President Trump adds tension to impeachment hearings

Pubblicato il 16 nov 2019
President Trump added new tension to the public impeachment hearings, which the White House dismissed as "useless and inconsequential." Former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch testified Friday about a smear campaign orchestrated by the president's associates that led to her removal. But moments after her testimony began, the president weighed in, attacking her in real time. Ben Tracy reports.
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  • All greatest of men go through fire.

  • She looks like a dirty cutip

  • Trump's a gift that keeps on giving.

  • Why weren't you as quick to investigate Epstein . wake up this a political sour grapes .

  • Impeach him already

  • Can someone tell me what exactly is going on

    • Nothing, its called political theater

  • Don't blame trump.....his mental illness is not being treated.

  • Pure propaganda and you tube won't allow you to see both sides by filtering your source which is proof of propaganda. DNC protects pedophiles. Jeffrey Epstein didn't commit suicide

  • Ambassador, you verbally made a list and you lied about that list. After learning about your verbal list, twisting facts to a written list, I see why Trump canned you.

    • @Yia Moua

    • @Yia Moua :. She verbally spoke a list and so I be completely agree with Trump to have fired her. But those nasty demoncrats twisted it out to be some written list so that she could say there was no list. This has nothing to do with her years of service. Having been in service to Obama who is a New World Order supporter, so give it up! Her service was to Obama.

    • Really....really...? All she's ever done was serve this country in foreign countries for this country as ambassador for this country; In nations that you probably would never even think about visiting for vacations. If after all that what you took from her testimony was, she lied and twisted her lies etc..... then I guess there's no reasoning with you about these matters. You keep doing you I guess..

  • Fake

  • This hearing is a waste because they have no proof that trump did anything

  • Someone needs to punch that pretend president in the face and knock his mouth off

  • "The U.S. Embassy under Yovanovitch, influenced Ukraine to drop prosecution against top law enforcement official Artem Sytnyk, who was singled out by a Ukrainian court for leaking damaging information about Paul Manafort, then Trump's campaign chairman, to help Hillary Clinton in the 2016 presidential election. Ukraine courts have ruled that the Manafort financial disclosures constituted illegal election meddling." IT'S THE OBAMA ADMINISTRATION THAT COLLUDED WITH FOREIGN ACTORS.

  • Open up!


  • Such a shallow, useless, pathological sociopath. The world is laughing at The United States wondering how we got such an evil, ignoramus as our President.

  • Get a life u freak fruit fly flakes, r u serious? Trump has freedom of speech just like anyone else. This Russian pawn (her last name is proverbial of this) was a bad left over from the failed worst POTUS Obummer's administration and an anti Trump fool. Good riddence lady, you were not good enough to serve in Trump's administration anymore, Trump is excellence, you were a failure, even the new Ukraine president confirmed that.

  • How could Trump intermediate her when she doesn't know it. She had a ‪list of do not investigate for Ukraine, one of which was George Soros. She was exposed by Steve Pieczenik as a CIA operative.

  • From London! Why is anybody still surprised by the actions of what the President did on the Impeachment hearing? This is exactly the same of what his friend "Howard Stern" would have said and done. It shouldn't have SHOCKED anybody anymore by now. God Bless America.

  • She got fired I wanna buy her a beer cuz that's what my friends did when I got fired ...Just saying

  • Oh no it was intimidating but what does it have to do with what happened in Ukraine with Trump nothing

  • THE mass media has been taken over by evil and promotes its evil agenda. The average citizen cannot ferret out the Truth and is easily misled by his misguided trust in the media in general. This is how the media uses its power and influence to promote evils such as the proposed impeachment of the President. "Evil uses the media to paint pictures of distortion over the Truth. It is in this way, they gain power in the heart of the world. "We must uncover the motives of this ambition which are not towards democracy and the welfare of the people, but race towards the ONE WORLD ORDER!

  • Let's see how many likes we can get for the whistleblowers name before IT-tvs censors my comment. Spread the word, let the people know what the majority on the right knows already. They whistleblowers name is.,. E.r.i.c C.i.a.r.a m e.l.l..a I had to put the dots in because IT-tvs automatically censors his name

  • “Attacks”.

  • Donald J Trump is like the preppy murderer Robert Chambers who thought he was untouchable but in the end got what he had coming.

    • He is going to deport all dreamers and he is going to be reelected.

  • Trump looks very angry 😤

  • Trump claims he's not watching. LOL lie #666 for the month.

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  • Twitter should suspend Trump's account. Trump is using Freedom of Speech the same way a counterfeiter uses Freedom of the Press.

    • Orden Just you are retarted. Do you really believe what you wrote? You obviously need a dr. Get some help

  • Trump has right idea... Long live Trump

  • The sham is you media guys not playing the real affects this whole situation made Putin's asset has removed the American government from Ukraine that's done the bad guys are in charge and the media 8th grade response is wow

  • Trump hates to be ignored and not the top news story SAFT Save America Fire Trump

    • @Bob leroy Only Hillary is above the law. The Democrats are not conducting a fair impeachment inquiry. They hate the President and want to impeach him without a crime. They are misusing the Constitution. Nancy Pelosi said impeachment needs bipartisan support and the support of the American people. It has neither and yet she lets it continue.

    • Mike Thomas Adam and Pelosi are following our constitution. Stop making fun of our laws. Trump does that enough for everyone to see he thinks he is above the law. Sorry he is only 1/3rd of our government.

    • Okay. But let's fire him with an election not a "kangaroo court" led by Adam Schiff. Let's restore dignity to the Democrat party.

  • Trump is the biggest liar of the universe. Lock 🍄up! Greetz from Switzerland Second 🇨🇭

  • TRUMP is scared . He knows the impeachment is righteous

    • @P Hern There are record number of new jobs and the wall is being built. Trump has kept his promises and you should Google it. There is a list of 289 accomplishments. That is a lot of success despite a hostile Congress!

    • Mike Thomas bottom line is the promises he made did not come to fruition . The hillbilly vote that propelled him into office.. they are not sitting on new jobs, there is no wall, he did not lock her up, the dreamers are still in school and will remain there . Now they have heard his lies and he has nothing . We will see in 2020 .

    • @P Hern You're probably right. But they say it is the reason Trumps approval rating recently went up and he gained massive campaign donations.

    • Mike Thomas just by having the hearings they win . The case doesn’t matter

  • Im🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑 Twitter Troll tRump

  • If in the end Trump walks away unscathed, then Democracy (or what whatever this is) truly is dead in America. Tyranny is it's replacement.

    • michael ojeda I think the opposite. If the President is removed without ample evidence in unfair proceedings we have lost America to the Democrats.

  • He obviously inappropriately touched that young lady everyone knows this so hes a guilty

  • Demasses are just scratching and clawing to keep what little grip they have left. Some of them might play the main role in a military style execution just like Bush Sr. did.

  • You LIE! That was Chairman Comrade Schiff who read President Trump's twitted to unaware of it Marie Yovanovitch (a foreign-born Jewish woman). Schiff did it to intimidate her.

  • Trump adds tension?? NOOOO!! Tension is his bread and butter, yo!

    • Plantation Dweller looking for free handouts