Playing Minecraft For The Very FIRST Time - Part 1

Pubblicato il 28 lug 2019
I'm starting a Minecraft lets play for the very first time! I've never played Minecraft survival before so this gameplay should be fun!
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Epic Minecraft survival let's play
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  • I literally have no idea what I'm doing. Be gentle!

  • jacksepticeye 2015: *plays minecraft*

  • Jack there is a star wars mod for Minecraft!!!!

  • Did anyone know that it's not beta version it's java and who is watching in 2020

  • i felt so bad for u watching this.

  • He said pigs like he didn't know there were pigs in minecraft

  • 5:13 woah are you one of those Minecrafts?

  • those are zombies

  • doyou need a pickaxe

  • Jack: *knows what a creeper is* Jack: *sees a zombie* "oh are you one of those Minecrafts?

  • "Are you one of them Minecrafts?"

  • I'm so glad you played this i love you even more😻😻😻

  • *sees Jack doesn’t make a roof* *waits for spider to appear*

  • Now that Minecraft is over id thought I would just rewatch the series and I would like to say, what started as something that I thought jack would do like 1 or 2 episodes of it and then just get bored quickly grew into a wonderful playthrough and a great wholesome time. Thanks, jack for that. I'll miss you Minecraft.

    • Angel Ortiz It’s not the last episode, he’s gonna play it more, its just finished story wise

  • I haven't watched the whole series yet, but I have one thing to say: "This is going to be VERY entertaining!" -Alastor

  • I know im late to the party but dont feel bad jack. When I first started minecraft I thought windows in the game were made of ice and literally raged because I couldnt figure out how to mine it :D

  • 7:20 hands up who jumped

  • Me: Jack don’t dig down Jack: Meh Me: I warned you Jack: LAVA, HELP!!!

  • What about the survival hunter video?

  • Jack you have so much to learn

  • IT-tvs comments be like who's watching this on 2020

  • Is it odd that I, a cisgender female, find it incredibly heartwarming that he automatically refers to Alex as "they" despite Alex being more feminine than Steve? I'm aware that Alex being ambiguous is the intention, I just think it's very sweet of Jack to recognize it.

  • Jack:I really need food Me:YOU PASSED LITERALLY 50 COWS

  • The drowned gave me a heart attack

  • You are a literal gem to this sick world. Keep up the good work and eat lots of potatoes

  • No one: Zombie: You: It's a Minecraft!

  • 7:20 Ngl dat scared the shit out of me

  • Why did u play minecraft 1st? Ok then, play Roblox next

  • Good video

  • 7:21 I laughed so hard when he saw the mob and yelled "aah the pit!!" it was just priceless

  • "I've got alot to learn Love it or hate him hes spitting fax

  • This feels like a hobby kids tv Minecraft Xbox 360 video and I love it

  • jack: i know what your thinking. this place is a disaster, because it's all different colors. me: it's a disaster for more reasons than that my friend.

  • Jack: Maybe I need to be smarter Also Jack: *mines dirt with pickaxe*

  • Me being a minecraft veteran your doing better me when I first joined

  • 7:21 that part scared the crap out of me. That stupid drowned

  • This episode is epic

  • jack: letspretend i pet him and now hes happy and content with his life me:i want to be happy with my life

  • My face is hurting from so much smiling

  • Stop digging dirt with a pickaxe

  • thankes for your videos they are very joyful

  • With anyone else id be upset but its Sean. Frickin sean. I cant be mad at his noobness

  • I just ate 7 packs of gushers so now I'm trying to stop being in pain by distracting myself with minceraft yay

  • "Maybe I need to be smarter about this" Breaks grass with pickaxe

  • 14:52 the song

  • punches stone without pickaxe me: where is my noose?

  • This reminds me of the first time I played.

  • I flinched when the drowned appeared like if u also did😂😭❤️

  • I have mixed feelings about minecraft music, it’s calming but it makes me cry, it’s just that nostalgia feeling

  • Jack: Doesn’t put torches Also Jack: WHY ARE THEY STILL HERE!?

  • U have small brain

  • 22:39 why is Larry here

  • 20:21 that must have been a pain

  • YOU HAVE TO COME QUICK TIMMY FELL DOWN THE HOLE (referencing the hole on his island)!

  • DanTDM: (laughs in hardcore)

  • “Guys that’s a heckin mincraft!!!1!!!!1!”

  • is a zombie not a minecraft jack

  • Did anyone notice that the island that Jack went to in the beginning was Kkweblkob secret base

  • 14:53 Someone made a song out of Sean's words here.

  • Sean: (eats pork chop)OH HELL YEA! Me: (eats golden carrots) u weak boi Love ur vids btw