Pillowcase - Gabbie Hanna (Official Video)

Pubblicato il 17 ago 2019
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Song produced by: Lyre
Directed by: Spencer Sharp
Produced By: Michel Reynaud
Director Of Photography: Joe Lombardi
Steadicam Operator: Henry Gelhart
Production Design: Katie Gelhart
Art Direction: Arae Webner
1st AC: India Lausterer
Key Grip: Adam Unruh
Gaffer: Greg Lazcano
Swing Grip: Galileo Mondol
Set Dresser: Lauren Anderson
Key PA: Erik Schneider
PA: Yana Moskalova
PA: Paul Zlatin
VFX Assets B-Roll Camera Operator: Ira Edelman
Motion Artist: Hodja Berlev
Motion Artist: Kaipo Jones
Blemish Removal: Ryan Parma
Assistant VFX: Will Engle
VFX Cleanup: All of India
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    • Song literally on repeat for 2 days now 😩☔️ Best song yet Gabbie , You’re gorgeous 🔥💕

    • Did anyone notice that her middle finger of her right hand is painted red?

    • Do you remember when your biceps were noticeably different sizes? You've glown up well.

    • I love so much


  • Garbage

  • Beak

  • First off fricken lit Secondly when she first said “I’ll come to your funeral but won’t promise to cry” I honestly thought there was gonna have some like dubstep skrillex stuff happening

  • It's kinda spooky but good

  • i can't tell if this is ironic or not?

  • Is this like a billie eilish video but gay

  • Gabbie lookin like a popstar!

  • Conspiracy Theory: Copying Billie Eilish

  • *Plot Twist:* The black liquid is just all the extra mascara from her hoarding room she put into a tank

    • R scott Plot twist: It was water from a future video titled "I Clean My Carpet After 5 Years *EMOTIONAL* ".

  • When this song first came out: Eh, not my favorite. Me now: “My reflection on my windowpane, SHOWS THE NIGHTMARE, CALL ME BY MY NAME!”

  • Normal People : IT-tvsr's cant sing Gabbie : HOLD MY VOCAL CHORDS

  • You can tell this is Eilish approved.

  • My 4 year old son loves this video and song loll He had me explain why you were in black water

  • Dumb

  • this is so shit

  • Gabbie, I found out about pillowcase while watching ur book clock video which after that went to the behind the scenes of pillowcase.. I must admit I am obsessed with this song. I get goosebumps everytime I listen. I love it and u are gorgeous and very talented. I would love to hang with u and irene one day. I love her 😘

  • Nose.

  • 0.48 she only has one finger painted red

  • wait is she in that cylinder thing with black water to represent her literally drowning in her tears and it's black because of her mascara

  • Who else thought that the start said sponor

  • 0:49 if you have subtitles on it says do you charge online okay bye mascara 😂

  • so i get that all of this is just a traumatic asmr mv ok

  • i loved this so much

  • Powerful. 👏🏻

  • "I'm so fucking exhausted" that's literally me

  • What's the history ?

  • Very good ! :)

  • I love the cinematics of her music videos

  • 1:40 beautiful sound and visual at the same timeeeeee

  • Gabbbbiiieeee this is.my new favorite song ughhhh

  • why did you sound like tana when you said die...;-;

  • is this what having a period feels like? 🤔

  • OMG Gabbie is freaking talented and the video is visually amazing! *mind blown*

  • R.I.P White Dress Died because Gabbie Hanna wanted a cool music video

  • what’s the point w the one painted fingernail

  • This got those Billie Eilish vibes

  • I swear I LOVE THIS SONG!!

  • Cant wait to see how many people say this is a Billie RIP off....... dont listen to them if they do! Your awesome!!


  • This is super pony vlogs this is amazing GABBIE HANNAH I love this and these songs Honestly and Monster just now I listened to them (all three) on my four-wheeler after my homework (by the way fifth grade is really easy days feel like they go by in 10 minutes or 1-3 hours 😏) i ride my four-wheeler and listen to “honesty monster pillowcase” not in that order goodbye Gabbie Hannah please do not go to my channel it sucks

  • I didn't just notice the black being different but her red nail.. And i know what it means but i think it was just cool seeing something intently being out of place (did i word that right??)

  • No one: Gabby: 🤝

  • Am I the onily one that thinks gabbie looks amazing in this video?

  • 2:19 the best headphone experience EVER

  • Im back again... Honestly i love the deepness of your songs and the fact that they all link in some way 🥰 Honestly so proud and please tell me the wall wasn't harmed in the making 👀 I watched the bts ages ago and forgot- Keep it up! Also the contrasting red nail kept making an appearance-

  • Who came here after monster I love your music Gabbie like if agree | | | \/

  • And I'll call you when the party's over…

  • This was iconic!!! Absolutely love it!! Why so many dislikes???

  • Okay the black water is mascara this is STRAIGHT GABBIE DOING HER DAMN THANG

  • I can smell the autotune

  • I literally can’t stop watching this music video, so good

  • Gabbie hanna Gabbie hanna Gabbie hanna Is the best youtuber

  • This is honestly great, I love it.

  • Nobody: Her: I got a drip on my pillow case

  • Kinda gave me Billie vibes with the white background and the black liquid...probe me wrong 😂

  • This needs to blow up !!

  • Love this song. But I'm basically an old lady. (34) I wanted to buy your cd but theres no cd to buy on amazon. Is there a different place I can buy a cd?

    • Danielle Newton you can buy it on iTunes or stream it on Spotify

  • She has a million dollar body with a food stamp face.....