Playing basketball in Senegal with Remi and friends | Jimmy Butler Travel Vlog

Pubblicato il 10 set 2019
I recently visited Senegal, to see where my friend Remi was born and raised. I also wanted to see Africa through the eyes of a native.
Watch as we visit the African Renaissance Monument, his family's home and a basketball camp founded by his aunt. ► SUBSCRIBE:
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Executive Producers: Jimmy Butler, Darryl Omar
Director/Editor: Darryl Omar.


  • Hey Idol jimmy thank you for your vlog im a fan since you draft in NBA #IM FROM PHILLIPPINES

  • Jimmy butler came from next to nothing in his own country and seeing him experience other cultures and lifestyles is actually pretty cool to see

  • Im a filipino fan 🙏 im proud of you being a simple i hope you come to my country philippines ❤️❤️

  • Thank you Jimmy!! Great personality.

  • MR.BUTLER I hope someday you can travel in the philippines. Im one of fan. ❤

  • So nice to see this jummy, I believe in you now!

  • That kid just flex those muscle in front of you dude😂😂😂


  • Shout out me, idol❤️from phil.

  • please come here in philippines sir

  • You seem to be a very nice person jimmy

  • That kid is now leader of the village and has 3 wives and 2 goats after that shot

  • This one make me so proud bro ! Thanks for the love and support 🏀🇸🇳

  • do something about the audio! awesome video though

  • Mr. Buckets!!

  • Luv this

  • Respect from Russia.

  • All African American should visit Africa. You have to get back to yo roots

  • Jimmy is entertaining man. Should consider going for a Hollywood film or do standup comedy with Blake Griffin!

  • Senegalese got crazy genetics. These people tall and ripped as hell.

  • Were u an official heat here already, bucket man? Cause am sure Pat Riley was trembling seeing his $30M guy getting splinters in the third world..

  • 3:33 you need a whole tub of Palmers on your ankles lmfao

  • The guy in the thumbnail looks like taco fall

  • that’s lit my dad from here 💯

  • There are a lot of very talented guys on that court...

  • Jimmy butler my favorite basketball player

  • Im from africa

  • Nah my boy Jimmy came to the town 🇸🇳💯

  • Didn't know butler was a vlogger

  • J Butler is a piece of shit but like for this vid

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Love this! Mama Africa

  • my parents are gambian and i grew up with west african culture so it was cool seeing them drink wonjo or the bao bao tree drink

  • ❤️💪🏿💪🏾💪🏼

  • idea Jimmy, Bring nets everywhere you go and put them on the basket

  • "Watch your heaaddd" lol hahahaha

  • Next time go to Cameroon Jimmy! My hometown Douala has a huge basketball culture. Side story Mbah A Moute comes from there

  • Ma man no words. Just props man

  • That's magic Jimmy! Thanks you for your time you gave to us. When i see a player like you comming back to the mother land playing with these kids, discovering your senegalese coplayer childhood it's almost brings me tears. Our continent need more consideration from the diaspora people. Thanks you to give us that!

  • africa is so beautiful

  • 💯0th comment Yes

  • Auto generated English at 7:02

  • So humble 👍

  • Remi: " know the Baobab tree?" Jimmy: "N-now hold on now... Do you think that we know what that is?" Hahahahah

  • Philly misses you, Mr. Buckets. You should have been player-coach for the Toronto series, sorry our dumb-ass coach didn't listen to you.

  • Why does Remi remind me of Jaylen Brown?

  • Jimmy is a great man

  • Do they speak french in Senegal?


  • Oooh Jimmy drinking bissap. Way better than coke cola

  • Black NBA Players have all that money and yet our people don't have shoes😬😬... The Jews understand. You HAVE TO INVEST n your people..

  • Love you man

  • Good one jimmy

  • I honestly think that Jimmy should be in the Rockets! He and Russ are going to be LIT!🔥

  • I wanna see jimmy dance to african music 4:26 😍

  • ayy jimmy, whoever u got shooting and editing your videos. dudes killin it on each vid

  • Now I no way jimmy got traded to Miami

  • 4:00 knowing Jimmy's background hearing him say that hurt.

  • This is great. Can't wait for the offseason after we win the championship for Jimmy and Dragic to travel to europe and play some Futbol for youtube.

  • please Jimmy ... come to Algeria next off-season. We need inspiration .I'll be your guide