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Pubblicato il 14 nov 2015
RECIPE: www.sweetysalado.com/2015/11/roasted-pork-loin.html
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  • Looks great. Thanks for sharing

  • Can you really use the marinade after its been on the raw pork,meat in general? I was always told to discard it after use.

    • It's always OK to use any marinade if you cook it first, in this case you can simmer it for at least 5 minutes and that should make it good to go.

  • Can i subtitute brown sugar for regular sugar?

  • No measurements ?!

    • In my blog: www.sweetysalado.com/en/2015/11/roasted-pork-loin.html

  • Just made this recipe tonight. It was incredible. Thank you so much

  • Leave the fat

  • Just made this, it was great. Thanks for the recipe.

  • Fresh garlic for the marinade?

    • Fresh garlic should be used with everything.

    • Sweet y Salado the pork came out amazing too. I threw some garlic and onions in the baking pan to roast as well. Took the pork out at about 130, it was very juicy!! Thank you!!

    • Sweet y Salado thank you. I made this the night I asked about the garlic. The marinade is amazing, i have some left thinking about stir frying some snow peas and onions with a little of this sauce. Yum!! 😋😋

    • Yes, it works great.

  • Omg this plate is delicioso juicy and the marinate ufff 🤤🤤🤤😘 yummy

  • Thank you! so good.

  • Wow she cut off ALL of the fat most likely leaving no flavor

    • Also she misspoke it's not fat it's the silver skin there's not a lot of fat on it that's the point of a tenderloin if she left those white Parts on it it would be very chewy

    • Pork tenderloin is a very lean meat and the fat is not what gives it flavor, which is the reason why most people marinate it.

  • Good food always bring people together:)

  • Not even raw

  • Why would you remove the fat? That helps it stay juicy! I just know yours is dry as hell.

    • RayJ-HT gfga vs c ffdvfbdvgg💯❤ Fddcgv

    • I would leave the fat too.

    • Zelias Hunter She cooked it way to long. Cook it to 135° Then let stand for ten min. Temp will raise. I agree about fat leave it on for flavor and remove silver skin. I bet her family is hungry after dinner lmao

    • GrassFedMeats fat feeds the brain so yea the govt hates that

    • RayJ-HT You got me rollin ova here. Dat shit look dry as ma nigga knees rights now.

  • What if you don't like soy sauce can I use any other salt

    • The soy sauce not only adds salt but also flavor. You could substitute it with 6 tbsp Worcestershire sauce and 2 tbsp water, this will replace the ½ cup soy sauce you need for this recipe.

  • Just finish preparing it for later today. Can't wait to try it. So I will come back and give my opinion on the recipe :).

    • @Sweet y Salado oh and my mother loved it too. It was hard to find pork loin recipe so I barely brought it but for now on will be buying it because thanks to your recipe. Your welcome!:) I agree it gives it great flavor.

    • Yay!!! I'm so glad you liked it! I felt the same way about the cinnamon but it does give it great flavor. Thank you for making it. =)

    • It's amazing! I didn't trust the cinnamon part because I never put that on meat. But I trusted your recipe,doubted it was going to come out great but it came out amazing.Thank you for sharing the recipe!

  • I am a carnivore & i like meat

  • dont take the fat!!

  • Wow, my pork tenderloin came out Fantastic and your sauce was superb on top! Thanks and Peace from New Orleans!

  • Are we roasting the pork uncovered?

    • Made it yesterday uncovered... Wonderful, wonderful recipe. Thanks a million!

  • I just want to say thank you for this recipe. I made it last weekend and used shaoxing wine instead of sherry. It was really wonderful and quote a revelation. I can see this appearing on my family table often in the future so thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  • I love the sherry and cinnamon in here, Diana. This really would be great addition to the holiday table. Thank you so much for sharing your inspirations =)

  • Looks tasty. I love all the flavours in the marinade. Thanks Diane for such a good recipe.

  • Yum!!!! Thanks!

  • dianita que rico se ve! pero podrías teadirlo , no entendí algunas cosas sólo el saludo jajajaja

    • +Yeledis Chamorro, aquí te dejo el enlace de la versión en español: it-tvs.com/tv/video-LHywpD1oP8c.html

  • Very nice Diana. Looks great

  • Beautiful tenderloin :-D

  • I love this idea, thank :) I wonder if I can use shaoxing wine instead of sherry?

    • +MrCurry, you can substitute it with apple cider vinegar.

  • podrias hacer una receta de arroz de mariscos

  • :)