PS4 Pro "DEATH STRANDING" Console Unboxing - PlayStation 4 Limited Edition + Gameplay

Pubblicato il 7 nov 2019
Unboxing PlayStation 4 Pro Death Stranding Limited Edition console. Special collector's console with BB Pod Dual Shock 4 controller. Warning: gameplay may contain spoilers! A Hideo Kojima Game. Thanks to Sony for providing this console!
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  • PS4 fans here?

    • yes

    • Giveaway me 😥

    • Always man

    • Ps 4 solos xbox anyday dayyyyyyyum G I A

    • Esa esa Cómo estás Sony Playstation sí Play 4 PlayStation 4 tu hermano de la otra vez estaba bien cool y también el de la otra vez estaba bien con el de la otra vez cuando tú compraste el mando ese de forma y de la Playstation 4 aquí en Culiacán

  • Good Console My friend Subscribe for me

  • I love that controller

  • Anyone know the best way of cleaning dust of the top of the console with it being glossy will it scratch if I wipe it with a cloth not sure

  • 🤤

  • Reveal your face please

  • 讲究

  • What do you do with the systems ?

  • Кодзима - гений/ Kojima - is a genius.)


  • I have this one is cool

  • oooh my god.....almost as good as sex!! Thanks a lot.

  • I’m uncomfortable because i just want to see the ps4, but this seems like a fetish. Should i be worried about watching this?

  • You should wear gloves after openin order package, because carrying of package always in dirty ways

  • 7:12 he did this purposely

  • I unboxed one of these last week One of my favorite pros to date And have been playing this game non stop.

  • Actually unboxing 2:44

  • orgasmic videos like this one should be prohibited on youtube

  • Console art looks like infamous second son

  • It kinda felt like asmr

  • I have this game and a warning for all my fellow gamers you will never get tired of this fun, touching, scary, surprising, and crazy. 🙂🙂🙂

  • Is this a challenge?

  • Give away to fan please bro!?

  • I have a feeling this is a very stupid question but, should I get a plain 1 TB PS4 Pro Black/White or should I get the death stranding bundle?

  • Sucks that the edition isnt included with the steelbook like Square Enix did with Final Fantasy XV and Kingdom Hearts III editions.

  • Just bought one! I got a used one on amazon and it didnt come with thr controller so I sent it back and ended up saving like 100$ with the new deal!

    • Humble Rumble I got my PS4 pro edition yesterday and i literally got so pissed off because we had to collect it and when I got home I went to set it up in my room. And it wouldn’t connect to the tv we tried all HDMI and all cables so we found out it must be the console. So we are going back today.

  • hello my name is carlos davi im brazilian

  • This is 300 dollars for Black Friday I’m so pumped

    • Efe 'den yea on PlayStation website

    • $300 on black friday?

  • Where is a toy?

  • my only question is: why they are crying all the time?

    • They're allergic to chiral density. Bts carry that as a byproduct

  • the controller is gorgeous

  • Se tapa sus manos por que son negras

  • Death stranding game brought me here....... love your unboxing. Is so asmr!!!! SUB !!

  • perfect and beautiful ps4 pro death stranding edition. i love it..

  • The controller is op lol

  • Top game,,,,ps4pro limited edition😍

  • The ugliest PS4 controller i ever seen

  • Me encanta

  • For relaxingend: Ps4 or Xbox one

  • Muito top o conteúdo

  • Ha Ha Ha ^0^"/