PewDiePie ROBBED! #DramaAlert Alinity did it AGAIN! Ninja FLAMED!

Pubblicato il 1 dic 2019
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  • Please be my Bodyguards tomorrow homies I need you! The beauty community gonna try to cancel me!!!!

  • Keem meant at 6:17 that Things have sentimential value

  • Thumb down for screaming 😱 like that kid Morgan

  • Let me scream for 10 minutes straight

  • Hate this lame

  • “Yesterday ninja tweeted this” we saw that back in November lol

  • i need warriors medieval times all over again

  • Such a small amount of vodka is completely harmless and that chair is about 4 feet off the ground and cats ALWAYS land on their feet you can toss them 10+ feet and they won’t even been slightly hurt... Also that vodka thing was a year ago.. Keem was calling people ni**er years ago so he shouldn’t be talking Also there’s about 150k old men and kids who are of the male gender who play video games on twitch while there’s like what 1k girls? Girl gamers are a rare thing and alinity is a very popular one, by banning her views could go down on their site.. get over it people what she did wasn’t even that bad and she did write a long apology to everyone And at the end of the day twitch is their site and they will do whatever they want if you don’t like what they are doing with their company stop watching it, your not gonna get anything done by complaining lmao they are just ignoring y’all

  • How is 90% of your stuff gone when you have several houses presumably full of stuff?? I’m a pewds fan but honestly cry me a river. You can buy back literally ANYTHING with the millions you have.

  • I hope keemstar gets cancelled

  • Balding head

  • God bleesd keem

  • I thought Pewdie pie was Swedish

  • alinity also gave her cat vodka witch can kill cats

  • Are these kind of videos are supposed to be jokes.... Or real? Im confused

  • Yo how's your relationship with pyro

  • Hu

  • The man or woman that robbed pewdiepie’s house be like: 😈😈😈 know I know his location

  • I cannot believe people actually said that he was a millionaire so who cares!?!?!?!?!?!.!?!?!? shows you how America is that's absolutely disgusting sorry bro

  • My friend niki likes this

  • Lets be honest if someone broke into ya house and stole a jacket but that was given to you by your mom before she died you are able to replace it but it won’t be the same

  • Usually dogs smell butts because of strong smells like beef, fish, or a fragrance

    • Some RDR2 And some random memes alinity be fishy

    • Yup Yup 😳

  • Fuck the beauty community!! Miss me with that gayy sht! 😡🤢

  • 8:12 Make-up wipes:am i just a joke to you

  • Guys i got this vid onto 100k likes exactly so pls give my comment a like thx :D

  • her name is marzia please dont say pewdiepies wife, its sexist thank you bye

  • HELLO THIS IS A VITAL MESSAGE PLEASE TAKE CONSIDERATION READING hi keem I'm Dylan just another IT-tvs viewer big fan but I have a story for you and your team there's a youtuber/content creator called Marcus dibble I have known and followed for years he makes content about other people calling them out for weird shit so on but he is currently dealing with a court case I don't have much information on but I trust you and your team could find out more also if you made a video on him it might help his gofundme which will help his court case he has 500k subs all waiting for content but Marcus for legal reasons with the court can't please help him or please just talk about this situation as it could happen to other youtubers thank you

  • Pewdiepie was not born rich hell he used to record in a kitchen with a shitty desk or end table if I recall if his house was broken into that’s not something to shrug off, he’ll if they were in their house they could have seriously have been injured or possibly killed

  • Keemstar is embarrassing.

  • Your vids boring

  • U r a cockroach

  • Well. Everyone knows Jake did this 'cause Logan vs. KSI got so popular.

  • another reason for me to hate alinity


  • Hey Now, You're A Keemstar

  • You already have one soldier and I'm ready for the war

  • Why am i still getting hate?

  • shut up

  • Jeez fuck this you are really irritating you just scream so the kids don't click off the video

  • 5:51 the main problem is talked about

  • Nah

  • Wait deji beat Jake Paul really

  • Alinity:commits genocide in a twich Stream* Twich:i See nothing wrong Here.

  • Ha pewdiepie take the L ur the worst channel on yt

  • take a shot every time his voice cracks

  • IT-tvsr flexes, gets robbed .. Shrug, i can't care.

  • Kicking is the easiest position I'm overweightband bomb in like 30 and 40 yards, it ain't that hard really

  • I tried to watch this video, but couldnt get past 1min. Holy shit this guys is obnoxious


  • With pewdiepie being robbed.... it’s not just about the material things… It’s also about feeling victimized and your privacy invaded. It makes you feel unsafe in your own home. It makes you wonder if they’re going to come back. So to the people that saying that they can just replace all of those things that were stolen… They cannot replace their feelings of safety & security in their home

  • Why would you make the thumbnail like that?

  • Wtf you are so fake and bias.

  • Beauty community? those women don't even look beautiful just ten pounds of make up

  • You are fucin little bittch

  • Road to 100k likes

  • How did people actually support this asshole?

  • when you need to hit that 10 minute mark, but only have 9minutes of content

  • Seriously? people are mad because a dog sniffed her butt. I don't even know who she is but that's just absurd

  • These IT-tvsrs are pathetic accept for Pewdiepie

  • This is the first video I've watched in a super long time His content has advanced far beyond