu 2019
Our custom Achievement Hunter Super73 bikes are here! Let's check out all the cool mods and see how fast they go!
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Hello fellow Gamer. This you should watch me. I play game. Good. Thank you, thank you. If you watch me, I'm hot. Videos, they'll be better... The Achievement Hunter view is the right thing to do IT-tvs, so do.
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  • Do they sell that jacket fiona was wearing?

  • Everything Ryan creates has to do with murder

  • Having knives on the front of a bike in Texas is like begging for someone to shoot you thinking they’re stopping a domestic terror threat

  • HOLY SHIT Trevor’s shirt is a Balloon Shop reference! He’s really about that IT-tvs life

  • Those turned out amazing!!!! So awesome 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  • Not only that but those are specifically bayonets knifes, you can tell by the ring on the handle etc, meant to be fitted over a rifle barrel

  • But why is Funhaus' logo not on the side of the seat on the bike that Jack presented with all the other channels?😭😭

  • Barb should get a Bumblebee bike.

  • I love how Jeremy clearly wasn't expecting the horn of the other bike when they used it during their look overs of the bikes. He jumped. xD

  • Funhaus wasn't on the seat..

  • I love my super 73, its Aggie themed though, which living in Austin is a dangerous thing lol. Gotta support my home school though XD

  • I haven't seen the RvB bike, but please tell me that it plays the Warthog song.

  • Can't forget Matt Bragg's Snack Bags!

  • Shut up Fiona. Good god

  • I desperately want a Super 73 bike. So cool, pity they don't sell them in my country.

  • Love Ryans’ group bike!

  • wtf is the name of that song

  • Link is not in the description, my trust in Trevor is broken

  • These are some very glorious bikes. I feel like I have slight bias towards Trevor, Jeremy, Michael, and Fiona because I like that group slightly more but both bikes are amazing and I love how creative they got with them.

  • Are these seats not adjustable? They are WAY too low when for the shortest person in the office. Hmm

  • These. Are. Gorgeous.

  • Did you say 7day? If so. That's funny as its. State land near where I live in NY. So. Far diff from Texas.

  • Ryan "Usually I'd say your bikes pretty cool but ours is the winner, but I'm not gonna do that this time cause' yours' is obviously better..."

  • That Trevor. Shot was awesome, I home he's going to do another beautification ep soon

  • 7:12 No Cowchop / Sugar Pine 7 ;(

  • damn. matt was prettyyyy sexy

  • 11:00

  • 5:08 the whitest array. Racist.

  • This is amazing

  • Of course matt notice the snack pack

  • Wait so who won. Ryan won the 1st race and Micheal won the 2nd race

  • Best video they’ve made so far.

  • 5:57 anybody that crashes that bike is breaking every finger they have 😂

  • Wait so what is the point of the battery? It has pedals how lazy do you have to be to buy a bike then decide you don’t want to pedal. And they’re slow as fuck 😂 just buy a decent bike and you’d spend the money was more effectively

  • Ryan's bike would 100% get you stopped by the police

  • I really think they missed an opportunity to have one of their horns be Gavin screaming

  • For the next Mario kart racing lets play Matt should play it on the bike while driving around in the parking lot

  • Those brass knuckle breaks look like a finger-breaking accident waiting to haooen

  • brass knuckle brakes just seem super unsafe in so many ways.

  • Ryan aka the best acheivment hunter took micheal to gapplebees in the first race and nearly one the second which is great since we all know micheal likes working out so much lol

  • what ever pr person made this happen NEEDS a promotion cause just by seeing what they are willing to do to the bikes i want one.

  • This has left me seriously considering putting Git Gud on the pedals of my mtb.

  • Fire fiona she sucks. Shes already said she would leave the room just leave then bitch u suck here, not funny at all and doesnt know a fucking thing about any video game. Annoy brat who thinks the world owes her something

  • Jack: one of my favourite parts is well Gavin’s not here today so you can put your ass on his smug face

  • The first bike (with all the mirrors) has more iconic achievement hunter symbolism incorporated into its design, and thus, is the better "AH" bike. That being said, the second is the one I would want for the zombie apocalypse, and that is more important, so the second one clearly is better as well.

  • dude trevor has a nice butt

  • What’s that song @ 9:30

  • The designs are awesome, esp love the mirrors. The bikes as a "product" look fucking awful. Cheap as trash components.

  • I must have missed something, why did they make custom bikes? is there a video i can go back and watch

  • I love Trevor's shirt I'M ENJOYING A TREAT DEREEEEEK

  • My favourite thing about this video is when Michael and Ryan are racing and Ryan honks the horn XD. Both bikes are amazing but if we're going for the most 'Achievement Hunter Style' bike, I gotta say Team Trevor. The other bike was awesome too, just I feel like the other one had more references on it.

  • You know Fiona...for about two more dollars you could get the rest of those shirts....not sure she owns a full shirt at this point.

  • Both are super cool, but Jeremy’s team had the better bike

  • Super 73 should make a camp camp bike and Michael can ride it while dressed up as max.

    • Haleysongtopaz adding it to the list!

  • The slow mo shots are so good

  • brass knuckle breaks, just incase you wanted to guarantee 8 snapped fingers if you take a spill :D

  • Dad v.s. Dad

  • That is sooo ridiculously great 😆❗️

  • nobody: michael: signs his name with a heart above the i everybody: *u g h💕*

  • Fiona as always sexy AF