Playing A Horror Game

Pubblicato il 3 dic 2018
I goofed.
I'm sorry this video is so bad. I really thought I could be the next female pewdiepie but I guess not, eh? Anyways, sorry this is what you are getting from me this weekend. I really wanted to give you guys some form of content and this was the only thing I had to offer: me screaming and running around for 10 minutes on Minecraft. I promise to give you guys a better video next week.
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Love you more that eleven loves her eggos,
Joan Cusak


  • No one: Not a single soul: My thoughts after hearing Joana say that’s a creeper: *cReEpEr aW mAn*

  • joanna:"im gonna name my world:pitbull is a doge" joanna:"perfect"

  • Finally someone understands me panicking when playing Minecraft alone, survival and with zombies

  • *CreEpEr aWwW mAn*

  • no one: literally no one: joana: makes 5 swords in one sitting, without making a pic axe or an axe.

  • Don't leave the trees floating

  • minecraft giant turtle omg

  • Oh my shizzle she be playing minecraft on mobile

  • Do a part 2

  • should've played pubg

  • Wait first of all how is this a classroom and second of all we hate eachother???? Also love yuu

  • You're lucky that you started playing Minecraft when phantom was still not invented

  • Petition for John cena to play fnaf

  • No one: Joanna: ahhh I’m going to dieee 2 seconds later I could survive a zombie apocalypse

  • I like how she smack talks a crember and a zombie while sceraming

  • joanna-ceddia game-minecraft hotel-trivago

  • john cena pls pls pls do this again

  • Try this again plisss this is so funny

  • Minecraft is my favorite game but I play it more on my laptop than I do on my phone or on Xbox because I feel like it’s easier that way

  • Joanna the “ocean zombies” are called drowned they spawn naturally and when at zombie stays underwater for too long it will turn into a drowned Also no one actually came up with the idea of a creeper they were trying to make different mob but it didn’t work out and it created a creeper Plz make part 2💕

  • Joana: *kills turtles* vsco girls gonna be angry at u

  • Casualy makes 5 wooden swords 😂😂😂😂

  • 11:12 that sheep saved you

  • when the robots attack our planet, im calling Joana

  • she needs to make a bed 1. get 3 sheep 2. get 3 wood planks 3. make a bed and your done..

  • Wait until you see PewDiePie

  • i was full on WHEEZING when she said 'basketballs' hahaha ly x

  • this is what every week of school is like

  • I love the name of the world (pit bull is a doge)

  • me: reads title of video me again: looks at thumbnail seems legit

  • ah yes the scary world of minecraft

  • I used to be scared of mincraft

  • this is how many vsco girls are crying 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼 👇🏼

  • Joana: Enters minecraft Also Joana: Has Vietnam flashbacks

  • You are a very brave warrior.

  • When you fall off a cliff thats how ur gonna sound lol

  • a creeeper was originally a bug/glitch but soooo many players like it so Mojang kept

  • anyone else was dying as they were watching this i could breath for laughter because to me minecraft is LIFE LIKE I WANNA BE AN ENGINEER OR AN ARCHETICT AFTER PLAYING MINECRAFT SINC I WAS 4 but this is basically the best minecraft reaction i have EVER seen

  • Me :Realizing that she didn't make a bed so she had to wait all night

  • in what video did john cena start eating tortilla avocados

  • you're scared of a cheep? its fine

  • im scared of the mincerafts monsetrs joana you're not alone in this if i see i creeper im saying aww man dunno why don't ask =-0

  • when you said creeper my first tought was awww man :p more minecraft? you can play on computer if you have one as well :p

  • me have watched 2 min of this: ......... be careful child. i played minecraft today (i suck) aaaaaand I KILLED MY CHICKEN WHEN I I WAS TRYING TO FEED HIM. I DID FUNERAL (i did NOT invite my sister) i put the chicken meat I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT ITS CALLED BTW IN THE HOLE WITH MY ONLY POTATO AND one of my cactus pieses AND yes everyone can call me mean (i am) put it name was mr chicken i even said to my friend ttthhhhhhat well its mr nuggets now :(

  • 4:19 so you also watch The Walking Dead??

  • What about roblox


  • girl don’t worry when I was younger I had night mares

  • Is that a turtle... that’s a turtle. I’m gonna eat the turtle sorry vegans. How bout vscos skskskksksk

  • It’s only half- AHHH IT SEE ME

  • I was just like... PILLARR UPPP

  • :3 my god I love you :3 your so funny 🤣

  • Title: Playing a horror game! Me: What the heck, shes playing Five Nights At Freddys?!?! Joana: So today, were playing Mibecraft! Me: *yeah sure, that works too*

  • Minecraft is scary indeed. 👍

  • I play Minecraft on a iPad I didn’t even know how to chop

  • Can u make more Minecraft videos

  • Fun fact, they were trying to make a pig but they made a creeper instead

  • that’s so lit🤠


  • OMG