playing ELISA in wii sports tennis raging and funny moments

Pubblicato il 22 ago 2019
playing ELISA in wii sports tennis raging and funny moments
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  • make sure to follow me on twitter so I can have more clout to impress Abby with

  • 8:02 when you burn your hand while making fish sticks

  • “Elisa packs the heat, but she can’t beat this meat.” 💀💀😭😭

  • Wonder what the neighbor thing all they hear is WHY FISHSTICKS

  • Fishsticks always misses because his eyes are on the side of his head lol.

  • Love how the ad made a perfect cut scream

  • eLiSaAaA

  • No mean to flex but I've beaten Elisa 10 times in a row so this is Kinda painful to watch tbh 😂

  • oh no it’s T H E O

  • ... remind me to never visit this comment section....

  • *thinks of you playing wii basketball* *you appear in my recommendations talking about wii basketball for 4 seconds* AA-

  • Isn’s it, a-liss-a?

  • My name is Elisa.. and I play tennis..

  • It’s always Abby

  • Why does poofesure sound so much like h3h3

  • 9:11 when I wanna quit but my friend says the hot girl in the wave is coming.

  • Man gets angry towards lunch food while playing Wii Sports

  • This is so weird,because my name is Elisa

  • 1:05 why not tommy

  • Apparently Elisa is the champ at tennis (Flashbacks) *_F***ING ELISA!!!!! I HATE YOU!!!!_*

  • 4:23 4:44 this was literally my coach the first day of tennis practice lmaoooo

  • "Deep down we all have a crush on Elisa, don't we F*** you " -Poofesure

  • miis from wii sports are being nice for you

  • 5:36 the sound Mario makes when he touches lava in Mario 64

  • Elisa is not the champion anymore, because I am.

  • i cant breathe!

  • im so glad i found your channel ur hilarious

  • I wonder what someone would think if they walked by his house and just herd someone screaming “I GOT THE SMOKY BALLS”

  • On 5:35 he sounds like pennywise laughing no joke 🤡 🎈

  • I beat elisa first try.......

  • Bro tbh I love your content you made me laugh till my head hurt and I couldn't breathe you deserve way more subs

  • I beat Elisa in Wii sports baseball

  • my name is Elisa and i felt so attacked the entire time

  • im sorry but a cant take you seriously when your screaming fishsticks XD

  • He is playing me😏

  • i guess they never miss huh?

  • Did he trip on -a rock- Iraq

  • My Guy, 7TH graders are better. The people with less hand eye coordination

  • R. A. G. E.

  • The smoky balls😂

  • I laugh so fucking hard at these vids

  • Why are you playing the Wii music? It doesn't go with this game

  • make a shirt with abby

  • 10:00 did u eat a freaking carolina reaper?

  • -i used 2 controllers to defeat Elisa-

  • I don't see how you can suck at Wii tennis

  • 4:10 R.I.P headphone users

  • I say this because of 9:00

  • I mean I would know this has happened to me and I did not rage

  • He needs to chill out. I mean yeah... its a ball but its not worth raging

  • I got Elisa in basketball on Wii Sports Resort and i beat her


  • at 4:21 he sounds like paul from llamas with hats

  • Bruh as soon as you screamed at 10:01 a ad played, that was 😂

  • Hi ur so funny

  • Here's how deuce works. Once it goes 40 all (40-40) deuce is started. Deuce is a win by two thing. score once, you get the advantage, or ad-in. Score again, it's over. If one of you have the advantage (ad-in if it's you, ad-out if it's your opponent) but the other scores, back to deuce. basically once you get 40, try and win before they get to 40, but if your in a Deuce, you need to win by 2 and I bet Elisa can explain this a ton better than I can.

  • Nothing quite like this, man. Love it.

  • Your hand has a natural curve when you play and that's why It keeps going right so its really hard to keep the ball straight

  • do a cam on Ur body LOLL plz it would be hilarious like for poof to read this

    • @Salty Snail that was my daughter. Lol sorry poof. She meant like face when u rage. Prolly would get more views :)

    • Too bad so sad.

  • Watching his vids make me wanna get my old Wii out of my storage and play Wii sports