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Pubblicato il 16 ago 2019
🚨 Galar Research Update 🚨
✅ Challenge rival Trainers in the Battle Stadium!
🆕 Features, 💥 Exciting Battles 💥
✅ Catch Pokémon with Hidden Abilities through Max Raid Battles!
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Additional effects have been added to this game footage.


  • I just realised the thumbnail has Gloria with Pokémon I genuinely love, and Victor has Pokémon I genuinely feel ok about GLORIA BEST GIRL

  • I think the Pokemon games need to work on their battles, I mean, Pokemon get hit by these moves that looks like they cause massive damage, but then the pokemon is still standing there afterwards and just does an animation that shows that it got hit. Pokemon battles should be more like they are in the anime, Pokemon jumping off the walls, using their environment to their advantage, using strategies to beat pokemon that have elemental advantages against them, things like that. Also, we always talk about creating bonds with our pokemon, but we don't really. Why not add a thing in the game that changes the Pokemon battle abilities depending on how it feels about you? Like, In the indego league of the anime, in episode 1, Pikachu didn't really like ash, so he didn't wanna battle alongside him. Why not add something like that into the game so we actually have to build a relationship with our pokemon?


  • You know you're old time when you don't know what the hell people are talking about on this thread, G Weezing? Da Hell is that? Sigh, it's been too long since I've played a Pokemon

    • @The Treyceratops good point lol. But I've no idea how long the other person wasn't playing Pokemon for so they might not know that Pokemon. Lol

    • breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc you should’ve used an actual Pokémon with a regional form Say Zigzagoon in Hoenn or Kalos are normal Zigzagoon, but Zigzagoon from Galar are Galarian Zigzagoon (which is the best regional rodent by far)

    • @O Campbell I'm glad I could help. :)

    • @breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc Oh, interesting

    • It means the regional form. It's the sane Pokemon but looks different has a better ability and typing. So let's say ash's pikachu. It's a pure electric type and that's the normal form aka a kanto pikachu. But a pikachu that is born in another region could have adapted to that region and it's became a regional Pokemon. But if

  • I can't believe you mouth breathers dawn over this like a fly to a turd.

  • Why the trainers or pokemon aint dying after those dynamax moves?

  • so weezing is op now?

  • the animation of trick room is sooo beautiful

  • Ok so because of Galatian weezings ability I think it’s safe to say slaking ISNT gonna be in sword and shield.

  • 0:32 Not so smart huh? Male protagonist: Yup. Did not think that one through.

  • How will ev training work? Will their still be ivs?

  • Galarian Wheezing: *enter the arena* Shedinja: ...... wait, why I hear piano? Gloria: I, Gloria have a dream.

  • Is breaking swipe the only physical move that hits more than one target at once?

  • tbh im just waiting for a game that houses new pokemons in a new generation, like B&W and X&Y

    • @a penguin you mean like black and white 1 then lol. If so I don't think they'll do that again since the number of Pokemon is increasing and their not adding the national Dex ever again.

    • @breakthrough Dusk Lycanroc i mean each and every pokemon are new

    • Then shield and sword are the games lol.

  • Will there be ash Greninja with a new shiny and also normal greninja with a different shiny

  • I pray that my super underused boi regigigas becomes the most used pokemon in all double battles

  • Rotom is sad


  • Froslass is in this trailer.. one of THE MOST beautiful Pokémon. I hope they freaking buff her!!! FUCKING PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Being completely honest, i believed sword and shield would be the rebirth of pokemon, and in doing so i set my expectations too high. However, i still appreciate the work put into these games. I've been critical many times during this games development but at the end of the day i thank gamefreak for the hard work put in this game. Thank you

  • Imagine how fun it would be if truant, defeatist or slow start abilities cant be canceled/removed...

  • This game looks uninspiring, delay this game and do better for crying out loud, this is shit

    • They game's look amazing. And I guess you're not thinking of others. The majority of fans know this game is amazing. But delaying it won't do anything but screw everything up. Or they'd have to delay the entire franchise.

  • Ah yes, a gigantic Wailord using self-destruct in Pokémon *G u n* .

  • So anyone thinking about the unstoppable slaking in duels now?

  • Well Slaking has it's partner decided

  • yo this music is fucking fresh


  • What if a Galarian Weezing fought another Galarian Weezing what would happen then?

  • I swear to god if it's like let's go I will be livid

    • It was revealed 8 months it's not. It's returning to normal. But Pokemon roam freely in the overworld. Meaning you can have both kinda of encounters.

  • 2cm Pokemon gets hit by a 40m radius Icicle... *Attack is not very effective.... or even missed, please? ...

  • Pichu! (I am glad that all Dynamax pokemon have inner focus essentially, as you shouldn't be able to stall it out with fake-outs and RNG)

  • you cannot turn your back on pokemon at al!l getting a nintendo switch lite and paying for sword is getting set of 2

  • Somebody else said it but I'm curious what happens if 2 corviknights use a stat lowering move against each other?

    • Who do the lower stat recieve the attack, yeah, the attack don't bounce infinitaly


  • Good to know,, there are double battles.....I already assumed that

  • How are the ppl in the stadium not ded

  • What if i have a intimidate lead and expecting a MA corviknight as the opponent lead. I wonder if i can give the intimidate mon a eject pact just to scout corviknight hmmmmm

  • Intimidate against eject pack makes for a good counter.

  • Mega evolves? Please 😭

  • I guess Rotom-Fans flying typing is useful after all-

  • Galar Wheezing: all your abilities are belong to me! Me: Elgyem, use simple beam! Galar Wheezing: Nani?!!

  • Neutralizing gas: Im about to end your careers. Venom Drench: Im about to end this guys career career.

  • How come when I use a synce attack I damage one of the Pokémon but when the opponent attack’s it attacks all my pokemon

  • Flygon is in the game!!

  • Galarian Weezing's ability: *Exists* Skill Swap: *i'm about to end this man's whole career*

  • Wow! So many abilities for the new pokémon, this is awesome!

  • Are all legendary going to he available? And is there going to be a catch streak for shinies or will shinies spawn with their own skin or do you need to encouter them and fight then to see if it is shinie

    • I highly doubt any old legendary mythical Pokemon or ultra beasts will be in the game as if they dynimax they'd break competitive.

  • Lol I just noticed the floor is so clean that's some good graphics I see

  • so many psuedo legends and dragons its amazing

  • I'd want to see a dynamaxing wailord

  • Tomorrow it’s 75 days

  • are items still pixel art?

  • Wheezing is now OP

  • I love pokemon bu the importance of legendary pokemon have faded because of that new gigantamax.....for me they should have also consider the entire story because if there is gigantamax then this Galar region shouldn't exist in pokemon world because the pokemon have the ability to shrink their size that are hates...just my opinion..

    • I mean it's been stated that Dynamax and Gigantimax can only happen in certain areas.

    • I get a little bit more of what your talking about, but I don't really see it that way. Yes dynamax is a new power, that people, aren't a huge fan of. Still, we don't really know much about Dynamax or Gigantamax, to know just how powerful it is. So far it just makes a Pokemon bigger and gives them different attacks. Not to mention, unlike Mega and Z moves, they can only be done in certain locations. Just because some thing is bigger does not make it stronger. Still that's just how I see it and I respect your viewpoint of it.

    • I'm sorry If you can't understand what I point is.. Gigantamax make pokemon to be gigantic that make them powerful to destroy....which made the story from gen 1 to gen 7 to be a total nonesense because team rocket and other villain strive so hard to achieve legendary pokemon then here comes Gigantamax which is a total unfair... I love pokemon but sorry I'm not agree on gigantamax....just my point...sorry...

    • kpop dreamer I’m not really sure what you mean. We don’t really know the story yet.

  • At least the IT-tvs fan base is better than the twitter fanbase

  • Gengar: don’t touch me bro, I got curse body Galar Wheezing in Voldemort Voice: I can touch you now 😀

  • Is Surskit and Zubat still there

  • This is a lot of new Pokémon confirmations! Like the Snorunt line... Where would you find the snorunt line in Britain... Scottish highlands?

  • When you start this series anime later to 15november2019 please us indian we are very very big fan of pokemon

  • Did somebody order... _inhales_ *RRRRRRRRROOOOOOOOOMMMMM SERVICE?*