Pharrell Williams: I Love Space, But I'm Not Trying To Go

Pubblicato il 7 dic 2019
Pharrell Williams, whose music appears in the Netflix documentary "The Black Godfather," thought a lot about space and time travel as a child growing up in Virginia Beach, and those themes have influenced his art ever since. #Colbert #LSSC #Pharrell
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  • That Richard Mille 😭😭😭

  • I appreciate his enthusiasm for ... uh... science... but it’s so painful to listen to people with enthusiasm that is not backed by actual scientific knowledge.

  • Pherrell is a better smart individual.. 👍

  • Coolest artist ever so down to earth,. Peace and love .

  • Me and Pharrell Williams think about some of the same shii I swear I think about stuff like this so much

  • He is totally without guile - So refreshing

  • ❤️❤️❤️

  • ❤️

  • ❤️

  • Pharrell is a legend in his own right. This guy is so out of the box that wearing shorts and long sox in the winter is just normal for him

  • That's black people. "Love space, but I am not tryna go." 😂

  • Jaden Smith

  • “The human race comes through the conduit of a woman’s body.” 🤘😍

  • Thank god for our baby face Pharrell we are truly blessed for our youth old age is just a myth!!

  • I honestly love this man so much!

  • I’m sure space is safer than earth but okay. Lol people man, shit take me.

  • Even if he only worked on those early Clipse albums he would still be a legend

  • so y'all gonna tell me this dude is 46?wtf is he eating???

  • what the hell is that eye in the corner its looking at me

  • Was that Labrinth?!?! In the beginning?!?!?!

  • The black godfather was an absolutely unbelievable documentary

  • 🖖🏾🖖🏾🖖🏾🖖🏾🖖🏾🖖🏾🖖🏾 *VA's *Own* *SKATEBOARD P*

  • This brother is a living Benjamin Button. Does he age at all?

  • Pharrell taste level is illustrious

  • This dude looks like he is in his 20s this young man is blessed and talented🧑🏿👏

  • Lol Pharrell wears shorts in any weather


  • How bout another joke Stephen

  • He always says, "first of all, thanks for having me, this is so cool" or something to that affect in every interview I swear.

  • Ask Avant about Sixto Rodriguez 😄

  • Dr.Dre & Timbaland->Pharrell->Kanye Hip Hop’s favorite producers

  • 8:45

  • Shit, the second he walked in I thought to my self nope I can't love pharrell any more he's done too many hits done too many nice things done too much in general and then he proves me wrong! I love him even more now with the way he Michael Jackson his entrance in a Tibetan way and how he greeted the roots. Wow. Speechless. What a great human being. Rich folks, artists and the rest need to follow.

  • U could tell me his 23 and i wouldnt question it. What mousterizer does he use?!

  • weirdo

  • Me too, Pharrell, I don’t understand why women are taking this second class status in this world!!

  • What kind of RM is he wearing on his wrist?anyone?

    • RM 52-05

    • It's his own collaboration with RM

  • Amazing Man So Lead Back From Oakland.Ca 🎶😀🎶

  • I am sorry but isn't he looking like rap monster 😅

  • Cant believe Pharrell is 68 years old. Looks so young for his age.

    • pharell williams is 46 years old. you must be talking about some other "Pharell'

    • Maybe I need to watch the full interview. Because he is not 68 🤣

  • "Yessir!"

  • This is a classic Stoner conversation.

  • “I think the pixelation on Nat Geo Is Awesome” facts

  • This man is turning 47 next year

  • Word, I was just going to say he looks like will Smith's son

  • Minorities doesn't mean less people. It means treated less than, hence how women are minorities.

  • I dont like suprises. the suprises ive seen were never in my favor.

  • That’s my favorite EWF.....’You want my love’......Betcha.....Betcha❤️

  • creally this guy was wasted when he gave that interview

  • creally this guy was wasted when he gave that interview

  • This guy has not aged at all

  • Goddammit Stephen! Pharrell was about to get into time travel.....

    • Positive people don’t age , most positive people are still children at heart ,they never stop playing .

  • Wisdom✊🏼

    • alida flus is that English? 😂

    • Dude should go back stage and blow up who ever did his stage makeup. That's not cool !

  • Ok I LOVE this time travel and space talk. I had no idea these were Pharrell's vices. He seems absolutely lovely. I'd love to just sit and talk space and time with him.

  • I watched The Black Godfather on Netflix and it was a very interesting documentary. All these stars raving about this person I never heard of before. It’s like where has this man been, why do they never report on him or in any headlines? Why aren’t there more people like him? I guess it can only be one. Always I enjoyed it. Pharrell Williams seems so chill. Hi Stephen and John.

  • I forgot the brother's age but he looks way younger than his age.

  • I miss those days... 😭

  • "I'm a nice dude, with some nice dreams"

  • Pharrell is Ain't no Dumbby! No Air out there =No Pharrell out there...= Fair Enough

  • Serious stoner talk. I know my ppl ✊😆