Pro vs. Amateur Photographer shoot Props/Portrait 📷 (Easy Photography Ideas)

Pubblicato il 16 ago 2019
Pro vs. Amateur Photographer shoot Props/Portrait 📷 (Easy Photography Ideas)
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What camera i use? 📷
Sony A7r II
Sony A6300
What lens i use? 📷
Sony 10-18mm f4.0
Samyang 14mm t3.1
Samyang 24mm f1.4 AS IF UMC
Samyang 35mm T1.5 Cine Lens
Helios 77m-4 50mm f1.8
Samyang 85mm f1.4 AS IF UMC
Shooting Video : Tipamporn Woravas
English subtitles : Rapeepun Rungseeprateep
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  • The amateur take more better photos

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  • i like vidio i like editing and your like ???

  • what i see from that guys photo is from composition and use more editing in lightroom, that woman also take good pictures and the pictures look plain with small editing

  • This channel is amazing. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  • Please show how you edit your photo

  • So.. Who was the amateur?

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  • Somebody tell me what iso is and how the shutter speed works?

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  • I think everybody don't have the same ideas, if u know how to setup your camera, and know rules about photography, you can't be an amateur!

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  • The amateur is focuses on the model while the pro focuses on the background along with the model... Well.. That's my opinion😅😅

  • Pro = well thought composition, not just the model but he includes the background in the photo Amateur = it was there but it could be more. I'd like to thank you for this video, because it teaches the importance of composition as a whole in photography just by looking at the results. It was a side to side comparison of how one photographer thinks and be able to translate it into photos. Thank you for this and I love watching this kind of videos. :)

  • Pro is center 😂

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  • Pro made good use background. An amateur was good, but the Pro was better. I have one thing that I want to say both of you. Why your most of photography is taken to the centre composition? It's my point of view so if you don't like it, just forget.

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  • Hello , i'm from VietNam . Nice to meet you

  • If can't tell the difference between pro and amateur, the amateur shows an angle, the pro tells a story, the amateur shows the background, the pro uses the set.

  • That you call amateur? So what am I? ;-;

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