playing ELISA in wii sports tennis raging and funny moments

Pubblicato il 22 ago 2019
playing ELISA in wii sports tennis raging and funny moments
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  • make sure to follow me on twitter so I can have more clout to impress Abby with

  • How did I beat her on my first try?

  • You are stupid man

  • *misses another hit* *inhale* AAA- *dog ad pops up mid- scream*

  • I don't remember Wii Sports being so hard...

  • He is raging about her I am ahead of her by a long shot

  • A fricking fluffler 😂

  • His voice reminds me of Hiccup a little

  • I feel you bro I hate Elisa to

  • Its true. I am the greatest athlete in history.

  • 0:11 just get a wii to HDMI they're great

  • Nobody: Not a Single Soul: Smokers when you tell a funny joke: 9:59

  • @poofesure. U don’t need the music Your lovely screaming is the music

  • “So I hope this goes flawlessly.” *out on first hit*

  • I Hate Eilsa And Support Matt😎

  • 2:43 - 2:55 best quote ever

  • This was hard for my ears. I'm sorry.

  • You should do a on wii sports boxing

    • Casey Jones He already did. (

  • Shits just old man wii remotes old as hell I had the ball miss heaps when I broke out my wii to play it

  • Dude

  • “I actually have pretty good luck at Wii Sports tennis” Poofesure’s famous last words

  • It's really not that hard to get it over the net buddy😃

  • *vids

  • Luv ur bids

  • Poofesure has the best rhyme of all time and it goes like this Elisa packs the heat but she can't beat this meat

  • 15:29 that scream though

  • The fact that he actually BROKE a television, proves that this isn’t a joke and he is actually mad at a mii.....

  • elisa packs that heat but she can't beat this meat i'm fucking crying

  • “ Elisa can’t take this heat but she can beat this meat” - Poofesure

  • I feel so bad for fishsticks he's probably thinking STOP YELLING AT ME IM TRYING 😭

  • U gotta stop saying we "why can't we hit thos" makes it sound like ur talking about all of us. just you my man. The videos are hilarious tho. I do enjoy them for some reason, good job.

  • This is just sad because most of us could beat him at this at the age of 6

  • feat. manly step, mean helen, fivehead, and subaru

  • bruh I’ve had the same tv for 14 years and I’ve had my Wii plugged into it since it came out, you need help broski lmao

  • Is it just me or does almost 80% of the time he laughs he sound like Curious George?😂

  • You should make Abby merch

  • Its Ehl-eye-za

  • I think you could have bought a component to HDMI converter

  • Poofesure: can’t be the champion Me who used to be a nine year old I beat Elisa easy

  • I’m dying watching this coz I was playing wii sports today and I literally played against Elisa for the first time and beat her and the other cpu 3 - 0

  • i’m good at wii tennis

  • toad wii remote with wii motion plus inside

  • My name is Eliza and it's pronounced ee lies a so I assume that's how Elisa is pronounced too

  • You never used the strap, didn’t you.....

  • My name is Elisa... 😖😢

  • 7:38 to 7:43 that’s what she said

  • Volleys are shots without the ball bouncing first, in rally’s the ball bounces

  • Same thing kinda happened a few hours ago my dog FUCKING BROKE MY GAWD DAMN TV he either jumped into it or ran into it but idk and idc I’m just pissed

  • 2:43 “Jesus, Love me so hard in the butt”

  • I don't understand why you're raging so hard. It's easy

  • You can get a HDMI port for the Wii

  • Keep hitting 5:37 repeatedly with 1.5x speed and that’s Mario in lethal lava land

  • The tennis court is bias!

  • fun fact, in tennis hitting the line counts as out. quit gettin ur panties in a twist cuz u think line is in 🤗

  • 3:56 7:38 10:14

  • I legit got to elisa at level 900 and i feel bad for all the people who had to get to pro 😔

  • Abby likes this video

  • Does any else notice that stephanie looks like a man

  • Poofesure’s job is so expensive. He destroys sensor bars, TV’s, and Toad Wii remotes with Wii motion plus inside. Fans should try to buy merch to support Poof more

  • I would like a new hat