Prisoner Drive Thru Prank

Pubblicato il 18 ago 2019
This week we decided to step things up and do a Prisoner Drive Thru Prank since you guys liked the last Drive Thru video so much!! This was so scary yet so much fun to do!! Please be sure to give the video a like if you enjoyed it 😊❤️
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Twin Swap Drive Thru Prank:
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  • GONE WRONG!!!!! Xd

  • Me and my sister would play this Minus the costumes and everything was all imagination


  • Y’all see that jawline 😍

  • =/ everybody of the first two sounds so silly

  • Looks like you have a jail sentence with your name on it.

  • They actually called the cops they’re stupid because why would a cop in a prisoner with the same

  • Lol

  • Loved it when the drive through lady was calling the police

  • Oof

  • Do u know that if you smile you can’t breathe? ... I hope I made you smile 😁

  • the two of you are so cute and i love twins 💗 :D😅

  • 1:46 that was your bro

  • How mmany food buying lol but you should slap you're bro or something to people know

  • Ohhh nooo just by the title this is a terrible idea

  • I'm impressed one of the twins weren't big by the end of the video.

  • Lol u got pulled over😂🤣😂🤣 ok it’s not funny anymore tho .bro and stop wasting ur money plz it’s bad for ya

  • 5:16 when the employee/ worker or whatever cashier, said 1.19 it sounded like he said fortnite team! XD

  • Alex:Hi can I order a cheeseburger Person:ok Also person:why do they look the same? Alan:prank? Person:calls the cops Alex:NOOOO!!....... Alan:oh no......... 👇Like if U think they didn't call the cops cause they look the same

  • Hii

  • “Looks like there’s one jelly donut with YOUR name on it”

  • *Me wondering where all the food went*

  • Lol

  • Allen should have "woken up" during one of them it would have been a much better reaction with some of them I bet!

  • Hey I would like no cheese

  • 1:52 image that was like fan just taking a vid tell me if you also saw that lol!!

    • Kylie Saucie it was their friend Shane

  • 5:06 "one jelly donut with your name on it" wish wisconsin dunkin donuts did that..

  • Starbucks was the nicest

  • How much food they had to eat at the end of this video | | | |

  • Bro

  • 5:07 that worker is noice

  • You are insane

  • the intro thing is such a spoiler of the video! No hate but i was mad from that

  • The identical twin thing kinda throws off everything tho

  • *cricket cricket cricket cricket*

  • موجدين ياعرب،☻؟

  • Hi

  • The real Question is Who call the Cops

  • You gùýž have 2.62 mil subs you think dey will nat recognayz you2😂😂🤭😎😎😎

  • ك😂😂😂😂🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂😂👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻🤩🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😆😆

  • Who saw the blue jacket guy behind the seat holding the phone

  • "wow we have such bad luck today "nothing happened They doing this We doing this "WOW WE HAVE SUCH BAD LUCK TODAY! "ACTUALLy got arrested

  • Hi I am interested in your ad and I am going to be out that way you don't have to come back

  • where are the real cops i call this the fake vid

  • You Dont Know Who The Luckiest Person In The World (READ THE FIRST WORD) Small IT-tvsr Goodluck To All Of Us

  • My favorite part of the video is when they did the prank

  • 4:45 “You guys take credit cards?” **nods head** *few seconds later* “Do you have a bobby pin? I’ve managed to get like one of these off” *2 seconds later askes for a bobby pin* **shakes head** *asks for a toothpick* **shakes head** “Do you know like the nearest way out of town?” *silence.*

  • This is my first time watching you like your videos keep the good work going

  • Hi hope your 👌

  • Brazil?🇧🇷

  • Lol lol

  • You live by me

  • Lol

  • No one: Absolutely no one: Alex: can I get a cheeseburger with no cheese?

  • I like ur tiktoks

  • How to log in instagram

  • 🐮🦌🦌🐽

  • Why didnt the ones who were in the drive thru duty didn't notice that the fake police was breathing

  • You guys are amazing