Post Malone Previews "Circles" from His Unreleased Third Album

Pubblicato il 7 ago 2019
Post Malone walks Jimmy through his process of making hits for his upcoming third album, teases his new single "Circles" and shares plans for the next Posty Fest.
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Post Malone Previews "Circles" from His Unreleased Third Album


  • Love you bitch!

  • A very talented Star, however dumb enough to tattoo his face with crap!!!!

  • I love him😍😍😍

  • Post malone

  • Love me some Posty

  • 1:02 LMAO

  • If theres ever been a cooler motherfucker than Post Malome ive never met him,rock on

  • I'm in love with his smile... 😍😍😍

  • Chill. Love him so adorable. Looks Like me. like his attitude. 😁😊😊

  • Love all the 80 music..this is the song you can play driving down Pch highway with the windows down on a cool summer night...

  • I f😖n love him dude💖💖💖💖😍😍

  • Saying "yes sir to jimmy" soo classy live long my boi.

  • How cuteeee, he looks so shy here!

  • Omg i just wanna give him a hug rn 😍😍😍😍

  • Increíble como en estos tiempos los retrasados mentales y los autistas pueden ser cantantes. Y lo peor es que hay millones de retrasados mentales y autistas que son sus fans.

  • Anybody else hit the, LIKE, button when they played Circles! LOVE IT!

  • Damn he seems like a chill dude who is just likes to hang and do whatever.

  • Oh ! Shoot! I think i’m inlove with him .

  • I gotta say I'm truly happy for this guy. Researched his background. The guy was a true rocker. And fell into his calling. Paid his dues and possibly the most humble,polite guy. Thumbs up to Post Malone. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • As a father in my 50’s I must say the youth of today could learn a lot from this guy. My initial impression was not good but watching this guy for the past year or so I gotta say he is the most humble, polite and just well mannered kid I have seen in a long time. Kudos to his parents you should be proud.

  • Post Malone soothes my mood hes sooooo talented. Love his music he rocks🎼🎤🥰

  • I love post such a nice guy would love to hangout him.

  • Post Malone is great! The other dude talks a lot.

  • He is perfectly perfect!

  • She’s great but damn those face tats... no shit he must love that bud light.

  • Omg I love post so much hes such an amazing artist but his personality is soo good👌👌👌

  • 03:57 Malone ...The one & only..

  • Ppl that love the Cowboys just seem like good ppl to me least in my experience ..

  • I just Love him too cool and Jimmy your voice isn't half bad either heard it with that Miley music mash up segment

  • I do that same process with my music it's just a good way to do things...

  • He's just a really down to earth cool guy

  • Post is really a great guy must be where he's from and how he grew up

  • hahaha , they are laughing while talking haha

  • Post Malone is so amazing 😉 his voice gives me goosebumps and butterfly’s lol❤️

  • Love this kid- he’s down to earth and humble. Glad to see he’s doing well!

  • Those tattoos are a BIG MISTAKE he looks weird

  • Post Malone is so adorable and precious. Keep doing you darling!

  • I’ve been going to Olive Garden M O R E because of Post. Damn you Post, I’ve gained weight.

  • He does dive bars.While touring arena's? What a star for the fans!!

  • He's 24 he looks 34

  • that bass line in circles is so tasty

  • How ADORABLE is he?!!!!!!!

  • At 03.55 -04.00 he is look so funny n so polite...and he say YES SIR Love him so much

  • wish he was my men

  • He is so bubbly & kind❤

  • The textbook definition of "don't judge a book by it's cover". Post Malone have an amazingly warm personality..

  • watta humble guy!!! 😍😍😍

  • Prime example why you can’t judge someone by looks only. Dude is a respectable man. Talks very well and polite.

  • God he is the cutest thing

  • 1:02 drinking what? he talks with his teeth so i can't read his lips lmfao

  • Fuck the Cowboys

  • Absolutely ❤❤❤❤❤ him

  • Sunflower x

  • Something bout that guy handsome and tattoos , and cute face, great voice to true star and true man,x

  • Much love!

  • No one: Post: yEsSuR

  • “The third albums done, if anybody cares”....friend....🙃 we care

  • Wow his manners speak volumes. Truly a talented man.

  • I WENT TO POSTY FEST! November 16th 🥺🥰 best concert of my life!

  • Post Malone is Such a cool guy