President Obama Explains His Old-School Blackberry

Pubblicato il 10 giu 2016
President Obama shares his tips on compromise and breaks down why he doesn't carry a modern smartphone.
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President Obama Explains His Old-School Blackberry


  • Hello I'm from Northeast India. Have you ever question yourself? When I was a kid I used to think that the President of United States is the most powerful person in the world. But after I grow older and realized deeply, I get more intriguing that even the president is under the control of somebody. Wow that's insane!

  • The feeling of relief that a president of America makes sense is amusing.

  • All Presidents life fucked.

  • Alright Obama

  • Obama’s voice alone makes me feel secure

  • Baz would definitely be in my top 5 dinner guests

  • Coolest President till date.

  • You had him. Now you got Trump...

  • I think Jimmy's laugh was awkward.

  • Trump should have the same phone. No annoying tweets

  • Fallon you need to shut up sometimes

  • The cool president 😉cool cat Obama got that swag Actually what Obama was is so fucking far from cool. First three years we had 0% growth rates and so on 2012-16 he artificially boosted the economy with a payroll tax cut. Nobody respected Obama, in a world post 911, post Benghazi, post state department pay for play, post 2008 recession when the banks & feds stole trillions and liquified all assets w/e the hell you call it. They controlled the narrative and manipulated the masses, the president is cool ASF, he rocks supreme, he does the shoot dance move, he planks, he listens to trap in the oval office with rappers and does the peace sign!!!

    • He is a cool president. Especially compared to trump. If nothing else he at least acted professional and respectable (believe me you are wrong when you say NOBODY respected him) like a leader of the USA should act. He is not the one commiting crimes, admitting to them and still acting like they are not wrong.

  • Should have send him to Conan

  • What an awesome guy and a brilliant thing about him that always catches me when hear him is that I just love the sound of his voice, haha

  • Fuck that guy. So glad he’s out of office.

    • Lucien now you’re talking abt your boy Obama! When you libs come up with something that actually sticks let me know

    • @Mister Mister Treason will not let him get that far.

    • Lucien oh you will.... in 2025! #trump2020

    • Can't wait to say the same about trump.

  • too bad they didnt a wide angle shot, showing all the secret service guys and the total empty studio.

  • One of the coolest presidents America ever had

  • They should give the same phone to that orange tool who lives in the White House (when he's not in Florida playing golf), so he can stop using Twitter.

  • How did the US go from this guy to trump?

  • How did the US go from this guy to trump? It's like you are a healthy athlete with world records and now you're drug addict junkie....pathethic

  • Obummer. He is a jackass.

    • It is okay to dislike him, but a "jackass" is far from the best way to describe him. Oboomer.

  • Obama seemed so annoyed during this interview

  • Wow Trump brought back hatred...

  • Whereas the Orange Menace has a hacked android phone on which the Russians and the Chinese can listen in

  • Trump is better 👌🏻😉

    • Of course he is to some little shit that doesn't have a developed brain yet.

  • The MF started 7 wars and is going to explain democracy 😂😂😂😂 America has the biggest depth ever and he is talking about democracy 😂😂😂😂 there is more threats to America since he was on 😂😂😂😂 wake up stupid people, one more president like that and America becomes the biggest war zone ever

    • It hard to take you seriously when you are using the same shit emoji over and over. gtfo

  • That’s the kind of phone that racist trump needs.

  • Man, Obama is a awesome human being!

  • Don’t agree with too many political decisions, although as just a man, he’s a pretty cool dude

  • There is a reason why they didn't give a smartphone to Obama... You wanna know the reason? Open twitter and follow Donald Trump.. fucker tweets in every 30 minutes!

  • We had a President like Obama - articulate, sensible, could hold a conversation logically and coherently..the works. And now we have the Donald 'The Wall' Trumpet..who quacks and has Mickey who squeaks -and both utter trash. What a terrible downfall. 😢😢😞😞

  • Oh I’m not old schooled enough...

  • Water war?? Slapjack?? Egg Russian roulette?? Why didn't they do any of those fun games???...

  • And America moved from this to an 🍅

  • Hate this fake fallon

  • Obama must be the best daddy.

  • The best prez.

  • Why is IT-tvs putting this video on my recommendations 🤦‍♂️ .......i guess they prefer Obama than trump😅

  • Obama the Communist Deep State puppet who achieved NOTHING in his 8 years in office. - Obama-Care = desaster - Economy = desaster - bank bail outs = biggest theft of tax payer money of all time - he together with MCCain and other Deep state clowns created ISIS - Mr. drone killer - Mr teleprompter (couldn´t give a speech without it, Mr Oki doki) Yeah he was such a good president. LOL

    • You are not right just because you BELIEVE something is right. You can't even fucking spell the word "disaster" right

  • Why all democratic presidents look wise (obama. Clinton) but all republican presidents look dumb? (GW Bush. Trump)

  • yeah, over here we wish angela merkel had one of these phones as well after we found out obama was spying on her mobile for years.

  • America: We're a large, complicated, diverse country. India: Hold ma chai

    • CreatorBhuvan UAE: hold my karak

  • Those forced laughs and interruptions at the end

  • Epic 😆

  • Listening to this man speak and then listening to that orange potato speak... Yikes

  • He says this is the most peaceful time but............ what is happening in Iraq and Afghanistan. What about 9-1-1 it is not a peaceful time because of obama intact making it worse.

    • It is definitely the most peaceful time, even if it is not a 100% peaceful.

    • It is, in fact, the most peaceful time in human history. That doesn't mean it is completely peaceful. Just like America does have a president right now, but that doesn't mean it has a leader.

  • Compromise is an excuse for doing a bad job. Not just for Obama, for pretty much all instances. You can't straddle both sides of issues like reducing the deficit or the NRA. Conviction will get you way further than compromise.

  • Here in 2019

  • Why does no one talk about the rumors of Obama sucking off old white guys while in college in exchange for marijuana? He bragged about it to his classmates in college. Then, suddenly everyone said they had been threatened if they repeated the stories.

    • Because it is most likely false, and it doesn't matter IF it was real. Maybe weird as shit and disgusting, but says hardly anything about his presidency or personality.

  • Fallon is so way off the mark to have a conversation with POTUS

  • He lost all my respect for him when he started to go on about women being underpaid. So untrue.

    • @Lucien Because women are not underpaid. There is no such thing as a wage gap. People in the same jobs get paid the same. On average, women have lower incomes because they, on average, take lower income jobs like teaching and nursing, compared to men who, on average, take higher income jobs like engineering and software development.

    • How is it exactly "untrue"??

    • @Max Rockatansky I don't have anything wrong with politicians. I have ill will towards politicians who lie or make claims for personal gain or to be re-elected. That's the problem with democracy though. People can't be elected without offering hope and lies, something that Trump is well aware of. People are stupid and easily convinced, a fact that politicians are required to exploit in order to remain politicians.

    • @oof. He's a disgrace. That's what I feel about him. Typical politician and he's even worse because he was a celeb before.

    • @Max Rockatansky see but Trump makes statements even more false than this one on an hourly basis, so if you lost all your respect for Obama off of a single comment, you surely must have lost all of your respect for Trump 2 and a half years ago.

  • Kinda wish Trump had that phone....

    • If twitter shut down tomorrow, we'd all be better off for it...

  • This Jimmy Fallon either has a bad lough or he is force faking it , either way he is the worst show host i have ever seen in my life i mean its no joke

  • 0:30 "all the Rancor" - did he talk about the Rancor's in Jabba the Hut's palace?

  • Lol Obama is the one who has destroyed Sudan

  • We need Obama back.

  • Obama explained John Rawl’s veil of ignorance with pure alacrity and precision. Well done.

  • Obama was funnier than Jimmy

  • only president I have ever trusted xd

    • @Astro Mars North Korea will never actually initiate war. You need to do some more reading if you're actually convinced they're any credible enemy to be reckoned with. I won't defend Obama's use of drones, but you're just making a strawman fallacy when we really need to focus on trust. Like, the fact that Trump criticized Obama for using golf courses all the time, when he has used his own (which gets paid American tax money for his trips, mind you, so he literally profits off of being president) more in the past 2 years than Obama used in 8. Or, his criticism of Obama's birth certificate, when Trump hasn't even shown the American public his tax returns. Trump constantly lies, a likely consequence of his time on Wall Street where he needs to utilize hyperbole in order to convince clientele, yet one that doesn't make for a very trustworthy president. Don't even talk about bailouts or giving money to buddies, Trump literally put his personal friends in his cabinet and has significantly lowered taxes for the rich, specifically those he knows. The healthcare bill he proposed, Trumpcare, was even a direct proposition that would have solely benefited the wealthiest in society (who don't need to worry about healthcare anyways). I'd also like to point out that Obama himself didn't understand why he got a Nobel Peace Prize.

    • El Vis I am sure he asked you about the $4 trillion bailout he gave to his buddies....I am sure he won the Nobel peace prize for using his drones! What a guy! In the meantime, rTump went to the DMZ to talk directly with our enemy! Great guy that Nobama!

  • Suscribe my channel guys plz