Portal: The Boots Are A LIE! | The SCIENCE of... Portal's Long Fall Boots

Pubblicato il 4 lug 2019
One of the questions people have been asking for the LONGEST time is finally being answer TODAY. Do Portal's Long Fall Boots actually work? In the game we see Chell jumping from crazy heights, at insane speeds, and landing with no injury to her body in sight. To be honest, looking at those glorified socks it is hard to believe these devices could work. Today Austin is going to finally put an end to this debate - with SCIENCE!
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  • I think that meet the robinsons had a scene to this effect. I'm prety sure that there was a robot with some extendo-limbs that used them to grow stilts to deal with falling from hight in a scene. I might be wrong about it though.

  • ok boomer

  • That YOU have been asked about!???!??!?!?! I thought there was a TEAM, not a random guy who people get upset when they watch a game theory vid and it's not Matpat about

  • 10:03 it didnt feel like forever it felt like 3.3 seconds

  • i know how she doesnt break her legs: glados can move whole rooms and theoretically move the room down right before she hits the ground. this would increase the time she falls and therefore put less pressure on the boots.

  • 10:31 yes thats how they work


  • Since when exactly do we measure 3d models in pixels? Think i missed the memo on that one...

  • stupid, late observation.... but is it just me or do they look more false limbs then boots? with the back resembling a running blade.

  • Cool bigbrain

  • U want Alex?


  • u a math guy?

  • How is that music called?

  • His email to Valve worked!

  • One simple answer. It's Aperture Science. They break rules of everything.

  • Couldn't you have used the terminal velocity to calculate the weight?

  • Half life alyx

  • Don’t trust that cake there on that table friend. As for friend. That cake. THE cake is... a lie.

  • Does half life alyx count?

  • Knees are bent she’s probably 5 4

  • To calculate speed you can just use the command "cl_showpos 1", you'll get a value in hu (hammer unit) at the top right of your screen. 1 hu = 19.05 mm, so you can calculate the speed with that.

  • MMMNGH! Havent had this angry nerd make me think about one of my favorite games for so so long.

  • Bruh when half life Alyx is announced after like 12 years

  • Bruh, what about the giant dent in the mattress, could've just used that for reference.

  • Just take a look at flimsy hip bones and strong femur. So much for “intelligent design”.

  • Whereas if Gordon Freeman does that at that speed he gets a major fracture or instantly gets killed. Because the HEV suit is the like the long fall boots in reality. Also talk about Power Armor in Fallout 4 as it also acts the same as long fall boots in Portal.

  • What's his background song

  • Ok, thats fine, but what if the heel of the boot can generate the same amount of force that the fall generates but in the other direction so that these two forces are cancelling each other out?

  • This is actually being generous. There is absolutely no reason you couldn't reach terminal velocity when in a infinite portal fall. Going from 170mph to 0 in .167 seconds would turn you to goo.

  • I dunno why buts it's funny how he's wasting his time here on IT-tvs instead of making those boots that revert fall damage like *breathes in* BOI you could be making MILLIONS

  • chel is a superhuman who laughs at the laws of physics.

  • I=FAT xd

  • "Literally anywhere but in America." We use mph in Britain too Austin!!

  • I think mattpatt is mad...patt..

  • The boots may just lower the mass and thus inertia of the person so impacts are less intense

  • your better then matpat

  • they started teasing hl3 and its gonna be in vr

  • Well they DID release half life 3 actually

  • The classical music made this even. Better. The end.