Porsche Taycan event in 5 minutes

Pubblicato il 4 set 2019
Porsche unveiled the Taycan, its first, all-electric sedan starting at $150,900. The event was intricately staged, taking place at three different locations around the globe simultaneously: Canada, China, and Germany. The top-end version, the Taycan Turbo S, will have a 93kWh battery pack that gets a WLTP estimated 450 km (~280 miles) of range.
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  • What car manufacturers are you excited to see electric cars from?

    • The Honda E

    • Tesla

    • Ford

    • The Verge Lamborghini, Audi, Bugatti, Rolls-Royce, Bentley, Volkswagen, Ferrari, Aston Martin, McLaren, Mercedes, bmw, Nissan, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, jaguar, Land Rover, and more from Tesla and Porsche. Pretty much every auto manufacturer. :)

    • If Porsche put this technology under the body of the current version of 911. Simply name it the Carrera 4e, and Carrera 4e RS for the higher end track focus model respectively. It will be much more exciting.

  • For those who were searching - there are 2 version of this car Turbo $152,250 670HP Turbo S $186,350 750HP

  • Love the dash, simple and sharp, can’t wait to get it.

  • Tesla goodbye

  • Tesla Model-S Plaid Obliterates Porsche Taycan's Nurburgring Record by 20 seconds. Report by AutoEvolution.

  • A downgraded Tesla model s. Congratulations, Porsche. You managed to lie to us with the mission e, not even beating a sub-20 year old electric car startup. You even had the gut to price it at 2x the price.

  • Great video! You cover lots of information. The taycan is a beautiful car, a lot of people are comparing it to the TESLA model S, but after really analyzing the two vehicles, they are going after 2 different demographics of people. So to me they don’t really compare. My last IT-tvs video is actually all about the Taycan vs the Model S performance because there’s so much hype about the two cars.

  • Ferdinand would be so proud.

  • Right in your face tesla, I guess they saw it coming, it's Porsche, with them it is winning or nothing, so look, finally a real good electric car. never thought I find myself at a position of saying good things about EVs, but this time it's one of the best petrol-engine-cars maker with over 50 years on the business doing an electric car, the rear diff, the gearbox, the torsion bars, things taken from their long long experience of making cars put into this completely new one. There's no room for mistakes. Well done, amazing job Porsche.

  • If Apple made an electric car they would shop it with a 5w charger

  • great car .......

  • Beautiful

  • The only thing is the battery ...

  • Beautiful car. Glad they kept it fairly close to the mission e, although I still prefer the concept mission e. For $200K it’s unfortunate they couldn’t get it around 350 mile range, but I can’t afford it anyway so what do I care haha. I’m ready to buy a used model s though, late 2016 models with free supercharging are getting quite tempting.

  • Awesome!

  • No fart mode? 😠

  • Ayeeeee! It doesn't overheat *cough* Tesla *cough*

    • @RizzyWow would be even better if its just a software update

    • bundu bashing I reckon they’ll modify the car to cool the batteries and engine down.

    • Elon just said on Twitter the Model S will be on the Nurburgring next week. Really interested to see what Tesla has got up their sleeve.

  • Okay, electric cars are the Bluetooth earphones of the car industry. 😎

  • Cool car but the presentation is boring af

  • The crowd is so boring compared to Tesla 😂

  • 😗

  • High level Porsche Taycan and Audi e-tron GT were saved “last minute” by Rimac technology. Without Rimac they would be several years behind in high performance EV market. Old farts running the Porsche came late to the party. High tech know-how (800V architecture, two speed gearbox for rear axle,...) came from Rimac.

  • I can repair this car with tinfoil. Yes.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce to you our electric car, made possible by Tesla. Tesla woke us. 😂

  • No thanks, I will stick with my Model S for a few more years.

  • 279.617 miles on one charge is not that far at all

  • The overpriced, under-performing competitor to the 2012 Model S, brought to you by the criminals at VW.

  • Another expensive German engineer junk. If you have money to burn then buy it or stick with Tesla for better value and better range and performance. By the way, thank Tesla for release your patent technology to the world. Everyone is making electric cars. That is the future of things to come.

  • The only thing Tesla needs to do is change the battery pack in the model s to the same as the model 3 and it will destroy the Porsche

  • All seats at the presentation are taycan

  • *Leather free interiors.. Plastic or Rubber then?*

  • Porche doesn't have enough money to hire a capable presenter? The first guy speaks like a robot.

    • @Eric Dupin the 2nd speaker is clearly a German but he doesn't speak like a robot.

    • Louie Lam May be because he is just Porsche CEO and he is German?

  • They actually wanted to name it something else, but that name was already taycan

    • Uzair Arshad your deserve my like

  • I like it! I'll take one at a Hyundai price

  • The specs don’t matter when there is no where to charge to go to another state or city. Yes, it can charge fast like Tesla, but where to charge. I don’t see Porsche chargers anywhere. Don’t tell me it’s coming, because it means nothing.

    • Robert Blackford , charge at home? Then fast charging specs Porsche is boasting are irrelevant, you get 15-25mi for an hr of charging at home. And, 4th or 5th car, I see the market segment Porsche is going after. So much about being a Tesla killer, like critics and Wall Street were saying for years.

    • Charge it at home...just like all the virtue signaling Tesla owners told us to. Honestly, this is a fourth or fifth car for most buyers. They won’t use it for cross country trips. They will charge at home and use it for daily trips.

  • Looks gorgeous, but don't count your chickens before they hatch. I'll be excited when I see one in public.

  • this is truly the beginning of the end of combustion cars. it is a great transmission but it hurts to see that we won't be hearing good engine sounds several years.

    • I think that it is practically impossible to wipe out all the combustion cars in the world. I guess they would coexist with ev's .

  • Beaut

  • nice car

  • 9.8 to 200kph, might it match or beat Tesla on the quarter mile after all? And thanks to stronger regen, using less energy per run :-)

    • The man buying the Porsche really doesn’t care about 1/4 mile times.

    • @Sgtbrobee Indeed. But on the 1/4 mi the time spent getting up to speed also matters, difficult to make up time at speed. But it could be nack and neck. And if you place a stop sign and a drag tree after spme good run-off to do it right again, I know which car I'd put ALL my money on :-)

    • to 200kmh it beats the Tesla. And all those times are conservative, as usual with Porsche, in contrast to Tesla which might be less conservative

  • Lol so worse than a 5 year old Tesla Model S in almost every way. Lmao embarrassing Porsche

  • This was the weirdest presentation to watch. Audio cutout multiple times and they way they were just cutting to Mark Webber in some white room while they swapped feeds was really funny.

  • Does it drive itself? Lol no? Next

  • Exciting to see exciting and competitive EV's coming out

  • At the end of videos I was almost sure he was about to say 100% leather 😂😂😂

  • Well done Porsche. This looks amazing

  • People complaining about the price don’t understand the car. It was designed as a EV car with great Porsche performance. VW and Audi will likely be the ones to come out with EVs to compete with the Model 3 and S price wise. People forget they are all under one ownership lol

  • electric is the future! im in!

  • Porsche is that company that made an EV for namesake but knows it only cares about its gas cars. Nice whip tho

    • what lol. This is one of the most innovative EVs out there. How does Porsche only care about gas cars?

  • 4:35 'wwwewwy ssssspawty'

  • That looks more like a TOYOTA SUPRA front end 😂💀🤣... Porsche is becoming so cliche

  • TESLA 2.5S 0-100km une Berlinne plus rapides que porche et sa restera toujours un prototype on verra jamais le jour de cette voiture pensé y!

  • 😂 Tesla Killer 🤦‍♂️

  • 2,2 tons.. this is a truck

    • It's an EV. The track is still impressive isn't it, considering it's only 0,9% slower than the Panamera on the Nürburgring?

  • why does it matter how fast they go when you can't even drive at those speed on the road.

    • Because Porsche is a German company, in Germany there’s the Autobahn

    • u can go 0-60 quickly at least (to show off :)

  • boring

  • Ya a new car that is probably 10x the price of a Tesla. But this car looks nice.

    • alexander wei True. When you think about it? Porsche will have there cars that need maintenance after pushed. They will fix it fast. Tesla takes months to get a car fixed. I would buy this car over a Tesla.

    • RiskingMyBiscuit 420 actually based on other reviews and known price tag they are about the same

  • I love it but I'll never be able to afford anything remotely close to that. I can't even afford a junker lol. It's a beautiful piece of artwork though.

  • Only gays drive electric cars

    • Bad Cattitude Was that suppose to be offensive or a compliment?

  • The only thing they really beat Tesla on is the charging times/wattage, and price. Everywhere else Tesla bests them.

    • So pretty much all of the important areas... except for acceleration which is only half a second (at best) quicker