Pokimane THICC AF moments!

Pubblicato il 9 ago 2019
A variety of clips of Pokimane thicc moments. Enjoy!

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  • If that booty sits on you mmmmmm thickymain

  • How does youtube allowed this on youtube

  • I’m trying to see why people called her a twitch thot

  • Fucking degenerates stop being thirsty teenagers

  • Lel

  • "I'll eat anything" o rly

  • Uhm she only has wide hips my guy nit thicc sorry to destroy the mood

  • @2:08

  • This is just.. creepy..

  • This is just degrading, I feel bad for having a wiener

    • This is degrading, but I will never give up my wiener

  • Calling pokimane thicc is equivalent to calling Greek fat

  • Shes literally any female that goes clubbing on any given night. Nothing special. Dime a dozen.

  • What does thick mean?

  • 🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑🍑

  • Nut nut nut nut nut nut nut

  • I noticed twitch is full of sheltered "people" that live in their room and it benefits them, with her it's perverts and under aged boys, get a fucking job and contribute to society like labour or apprentice, get a red seal, go to school.

  • i wonder if she is a virgin lmao she seems lik it

    • She probably is. She seems like she'd be super awkward around a hot guy. But the ironic part of it is the type of guys she's not awkward around, she's not interested in. It's the hot nerd paradox

    • Adam Kocur A HAHA also u watching thicc pokimane????

    • Ashjoker you’re a weirdo

  • Why does this exist?

  • She isn't even thick!! She got a nice butt. But she thin not thick

  • why my pp hard

  • Poor poki 😭

  • Damn, boi! She thicc!

  • shebe thicc

  • You are tick!!

  • Who is this bitch

  • Does she has the thicc word banned ;;;;

  • Me when I have a boner and ask to go toilet at school 0:26

  • Honestly pretty sad and cringe that her fans are so thirsty she has to deliberately not turn around when she walks away

    • Stev Canales And you’re one of them so stfu and enjoy

    • Yet you clicked on this video........STUPID.

  • She is not fucking thicc

  • 0:10 she went to masturbate because who takes their phone to a bathroom

  • Nothing else is thicc except for that fucking hydro flask😂1:03

  • Thicc= walking out a room

  • so fit ;)

  • Who watches this

  • I feel bad for people who feel bad for poki for others calling her thick and she cant turn around. Then why she doesnt simply set the camera to see her face only, like every male streamer does, hmmm? She wouldnt have so much attention then huh? No shit

    • To be fair ive seen a few male streamers show room and full body in streams

    • Multi Vitamin fax

  • seriously only came here for the comments leave the poor girl alone jesus

    • You do realise she likes it right?, she appeals to a man audience that's why she only wears fucking tight ass pants

  • Bruh she aint even thicc nigga. Smh i got bamboozled

  • Whoever the lucky man is 🙏🏼I pray for u

  • She didn’t even need to bend that low

  • Myth should’ve been all in that yo she got a Asian persuasion with them hips boy

    • Jesse Pena she’s islam

    • vL Void enlighten me what is she if not Asian white ? Lol

    • She’s not asian

  • This guy who made this is a perv

  • y’all weird asf


  • She is walking backwards Good job pokimane

  • This is just wrong

  • Who ever made this is creepy

  • Ok I feel bad for saying this but what was that pushup scene?!was that her hips or her THICCS.

  • 1:15 2:09

  • 4:44

  • Unpopular opinion: she not even that thicc, she just got wide hips

  • Damn poki us thicc girls know how you feel but i mean at least we ain't flat better than nothing 😂

  • I came by accident but decided to read the comments. Y'all niggas thirsty, do something wit y'all lives

  • Tttttttttthhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiiiiiiiiicccccccccccccc

  • Stop making these videos dude

    • hynum then go watch gay porn

  • Pokimane gonna get sexually frustrated and hit menopause if she keeps blue balling and friendzoning guys.

  • Came here cause I heard I’ll get free mammoth coins

  • Its kinda sad she has to walk backwards to avoid comments like that

    • @Ricky Bobby Yea

    • @Pyro :D you because we both point out great points

    • @Ricky Bobby Same here dude. Lets just agree to disagree.

    • @Pyro :D it's whatever bro I don't have a problem with you I have an opinion and you have an opinion it's whatever

    • @Ricky Bobby Not really. People tend to then start correcting their grammar so that people don't call them out on it like that again.

  • This video is really sad, and creepy

  • What the fuck is this?

  • I feel bad, she can’t turn and also people call her thicc :( she’s my favorite streamer

    • Being thicc is a positive thing

    • Nicholas Marin yikes

    • I don't if a girl is thicc a girl is thicc

    • @zSkelCell oh damn sorry my mistake thank you for teaching me

    • @Also Drol it's not thick it's thicc