President Trump holds MAGA rally in New Hampshire, live stream

Pubblicato il 16 ago 2019
President Trump is rallying supporters Thursday night in Manchester, New Hampshire, a state he narrowly lost in 2016 and hopes to capture in 2020. Watch live on CBS News:
Before leaving for the Granite State, the president all but endorsed his former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski, who is considering a run for Senate in the state. Earlier in the day, the House Judiciary Committee subpoenaed Lewandowski and another former aide, Rick Dearborn, to testify about their involvement in events detailed in the Mueller report.
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  • The only true trial will be in 2020 elections. innit? I think Trump wont join the elections

  • President Trump is the best President. We support him. He will win again. God bless President Trump. America is great again.



  • Brainwashing 101

  • The first POTUS to give away our manufacturing to China was Nixon a Republican.Since then it's been all downhill as far as manufacturing jobs were concerned.Trump is willing to bankrupt our small farmers to get a deal with China.He does not have the smarts or the crew to get the deal done. Bolton just quit.LOL


  • between tweeting golf and rallies of course he has to cancel all his meetings to run the gov

  • I was at a KISS concert last night...a Trump rally is far more entertaining. MAGA 2020

  • Don't have to like the man, but I deeply appreciate the GREAT job he's doing as Commander In Chief. I'm voting for him again in 2020. In to Win

  • Trump has put doo doo on the faces of decades of past Presidents in my 58 years. Raising the bar for future presidents. Trump 2020 or revolution.

  • Trump2020

  • I love President Trump's hair cut in the back. It looks so sharp. Blacks for Trump 2020🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • I can't wait trump 1 v 1 debate for 2020...I'm pretty sure he'll slap so hard that person face...just like Clinton

  • I’m doing a school project on the mentally insane. This video helped a lot with my research

  • Trump president we ever had!!!

  • May God keep him safe!

  • raises stupid republicans

  • The father I always wanted.


  • After his wrestling and TV stuff he knows how to combine politics with entertainment which is very dangerous and I love it

  • Gotta get my Trump fix......!

  • The President Trump is really solving a lot of problems Get him in power the next election

  • Electric atmosphere ! This is not a litlle thing at all !

  • DONT PLAY WITH ME CAUSE YOUR PLAYIN WITH FIRE to late for some people because when Mr Trump nails 2020 hes taking his gloves off and there will be no survivors

  • look at all these people who love trump so much,they are willing support him doing away with all health care and cutting social security,medicaid and medicare,they dont mind having nothing to help trump give it all to the billionaires.

  • These rallies are disturbing on so many levels. How can the American people let this man make a mockery of our country day after day?

    • ZORRUSSO I’m sorry, but he hasn’t accomplished enough legislation to look the other way from the erratic behavior.

    • Srk Summers or open your eyes and see what he actually had done for the county instead of listening to cnn and other cry liberal networks

    • What!!? I have to be smoking something in order to call out a simple minded man-child who is an embarrassment to our country.

    • Srk Summers wth you been smoking

  • Another name for DemocratPoliticians is called Jim Crow foundation since January 8, 1823 til 1960 until today DemocratPoliticians against the truth been exposing DemocratPoliticians against freedom speech against freedom of religion. DemocratPoliticians against American citizens to be put First to be heading up on jobs sites against English speaking or all English speakers to be First take care of. DemocratPoliticians against Christians values DemocratPoliticians against Jesus Christ teaching. DemocratPoliticians against all Americans Citizens can be successful. DemocratPoliticians against closed our borders that's produced no success for hard working class peoples citizens in U. S. A. DemocratPoliticians against police security great service police done in our country. DemocratPoliticians Against border patrol great service done for our country DemocratPoliticians Against tell the truth like it is. DemocratPoliticians against majority African American Black Citizens making progress. DemocratPoliticians against majority Black African American citizens eyes to be opened. DemocratPoliticians Against only English First language to be enforcing. DemocratPoliticians are real Racist Jim Crow foundation establishedment forces that's what Democrat are.

  • The Imperial Wizard Trump is having a Klavern in New Hampshire collecting Klectokons and teaching Klankfraft to his minions.

  • A lot of people got triggered. Lol. Look. I know you are so afraid of the fact that he is going to win in 2020. Mark this comment, losers :)

  • If He Is A True American He Should Remember His History Of America! Immigrants Build This Country. The British People Brought Us To This Land. Like Why Be Racist? Why Can't We All Just Get Along Don't You See We Will Start Another Civil War Here! We Gonna Have Other Whites Fightin For Other Race Just Like How The North Fought For The Slaves & The Other Half Of White Fighting For Being Racist To One Another? Like Tf? We Gonna End Up Killin Each Other Again & I Promise You The South Won't Win.

    • Smh he’s not kicking out people who have green cards

    • Just Remember The British Found This Land. Thank Them. Smh.

    • Okay But still You Cant Just Throw Out Immigrants That Actually Pay Their Taxes & Their Green Card Just Like That If They Build This Country. Like You Said Legal Immigrant Are Allowed To Be Here Yes? Yet Y'all Wanna Kick Them Out & Send Them Back To Their Own Country Tf? Lol

    • Civil war? The only war that is happening is the democratic people with hate.

    • Legal Immigration get your facts right, they came here under the law not around it!

  • #Yang2020

  • MAGA=Make America Going Astray

  • The lowest of the low scumdogs of America pocket.


  • Bernie 2020

  • Trump only cares about Trump, Period. Trump's a spoiled trust fund baby.

  • TRUMP 2020!!!!! Remember Benghazi!!!

  • They shouldve played American Idiot by Greenday.

  • The sad part is if these people showed up at his home or country club, he wouldn't let them in. Want proof ? Do you ever see him shake hands with these people before or after the rally ? No , he might catch germs !

  • Make america great again!!!!! *votes bernie sanders

  • Blacks For TRUMPP🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲🇺🇲

  • I cant believe where he got all the super energy. You know who gave him, God! Eventhogh z whole world is against him. Amazing

  • I tune in to watch those people behind him look at their faces , I wonder is it real , are these your friends and co - workers. WOW ! Look at their faces ??? What do you see ?


  • now I know where all the stupid people hang out

  • The United States is doing great! How could you not love President Trump!

    • Compassion Campaigner You didn’t get the memo ? Everything is racist according to democrats.

    • @Southern Man Blanket accusations are similar to vision wrong and, in the case of the latter.....immoral. Inconveniently, reality and life are the majority .....with nuances and grey areas.

    • Compassion Campaigner I forget that you are talking about today’s generation that can not do! They want it handed to them.

    • They can't pay off their loans, Skippy, becz there are no jobs that can support usury intetest charges on already chokingly high debt. The college industry some how keeps convincingly selling the idea that a college education is the ticket; the bsnksters have droolingly made the debt inescapable; and NAFTA plus Caligula's deranged handling of our trade posture sets up an inescapable fail. Bernie...and all the other industrialized nations.....argue for free college becz its righteous and becz it terminates monetizing our nation's future work force.

    • College kids make more money. More money pays for tuition. If you don’t want to pay off your loans don’t go to college. It was their choice. Wasn’t it? There’s a lot of people that have paid theirs.

  • Only Trump has volunteered to stand up and fight for us, America. Every one else was happy to give away America, for short term gain.

    • I'm a trump supporter bubba. Just boarded the #YangYacht

    • enjoy another tax increase for the working people, sponsored by your beloved Mr. President.

  • The patchwork quilt of earthly desire masks the skeletal remains of spontaneous combustion Adam's rib covered in batter and eaten, then digested, barely, into a form of easily understood principles Yet during the middle of their gentle storm of lies, I still cheat by pretending to stare, though I'm looking straight through and into their future eyes of confusion The ingestion of gems It is lovely in the verdant orchard I will harvest seven apples plus two Always prepares for tomorrow

  • Let’s Make America Great Again 2016 song Joe Ambroggio

  • The world is a way better safer place with the great President Trump; love from Canada!

  • New Age Woodstock.

  • I love my president trump. Trump 2020.

  • Wish Hawaii was a trump state.leaders here are bunch of wannabe losers.democrats here take care Micronesians more than Hawaiian Americans.thats why I support trump.

  • Trumpism seems to attract total spastics it seems.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😂 look at these lost souls.. nothing better to do then to sit around holdin up signs.... waste of time.. its ok better for me to work on building wealth while these fools worry about politics and there false promises 😂😂😂😂😂💵💵🤑🤑🤑🤑 smh

  • You can't even follow the president at the beginning how professional ... Canada

  • Trump is great can’t you see the crowd.he must be doing something good.👍💪🤙democrats😭🤡.god bless trump.

  • Study the US Steel industry. It's in deep shyte, lay offs are happening NOW and slow down. Tariffs are causing raise in prices for multi industry applications like nails and such things as washing machines (.)costing a lot more because the parts made in China now cost stacks more for USA manufacturing businesses. Trump is often misleading people at these rallies. Keep reading... Michigan Man of the Year Award: there is no such thing as MMof the Year Award, there never was. He says this in several rallies and it's just untrue. Weird Democrats are not and never have been about open borders. Why does he lie? What he said about post birth abortion was also untrue, simply untrue. This is so crazy ... please people, fact check things he says. And insultingly he said he will preserve pre existing conditions for health insurance here but of a truth, he caused pre existing conditions refusals to remain! Check your President on his actual facts people. He did not do the VAChoice either, it was already there! He passed a change to it, but it was already there, same as he Pennsylvanian Power Plant, it was approved some years ago approved, getting done. He truly lies to you guys, but I don't see anyone pushing back at him about his lying. I'm not an American voter. I live overseas and am commenting to try and warn you all, something is wrong in here.

  • Ohio = Trump