Porch Pirate vs. Glitter Bomb Trap 2.0

Pubblicato il 15 dic 2019
11 months of social justice engineering boiled down to 15 minutes!
Thanks to Bose for their support! Save $50 on the Headphones 700 now through 12/21 (US only)
Thanks to Macaulay Culkin! Check out his channel- it-tvs.com/ch/UCsCw3J3T3XFLgKm2te7TrTQ
Special thanks to my buddy Sean Hodgins. I hired him to help me on this and it wouldn't have been possible without his mad skillz - it-tvs.com/ch/UCE-bw6PRKuDlH6fP1mP4nOw
Here is where I got the biodegradable glitter from: www.plurvision.com/glitter
Thanks to all the volunteers across the country who put packages out for me!

0:00 - Tchaikovsky - Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Tchaikovsky_-_Dance_of_the_Sugar_Plum_Fairy_-_The_Nutcracker.ogg
0:23 - Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
0:56 - Arrow- Andrew Applepie andrewapplepie.com/
1:28 - Marimba Idea - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
2:58 - Arrow- Andrew Applepie andrewapplepie.com/
3:52 - Dansez - Fasion soundcloud.com/michalgallo/dansez-fasion-beats-music
4:28 - Sappheiroz - Falling soundcloud.com/sappheirosmusic/falling-ft-esoreni
5:12 - Cereal Killa - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
11:40 - Arrow- Andrew Applepie andrewapplepie.com/
12:46 - Kalimba Jam - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
15:44 - Q - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/
17:53 - New Shoes - Blue Wednesday soundcloud.com/bluewednesday/


  • I have spent sooooo much time working on this over the past 11 months it feels really nice to finally show it to you guys. I've got all 12 of my videos planned out for 2020 and in various stages so be sure to subscribe, bell, donate a kidney, etc.

    • I think you should use skunk spray

    • I've had packages stolen off my my porch, so this video made me extra happy. I've learned there are batteries that will last longer than I lifetimes now, I wonder how useful a battery like that might be for recovering your packages.

    • It would of been better if the sound was merry Christmas you filthy animal and a happy new year

    • Mark Roberhrllo

    • Great video Mark

  • Omg yes

  • Were the thieves reported to police? Were charges brought?

  • 14:00 He enchanted that glitter with Knockback IV

  • Mark you need to do a Crap Bomb mixed with Tar and glitter. Just make something that involves stinky crap- doesn’t matter where or what it comes from- make it sticky as possible and shiny.

  • I'm going to do the same as the guy ghosting you.

  • Put it into a Faraday cage and the LTE and GPS signals go away :P


  • You do realize that you are literally giving the thief 4 working condition smartphones instead of whatever they thought would be in the box.

  • 11:42 *takes off glasses* dear god...

  • Amazing video

  • I didn't know he worked at NASA.

  • 2020 : Radioactive Glitter

  • next time just set the fart spray for "always on" for maximum effect

  • I'mma do this but with gasoline, and then attach a blowtorch inside to ignite it

  • As much as I enjoy the revenge factor of this video, the rewarding the good guys was way cooler.

  • I actually remade this for my g11 project

  • Next time use explosives!

  • the pettiness of the cards was HILARIOUS


  • Or just make a bomb inside the package hahahahahah

  • No idea what I just clicked from the funky title, but it's Mark Rober so of course I'm going to watch it

  • Isn't what you did..like.. illegal?

  • 9:29 surprise mfer 😂

  • everybody gangsta until the police chattering sounds are played


  • This, but claymores...

  • When McCauley was the bad guy I got so happy!!! 😂

  • Yo dude this is a good idea!! HAHAHAHAHAHA but I wonder, will this work in our country tho?? HAHAHAHAHA @PHIL

  • I hate few things in life more than glitter. Damn glad I don't steal people's packages.

  • I don't know. It seems that the thieves were more amused. Also, how did you wrestle Culkin away from Rich?

  • Unbelievable! Haha! Subscribed!

  • I could watch this all day

  • So, you checked with your legal team to make sure what you did to Cody and others isn't consider harassment, right?

  • Operation Butt Trumpet Initiated!

  • Operation Whoever Smelt It Dealt It Initiated!

  • A collab video without telling in the title that it is a collab? That's so cruel! Luckily I clicked this video. Love it

  • Hoo Lee the home alone guy is so old but looks the same

  • Do you have any Italian heritage? The vendetta on that moron who tried to swindle you just seemed very Sicilian to me. We are a ... passionate people. lol! PS- I love the little touch that you went for the finest glitter available, It's literally like sand . Very Diabolical but for a good cause :)

  • The furry fiesta tho XD

  • After one day from publishing this video, it made almost 7 millions view ,,, wawa Bro amazing 😉 content!!!!

  • Yeah yeah this is so legit

  • Can 3.0 please contain C4?

  • Genius

  • Omg i laughed so much at this it literlary made my day 😂 hope that bloke gets what he deserves lol

  • Idiots getting what they deserve

  • 9:30 instant regret

  • The package must have a voice saying. " hello this is the FBI . We have located u and going to arrest u. This box is going to explode in 15 seconds" And it must have a explosion sound effect

  • Would love to have one of those Bose

  • More more more plzzzz

  • Mark, how many of those did you really end up recovering? with 7 mil views you made some money but the phones must have cost a bunch

  • Might as well have the system to call the police once it's moved and tell the police to track the phone. He can catch 'em all in one whoop. I'm sure that they can't ignore this if you have evidence on the site.

  • I needs to have the formula of B formula.

  • That’s crazy, I can’t believe you got McCauly Culkin! He’s a living Legend!!

  • That glitter slo-mo footage was beautiful!

  • The thief was watching "The office".

  • 12 months for a 2 day arduino project jeez

  • wife: "honey! did you fart! that`s disgusting! it smells so bad!" husband: "uuuhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

  • Babe babe I bought some really good fart spray with glitter spray even has 5 recorded sentences think the couch is where she slept that night as he opened it on there bed no nookie for that lad

  • 13:50 He says thank you for being one of the good ones? Wow...