Prop Hunt IRL! | Hiding in Famous Video Game Items!

Pubblicato il 27 ago 2019
Hey guys! In this challenge, we hide inside popular video game items and play prop hunt! If you get hit, run for your life!! Our good friends, the Dangie Bro's came to help us out and challenge us to a Prop Hunt Battle!
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  • Did anyone else notice that when they played the replay when Jeff was in the Xbox he looked like a troll doll

  • Ive seen that energy sword in some other game but I can't remember what...

  • That girl looks stoned, my n-word.

  • Someone know Tori's instagram?

  • Tori as in Toriel from undrtale

  • RIP BOB 🤧

  • Am I the only one that kept rewinding to watch Bobby get tackled and to see j fred say as you can see Bobby is trying to avoid stabbing him Bobby: stabbing the box until it it breaks Help...

  • 5:58 When the avengers see thanos

  • Master cheif is proud of you,bobeh

  • Where’s Tori from

  • Xbox is not a game

  • I like kingdom hearts

  • The keyblade Is from Kingdom Hearts. It is in all of the games. It is the main weapon. Mickey Mouse, Goofy, and Donald are in all of the games. In the third game, you have to find Mickey Mouse emblems.

  • 5:29 I cant see hahahahahahahahah

  • Operator 911 what’s your emergency Collar my Wii controller died.?

  • It is from Kingdom hearts

  • They’re all somewhat about safety yet Bobby is stabbing a box I honestly thought someone was actually going to get stabbed

  • i can imagine breathing in that fart

  • Imagine calling the TNT from crash “this Minecraft brick”

    • OMG, if I said that, everyone would be screaming at me in the comments, and I would feel so stupid.😂😂😂

  • The minecraft TNT is not minecraft it is crashbandacoot

  • I hate how Bobby Called a crash bandacoot tnt called it Minecraft brick

  • So are we not gonna talk about how dang cuet Tori is

  • I just realised that the TnT block is from Crash Bandicoot and not Minecraft

  • Lol best video do this again for 2020

  • Ok boomer

  • watch intil 12:00

  • 11:49 bobby just trying too fit in

  • Watch from 9:05 and watch J-Fred take a tumble.

  • Poor J-Fred,he tripped and I can’t stop laughing,I just watch him trip over and over,R.I.P J-Fred.

  • 12:08 when a dodgeball is flying straight at me

  • Anyone else always feel bad for Bobby

  • 😀😀😀😀😀😀

  • Where is tori

  • I’ve watched this like five times and still laugh

  • I hate the miss use of the energy sword

  • What if they stab the little girl

  • That was Coll

  • I wanted to be on the team :(

  • I rlly wanted to go there to see nerf guns but idk where it is :(

  • can we appreciate what bobby does for team edge: gets laid out gets dragged out gets muscle therapy shocker gets tackled first thing almost gets killed by dangie bros we stan a big bob

    • Mia Tang lost Jeff twice Takes Rohns sword

  • Joey:first one to lay bobbie Bobby:Where did I go wrong in life

  • Not just 1 it’s 2

  • Yay The Genji Brose! Something like that

  • That's the Halo sword from Halo Combat Evolved

  • 4:22 😂

  • Not big boby

  • I just love Bobby just slamming boxs and then when he finally finds them and they run away and Bobby is doing nothing XDDD

  • Better watch out for the mom mode

  • Intro so funny and rest to!!!

  • Props to who ever edited 3:54 LOL

  • Check out the dangie bros

  • 6:01 This may be the biggest betrayals in gaming history considering Halo is an xbox game. Plus the murder is used by the energy sword Rip

  • That video is fucking hilarious 😂 😂 😂

  • the lady camera girl needs to SHUT UP!

  • It’s 3:04am and I’m crying laughing at joes fart

  • I wonder why they just not say anything so the seeker would leave

  • That flashbang just bursted his ear drums

  • Lol he is avoiding him

  • BOBBY is so funny

  • I LOVE PROP HUNT!! I forgot your guy's channel name and a glitch got me no motivation since last year.