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Pubblicato il 8 lug 2019
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  • The Wii remote foreskin. It's the foreskin.

  • I just got a commercial from Clorox about bleach and they were saying how you can use bleach on anything and I go my organs🤨

  • dogs dont eat fruit

  • 9:28 OMFG I hate that. Go to buy a fucking soda. The receipt printer: Bzzz bz bz bzzzz bzzzzz bzzzzz bzbz bzzzzz bzzz bzzzzzzzz bzbzbzz bzzzz… JUST GIVE ME THE FUCKING RECIEPT ALREADY!!!

  • It only just came to me now, how goddamn lucky I am to have the keyboard I have right now. It was a gift from a step cousin and it’s like a full on gaming keyboard with light up keys, a hand rest, a cup holder and a plate holder in case you are hungry and it has a suction thing where if you get crumbs on it, it will suck them through and push them out the other side and it is waterproof... My step cousin made it all himself and from scratch just for my first keyboard.

  • 9:46 Go to my IT-tvs channel. That is just parity, not unsolvable. Also make sure to go sub to me!!

  • One time I left a pin, (the kind that goes on your shirt) and a crayon in a cupholder, and it got so hot outside that the glue on the pin melted so that the little pointy part came off and the crayon melted, then when the crayon hardened overnight, the pin was stuck with the point upward. The worst part is, it is not a removable cupholder, and it is also a pretty deep cupholder. Every time you put a cup in it, you would just see your cup start bobbing up and down, and then look under it and find that it leaked into the cupholder.

  • Does someone know how the impossible Mario game is named

  • If some kid does that to my dog, I think I'll take a nailgun and nail his fuckin ears to my fence

  • 5:58 It's not that, it takes too long to spell things on tv keyboards. You have to press 5 things to get one letter, unlike a phone or computer.

  • 2:16 use your hands

  • it-tvs.com/ch/UCzDEcu1RfbRo6s_tEmyZN0Q sub please

  • I loved this video until it had the non qwerty keyboard Then I SUPER loved it

  • I'm getting sick of the sound never being lined up with the video. It's been out of sync since the literal beginning of the goddamned universe, just fix it finally, jesus christ.

  • 346 days = 4 years. nice.

  • 3:04 Literally every Asian parent with their kids

  • 0:49 It might be Q always has a U next to it when you use it in a Word

  • The tall guy being too tall in the plane bathroom concerns me because my boyfriend is 6'11, and if 6'3 can hardly stand-

  • Good thing my day is almost over

  • I have a easy hack for the airplane screen problem just cut her hair

  • Claps

  • 5:30 Why? Won't the drink spill when you remove the cup?

  • 4:25 It looks like he did that on purpose

  • 1:18 The only time the "Watch Your Step!" sign really mattered

  • 1:30 wait...... is that a latvian flag? Im from Latvia :D

  • How can that guys friend just put the wrong game dvd in the wrong package

  • 2:20 what kind of glue on ice yall using

  • the reason these keyboards are on there is because they’re in alphabetical order

  • You got the voice of Stewie from Family Guy

  • Who else had to look at the thumbnail twice.

  • 3:03 that house looks like a friend of mines inside about 3 years ago in florida. he moved out

  • 1:43 I do that all the time when my phone is cracked so I don’t cut my finger or get glass stuck in them

  • 6:50 In the Ice cream reaction where the ice cream wasn’t filled in the inside.Thats a Tik Tok that I made I can’t believe that it’s in a video

  • 3:24 I used to do that with my wii games lol

  • How that one guys friends keeps his games....my eyes twitched and i felt like punching my screen in anger several times...

  • _Bioshock_ is the one game the dude hasn't played yet. Also, what the fUCK is going on with that dude's middle finger?! *EDIT:* 7:27 Not gonna, "you're a certified creature" actually made me laugh out loud instead of just huff a little air through my nose.

  • “The Wii’s forskin”

  • At 0:49 I don't get it

  • The problem is that it’s hard to type

  • 0:46 we have a smart TV and that's the keyboard on the screen when we are on youtube and we have to press the direction buttons just to press the letter and it's SUPER slowwwwwww (╥﹏╥)