Playing Minecraft For The Very FIRST Time - Part 1

Pubblicato il 28 lug 2019
Minecraft is the only videogame in 2019
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  • I literally have no idea what I'm doing. Be gentle!

    • No

    • Nice

    • Green felix

    • Hey we all had to start like this jackiboi ur good

    • jacksepticeye 2 iron diagonally to make sheers, you get more wool that way 3 wood blocks with 3 same colored pieces of wool ontop to make a bed You can sleep during thunderstorms You can get a wolf by feeding it bones By punching a mob or being hit by a mob a tamed wolf will attack said mob Please for the love of Jesus don’t dig straight down DONT TRY TO SLEEP IN THE NETHER THE BED WILL EXPLODE ONE YOU LIE DOWN

  • 1:29 it begins from talking

  • I'm ded this waz too funny

  • jack when will you get murch

  • I'm ginger. Can I be a part of Emerald Isle?

  • hey Jack if you ever need more info on minecraft look me up. I play minecraft when it came out and I have it on my phone, PS3, and PC. I also know how to make epic monster traps and traps to protect your home. I one time turn a bunch of creepers into a pit traps for players who try to steal from me hehe it's a three way activated trap

  • I was watching this at midnight... I love you so much that I would stay up all night watchig you. ItS oNe Of ThOsE mInEcRaFtS

  • i have also not played this for probably over 8 years. but even i knew that was a zombie. lol this is gonna be great.


  • If it was me I would have taught him a few things

  • Watching people play Minecraft the first time fills me with rage but is also hilarious 😂

  • you can get a bonus chest in the more option thing when you create a world. and also I'm my mom's son who watches you every day when I'm sad. LOVE YOUR VIDS

  • I remember when you said you were never gonna play it because it’s too mainstream :( those were the days

  • I have not heard this voice in 3 years! Omg

  • Im irish

  • 0:00 0:00 0:00

  • Sean: no one told me that this was a scary game Disc 11,minecraft cave sounds, disc 13: let us introduce ourselves

  • I wish I could play minecraft

  • After taking a 7 year break I too am a complete noob at Minecraft, things I thought I knew have changed,

  • I love how some people are playing Mc for clout but Jack and Felix are doing it because their generally interested in a game that’s fun

  • Is nobody talking about that patch of water that just isn’t flowing into the pit of death

  • *stabs pig twice* "I DIDNT MEAN TOOOO,"


  • Jack: MiNeS StOnE wItH hAnD Me: bruh moment

  • Ok Jack your noob like really really noob BUT! It's fun to whatch you doing most stupidest things on this game keep it up

  • Everybody in the comment section is too nice. So wholesome!

  • Gdhsis

  • you suck

  • I heard the drowned--- I HEARD it. and I jumped..... wtf is my life.

  • Please tell me I'm not the only person that jumped at 7:19

  • *when ur late to his first time playing* Shit I love your videos altho u dont know what ur doing becuz ur so funny😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 U always make me laugh so much!!! 💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚💚

  • Jack 2016 I see more for this Chanel then just minecraft 2019 LETS PLAY MINECRAFT

  • You got this jack trying is the first step 😁👍

  • you can change your skin on skindex

  • Hey Sean, we should play minecraft together at some point. In my opinion I am pretty good at survival and can build really cool and organized homes.

  • Let us start from the beginning and watch the last posted part IT WILL BE FUN!

  • This brings back memories from when I first started playing Minecraft.

  • "Dude, Thats a hecking *MINECRAFT*"

  • The first death scared me then made me laugh a load 😂😂

  • 4:45 that’s a new record for how long Jack can make a video without swearing

  • Oh dude r u a Minecraft

  • Ur mum

  • *trIgGeRd*

  • Dont wory you shold see me wen i played minecraft for the first it was horrible 😊😊😊

  • 15:28 I don’t think Mark’s gonna like that.

  • Jacksepticeye: its not murder because im using the meat. Serial killers in court: i guess im also a cannibal.

  • In like 2010 he played a minecraft mod pack

  • Well it depends how u play if u saying this is scary but u can be use to it

  • Oh are you one of those *minecrafts?*

  • Minecraft tip never dig stight don

  • !!!

  • Amazing Video!!!!!!!

  • ArE YoU oNe Of ThOsE MIneCraFtS

  • How did the water float in midair!

  • That drowned scared the shit out a me...

  • Sean, if you crouch and go over the edge you can place blocks on the side of the block and use less blocks, and you can use a shovel for dirt instead of a pickaxe

  • What seed is this world?

  • Dude its a hekkin minecraft

  • That jumpscare on the island made my tablet fly out of my hands

  • I swear its like I’m cursed when i leave this channel u come up with epic content and when i come back ur running out of content. XD why?! EDIT: In other words ive waited ages for u to play this knowing full well it’d never happen i left cuz last i saw u u were playing games that werent so good and even u admitted it to a few of em (not against u just took a break). Finally ur back to good content again! I hope u enjoy the game!