Post Malone Previews "Circles" from His Unreleased Third Album

Pubblicato il 7 ago 2019
Post Malone walks Jimmy through his process of making hits for his upcoming third album, teases his new single "Circles" and shares plans for the next Posty Fest.
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Post Malone Previews "Circles" from His Unreleased Third Album


  • I remember when they called him A “ one hit wonder”

  • Who went to Sacramento tour?

  • He's adorable! Wow! Really hated his music and now I'm here and I love him ❤️💔

  • What a great guy.

  • I used to not listening post Malone. But this album change me completely

  • Have a Fantastic Trip 🌏post Malone & keeP the Devil at Bay ".

  • Pause at 3:58 You're welcome.

  • Post Malone seems sweet.

  • Oh Posty.

  • those tatoos are disgusting

  • 1:03 WTF?!?

  • God I love Post.

  • That dance at 3.59 love it!! Amazing post malone

  • No one Post Malone - *yessirr* Honestly this guy is cool as well as humble, big fan sirrrrrrr

  • This guy seems like the nicest guy

  • He's one ugly dude

  • You can't hate this guy. I hope he doesn't drink himself to death.

  • 5:05 asking your girl how you perform in sex

  • Whos the original artist who post malone beats from the song circle from?? I cant find the original artist in youtube did they removed it

  • one of my faves !!!!

  • best human ever !!

  • Such a fascinating and cool guy.

  • Only artist who’s songs I love every single one of. He’s such a fun artist

  • I loovvee this song.

  • Starting to look like a math chalk board

  • I love blows my mind

  • He is just so polite and humble. He's adorable 😍

  • I say let him sing at super bowl

  • He is very polite

  • Issa mood @3:57 to 4:05

  • How does Jimmy have a show? I don't watch...because who can watch him?

  • Posty is so fucking cute

  • I dont actively listen to post malone, just because from the typical music I hear is the basic trap beat with either mumble rap or dirty lyrics. But every once in a while I hear a softer song by him and just completely fall in love with the song. Sunflower and Circles being perfect examples. I don't judge him though, cuz I know other people like his usual music, and I just focus on his personality and how well he presents himself in person.

  • I really genuinely like this man! His face tattoos make me distracted and crazy, but just a silly side note. Love the guy!

  • I want to be Post Malone’s friend so bad 😂❤️

  • i love it when he says yes sir and does the thing with the head

  • Post Malone has such a great personality

  • Jimmy is so fake

  • 3:55 me listening to the whole album now that it's out

  • Post Malone is just too freakin' adorable! Just love his songs, he has the most amazing voice!

  • I usually like heavy music but I like Post Malone. Please stop tattooing your face though!!

  • 2:08 "if anybody cared" goosebumps man this guy humble

  • Post Malone you are such a sweet and humble soul. Let your light shine! The world needs it! Always stay true to your heart. Never be afraid to become vulnerable. Always let the real you shine is good enough, strong enough, and just brilliant! :) much love brother

  • "itll be September" sounded so southern LMAO

  • Hi guys pls support and subs my channel pls🙏

  • Love this dude. Gonna see him in DC in a few weeks

  • Love Post Malone❤️👍

  • Honestly, he does look like a scrub with all the tattoo's on his face but he carries himself well.

  • I want this bro to be my best friend. He has a great genuine vibe about him. He seems chill. I need people like that around me 🖤

  • His personality is just amazing, kind, warm and respectful! I'm starting to have a slight crush on Post Malone, lol.

  • He is such a nice person 🥰🥰

  • Love me some Posty

  • I iust so inlove with him 🤭😭😭❤️

  • Post we love you !!! Come to Columbus Ohio the Home Of The BUD LIGHT LIFE we welcome you ! I work right down from BUSCH BLVD 😂🤣

  • Love how he says "yes sir" 😫

  • Post is just the nicest guy. I adore him. ❤️

  • how humble he is. Saying thank you at every cheers. Love this man

  • Looks like a fool with those face tattoos

  • Top top top top liked liked liked

  • Post malone is just turned 24yrs and he has achieved so much in life. Due to his tall, extra body type and good personality/ good manner everybody treats him well like he is elder person. My mind blows aways to think he is younger than Justin Bieber