Queen of Mean || GLMV

Pubblicato il 18 ago 2019
👑Queen of Mean👑
Viarrah- m.it-tvs.com/ch/UCrEvnDwVPNYZeYTnfWjgocQ
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•I do NOT own this song. This song is from Descendants 3 called Queen of Mean
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Thank you ♡
•Viarrahs form you saw in this video is ORIGINAL FORM but the SKIN is NOT. Original by dillongoo: m.it-tvs.com/tv/video-ONzr_DlqFWs.html , again, if there will be any problems with me using the look. Make sure to contact me. Thank you ♡
•This one is ORIGINAL story as you can tell. People are doing the exact same video from the movie. I decided to do something different uwu


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  • When someone takes your food :Being nice was my past time.

  • How do you tween so smooth? Like the eyes?! I can tween, terribly, I can animate walking but MOVING EYES?! Impossible

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  • Me:mom can I have robux for my game on roblox? Mom:No hunny Me:I WANT WHAT I DESERVE Mom:Still no Me:Being nice was my past time, I've been hurt for the last time.. Me:ok can I just buy something from a store Mom:Ok,but be careful hunny Me:yes I will mom,bye mom After going to the store Me:oh c'mon long line?! 2000 years later Me:ITS FINALLY MY TUUUUURN Cashier:sorry but you can't have this Me:Then if I can't have that then I will be the leader of the dark and the bad Cashier:Kid your CRAZY Me:Wait*looks at money*oh c'mon Cashier:you can't buy this because it is 10 dollars but you only have 5 dollars Me:There's nothing to lose when your lonely and friendless

  • 0:18

  • I love your videos but I have a question what app you use for remove background from moving item?

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  • Teacher:(teacher calls me up for hard math question) Me:being nice was my past time •~•

  • The dislikes are only ppl who are mad that you are the main character well i liked ur vid

  • Random human at my school: **makes me mad** Me: BEING NICE WAS MY PAST TIME I'VE BEEN HURT FOR THE LAST TIME

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