POLAND vs. SLOVENIA - Highlights Men | Volleyball Olympic Qualification 2019

Pubblicato il 11 ago 2019
Enjoy the Highlights from the men's match between POLAND and SLOVENIA from the FIVB Intercontinental Volleyball Olympic Qualification Tournament 2019.
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  • 🏐 All Matches & Highlights from the Men's Volleyball OQT 2019 ➡️ go.volleyball.world/TV?ytv=c

    • What idiot edited this movie? Selected fragments show that Slovenia was a better band.

  • So you're not showing this MONSTER block in slow motion @ 4:35 because?

  • Leon....

  • @VolleyballWorld Great replays...2nd set ended at 20:19 for Slovenia...is it so hard to show the end of the set?

  • This is not a good summary of the match. The second set ends at 20:19 for SLO. This was the second key moment of the match (after the first set). Agreed with the commentators regarding the pronunciation of the names. Musaj is MOOSAY, not MOOSAGGE, DRZYZGA is a tough one... DJEESGA

  • Poland The Best volleyball team on the World 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱

  • Gdyby urnaut grał na takim samym poziomie z Francją jak z nami to może słoweniw by chociaż seta wygrała

  • Karol klosz tez niezle

  • To ci murarz 😎😂

  • Tak ciężko poprawnie powiedzieć Muzaj ??!

  • Poland´s pride to waste basket... at least it was for the world´s best player!!!

  • it good to see Poland without the best player of the last WC and still wining. They utilize the new attacker Leon, however, they do not relay on his power only playing tactically well with and without him, it is the great prognostic for this team future. Congratulation for advancing to Olympics.

    • Just look how good the reserve team is too.

    • Kurek will be back. He can't play with a bad spine.

  • that guy pronunciation is horrible... If you comment the match you should prepare...

  • Poland 🇵🇱 👍

  • Can you believe it? Poland has a black player.

  • There was a lot of nervousness on the Polish side of the court in the first two sets (one won set guaranteed promotion to the Olympic Games in Tokyo)... but after that the pressure subsided, so reserve players came on the field and finished the job... but it doesn't change the fact that Slovenia played very well and its team deserve respect.

    • Of course they deserve respect.

  • Are the British journalists mentally handicapped? Is it really that hard for the monkeys to control pronunciation?

  • UK commentator stop pronouncing Muzaj like that it's really weird. lol. It sounds like "massage".

  • Good job Slovenia, you guys have great fundamentals and concentration in your team.

  • Gratulacja, Polska , Pojedziemy do Tokyo. !!!!

  • Hey commentator. Learn those f-ing names (both Polish and Slovenian)! Being so unprepared is not an option. Creepy, annoying and disrespectful to your audience and the players.

  • Muzaż and Bjeniak

    • Kłos - Klosz

    • Musimy pochlastac jego po nogach pokrzywa.

  • The commentator cannot spell almost any name correctly. Part of his work should be knowledge how to spell players' names at least in the best teams. Before matches he ought to prepare himself by checking pronunciation in the Internet or somebody should prepare notes for him. That's my point of view.

    • Ale ty nie potrafisz zrozumieć, że dla anglików takie połączenia liter jak "rz" czy "ij" są nie do wymówienia? Jestem ciekawy czy ty tak dobrze czytasz Francuskie nazwiska.

  • Both team have gorgeous looking men!! ❤️

  • That black dude weak yo😂😂

  • Aff odeio esse time da Polônia.

    • Esse time é chato mesmo, nem parece que essa gente assistiu o mundial ano passado! Eles são extremamente arrogantes e tem alguns jogadores que provocam demais (não que eu não goste hahaha).

    • Icaro rafael 🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕🖕

    • hey, be nice not rude🙈 my team is pretty cool

    • Vdd, time insuportável!


  • Slovenia improved a lot. They almost snatched the sets from the obvious stronger team. Slovenia's setter is soooo good.

  • I was waiting to see leon in Cuba.. But i was surprised he is in Poland..

  • Jeżcze raz powiedzą "musadż: zamiast Musaj to wyjdę z siebie i zacznę siać zniszczenie.

    • Rozwalił mnie ten Klosz

    • MASSAGE!!!

    • Amerykanie nawet hiszpańskie "León" czytają "Lyon". Zero przygotowania/zero profesjonalizmu - wszędzie wepchną ten swój amerykański akcent.

    • @Tevii Yebs! Yebs! Podoba ci się?

    • No to dawaj,napierdalaj

  • Muzaj the best

  • Bad game from Poland :(

  • Grande jogo! Gostei muito na Slovenia!

  • Leon co zajebał pod koniec drugiego seta 2 asiki to nie mam pytań

  • Kisses from Poland 🇵🇱❤️

  • Byłem. 😀😀😀

  • Poland👏🇵🇱❤️

  • nice match 💪💪💪

  • Poland