President Trump impeachment hearings continue | USA TODAY

Pubblicato il 19 nov 2019
The House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence will hold full committee open hearings for the impeachment inquiry.
Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, a National Security Council expert on Ukraine, is scheduled to testify Tuesday about his concerns with President Donald Trump's call with his Ukrainian counterpart in the House impeachment inquiry.
Vindman, who listened to the July 25 call, reported his concerns to NSC lawyers because Trump asked Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden.
Also on Tuesday morning, the committee will hear from Jennifer Williams, a National Security Council aide assigned from the State Department to the office of Vice President Mike Pence. She listened to the July 25 call and provided a memo about the call to Pence, although she couldn’t say whether he read it. She told lawmakers at her closed-door deposition that it was “folly” to withhold military aid to Ukraine and that the call was “unusual.”
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  • “At no time was I aware of or knowingly took part in an effort to urge Ukraine to investigate former Vice President Biden. As you know from the extensive real time documentation I have provided Vice President Biden was NOT a topic of our discussions.” ---Former Ambassador Kurt Volker 19 Nov 2019

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