Proof Minecraft Steve Has UNLIMITED Power! | The SCIENCE... of Minecraft

Pubblicato il 18 ott 2018
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Who is the most POWERFUL character to ever exist? Today Theorists, we find out how Minecraft created the strongest character of all time. Don't believe me? Let Austin tell you.
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  • 9:03 fun fact if you put that into google calculator it says infinity believe me i spent over ten minutes typing that in

  • Wow this was dramatic

  • What about the Terraria character?

  • steve eat golden apple instantly obese

  • Who would win in a fight? Creative Mode Steve or Saitama?

  • And then he accidentally presses q and drops 1 box on the ground. Good luck universe.

  • what about the Terraria player, they can do the same thing.

  • You are wrong. This is how much weight Steve can carry. 1221717931389565602881244539158853370065999761763835275880690186490786269960025012786913160334046834815467346718866423819321103006505014852632469266000351779160754562222987578452376408544485027439860278011337404296622485751333852796939348136243612972121806185093724763409863813997568754603698521393616217941943698259668715645849779312105922862822345834848485457029551056354419043420835843897192730121500749036935304582422509588071700958616199900042821076487362385616480370893234324602714457854426030346124038500827122067388780660436177088945091405296959488000kg

  • Auctually you forgot the armour slots

  • Don’t forget he can wear gold armour too

  • Steve:can hold the entire universe but can't 1 hit chickens.diamond sword:can 1 hit chickens but don't weight as the entire universe.mojang:It's a simple spell but quite unbreakable.

  • That’s the truth, Steve carries almost 2034 blocks all of them can be diamonds or anything

  • You missed gold armor

  • what about saitama/One punch man he have no limit to his power

  • Shulkerboxes

  • You know if Steve was able to hold that much gold The earth / Minecraft planet would have collasped by no and no blocks were destroyed by jumping or fall

  • So Who Is Gonna Tell Austin That Gold Isn't Really *Heavy* In Minecraft? Maybe Should Have Used Diamond Blocks


  • The player is the most powerful thing because they can delete steve and his entire universe with the press of a button.

  • He can carry infinite water in a single bucket. Also a horse can jump higher in the air and run like 3x faster while carrying the same amount of gold while wearing gold armour while carrying Steve whose also wearing gold armor and carrying that amount of gold.

  • You mean golden apple

  • you forgot that he can also wear the gold

  • what about golden armor.

  • its a fortnite character because they can hold 999 metal 999 bricks 999 wood and 6 weapons and 1 pickaxe but gets knocked out and killed easily

  • 27 shulker boxes carrying shulker boxes carrying shulker boxes...

  • He cant hold the power of chill people tho

  • Ugh, I think Minecraft updated to have items drop after a chest is broken. Though I guess any game in creative gives you ultimant power.

  • What about shucker boxes

  • Steve: has infinite strength Also steve: *Dies to a berry*

  • After this theory, you must really hate decimal numbers

  • 36 shulker boxes each has 2304 enchanted golden apples Steve can lift it his powers are immeasurable

  • My mind is non working after this episode

  • What about Herobrine which has unlimited power

  • What about Saitama I watched the vid NVM

  • Can I have a bag 💼 of Austins

  • Enchanted golden apples in older versions of minecraft were craftable and were crafted from 8 blocks of gold so redo your marh dude

  • If steve die with all this gold the computer will blast

  • How dangerous is TnT block IRL if it can destroy Gold Blocks?

  • What if we all are in steve back pocket now :O

  • Get drunk and watxh austin, its really fun