playing episode for the first time (i regret this)

Pubblicato il 17 feb 2019
playing episode for the first time (i regret this)
i honestly do not know if this video was entertaining or not please don’t hurt me if it was boring I’m new to this game and I’m still confUSION dlkgjdlkfg anyways who do you ship fictional casey with annoying eric or creepy noah :--------)

also i wasn’t joking about the dm me memes thing
please do

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  • if you hear like odd almost crinkly noises throughout the video just a heads up its my mic picking up my lens re focusing! would it honestly be a video by me if there wasnt some audio issue :)))

    • Oh man, I went down the Episode rabbit hole several years ago on a whim cause I like to get drunk and narrate horrible visual novels to my friendos and it seemed like a stupid story thing too but like. Never play it drunk cause it’s a goddamn scam for money and it’s too dangerous to be drunk haha 😆 The paid for options are shitty too, you ain’t missing out. But FUCK, if you want a good-bad visual novel rec for a video or smth, hit a brother up!

    • PLEASE make a series of you playing Episode!

    • Next time you should try one of the ones that don't have an E in the top left(?) corner. They don't have golden choices, so you can get the full story without paying. That's at least how it was when I last played episode. Also under user written stories try to search 'pregnant' and a whole bunch of shit comes up, stuff like 'pregnant by my sugar daddy vampire bad boy prince'.

  • very unrealistic, new yorkers usually get real pissed off when you *bump* into them, and we never wear "I

  • If you search well you kind find really good stories on Episode. I really like the watchers and mindreader. Not gonna lie Episode is one of my guilty pleasures.

  • My roommate was from NY and I knew she was from NY before I knew her full name.

  • I was about to get upset at the New Yorker comment, and then I realized that I am a born and raised New Yorker...and that we do do that...I apologize, I guess lol.

  • Casey: *plays Episode for the first time* Also Casey: *I w a n t m o r e d r a m a p l s*

  • Choices is the best interactive story game there is, THERE I SAID IT. My favorite stories are: * The Endless Summer series (My absolute favorite) * It Lives series * The Haunting of Braidwood Manor * Veil of Secrets

  • Welcome to the world of Episode WHERE YOU GOTTA PAY FOR EVERY SINGLE COOL THING! a story that i'd recommend is Glitch Girl it's a super cool story with a bunch of plot twist, it might be my favorite

  • Oof I used to play episode but all the good options cost gems do not anymore

  • goodness

  • I really like your videos and am looking forward to hear what you have to say about this game. XD

  • Love this😂❤️

  • I used to read episode, then I went to wattpad and gained some standards

  • That character ugly

  • I've done this episode before

  • Masochists? Don't you mean sadists?

  • Episode is overrated but I still play it cause I have nothing better to do

  • *this is boring someone needs to get drunk*

  • the fapping sandman music is so distracting

  • Why is this story so much higher quality then the ones I played

  • I read an episode story where I end up moving in with a mafia boss who fucks me on a pool table x

  • I'm playing *rule breaker* but no rules are being broken....

  • Wanting you to suffer makes us sadists, youre the masochist for putting yourself though it ;-)

  • Cvv

  • Casey being confused by everything that’s going on is a mood

  • New York doesn't work like that. Jesus.

  • If your looking for a diverse story on episode then play 'Infected'.

  • should I kill him or date his dad? AHHHAHHA

  • You should try playing Choices, I personally prefer this game over Episode

  • 12:58 Episode is the virtual counterpart of a crackhouse. *DRUG RATES HAVE RAISED TO A MILLION percent.*

  • I was born and raised in New York, felt the need to tell everyone I guess.

  • I okay episodes while at work, surprisingly enough the ones that current certified by episodes, don’t cost you any diamonds and are actually way better than the certified ones. Are usually read the fantasy ones and are actually really interesting!! You just have to dig and look for some good ones.

  • 7:50 why did ethan or whatever call the bartender a bitch? lmao so rude

  • i played episode way to much and i’m definitely not proud of it

  • i dont like how u say the watt in wattpad. u say it like "cat" but it should be like "pot." since watts are like energy/light. so think lightbulb = ideas. wattpad has many imagines & other writing on it

  • 13:36 You don’t actually need to pay for passes. Episode gives you 4 or 3 every 3 hours. Plus you can speed up the time by watching ads to cut the time.

  • Fun fact: “ The Spot “ is a real place but not in new york

  • Yes you are supposed to read it out loud. PLEASE DO MORE OF THESE‼️ Lots of people love these too

  • uh oh! here we go. you sent him kisses! I didn't know i would move IN with his missus!

  • Choices is a knock off but it’s better. You should try it.

  • Don't listen to those haters


    • **upstate btw but the point still stands, nobody shuts up about their new yorkness lmao

  • I played The Kiss List, I only kissed girls.

  • you said recommend bad ones so pls play “ it starts with a bra” 😭 also your passes refill after a couple hours, you get 4 each time, but every first chapter is free. you can pay for more if you don’t wanna wait though

  • You look like the teenage version of DJ in fuller house 😂

  • She literally reads like she's just done with Episode 3 minutes in and I'm here for it.

  • i just wanted to let you know you are very pretty. you look like a disney princess. i feel like you’re not told that enough

  • Honestly the comunity sories are way better that Episode features

  • You should make parts of this story because i love this one i just finished yesterday and i was so sad i wanted there to be more episodes

  • *why is the HOT* shaking??

  • I recommend the infected by Catoriri writes, it doesn’t have gem based choices and it’s such a good storyline.

  • plot twist: the writers for episode are the same writers for riverdale

    • Riverdale writers WISH they were that good. Lol.

  • The tickets on episode regenerate every couple hours so yeen gotta buy em.


  • I’m a NYer and the shit Ethan says constantly about being a born & raised NYer is insane ahahhahahahha

  • if you want a *really* interesting video then read the straight stories on Love Sick. its like Episode and Chapters but genuinely *so* bad. why do they paint staight women like this i caaaaaant.

  • 7:28 OH MY GOD they were roommates

  • By far my favorite part of Episodes is sometimes my character flies off the handle. Like, I've had one that went to a party instead of hanging out with the bf, cheated on him and got pregnant. During this whole whirlpool of terrible decisions I didn't have the option to make a single choice. Then, when everything is burning down around her they pop up the choices like "Should I keep it a secret? Run Away? Tell him?" and I'm like, honestly fam you dug this hole and now you finna lie in it cause I know I didn't spend half an hour customizing you just so you can ruin the perfect life I had planned for you

  • The Kiss List is amazingly stupid but fun cause you have to collect worshippers and kiss specific people so it’s not as boring cause you have an actual mission

  • I choked on my sparkling water when you said the phrase, "shat in her cereal"