Pewdiepie Is BANNED in China

Pubblicato il 19 ott 2019
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  • Neyamma ma desanne thidatava ra pukaficer

  • As someone who speaks chinese, this person’s chinese is so bad that I had to look at the subtitles

  • I need tips i want to get banned to

  • Ban u wasn't people decision is about Chinese policy, and Chinece people always gets mad with bad comment about them because they are always receiving the message of how foreigners laugh at them, and actually a lot of west people are doing some bad jokes about asians. When someone doesn't know English so well (like me), they won't understand if you're playing memes or you're Insult them. Don't blame the other people if u don't really know them, this is for you guys also for some Chinese people

  • 唱歌那一段我他妈是真的尴尬

  • Pewdiepie is gonna be banned from the EU next if we all dont do anything about article 13 (now called article 17) which is the same bs

  • This is so fucking sad

  • That pen is to die for

  • Pewdiepie: I'm sorry China China: Hoing Toing?

  • I wish you should also ban in india

  • It feels like a Black Mirror episode

  • very nice

  • I feel so bad for Bart fr

  • That is one sexy gosh darn pen

  • you laughing now, but i assure you oneday you will be crying

  • dont be hating nerd, he actually is very talented

  • Being original is banned in china


  • now bart cannot react to this video as pewdipie is banned in china

  • I'm from Hong Kong. Which is in China.

  • 光復香港 時代革命 I’m a hong kong boi

  • I am HongkongErs , Hate China 光復香港🎗時代革命。六大訴求🎗缺一不可 沒有暴徒🎗只有暴政。解散警隊🎗刻不容緩 香港人🎗加油🎗香港人🎗反抗

  • You are not banned, and that search engines your are using isn't real

  • Using Iphone to Live recording .....HUAWEI?!

  • Even though I'm bad at my own language, I'm pretty dang sure 你的酒馆对我打了烊 doesn't translate to your pub has beaten me to the ground So Google screws with Bart even after he switched platforms, great job Google

  • I feel so bad for Bart

  • i remembered bart baker followed me on twitter lmaoooo

  • I have a house in china and I visit my grandma there I wonder how I will pass my time and I like listening to Chinese music even though I barely understand it

  • PewDiePie: *banned in china* Fans: This man deserves a Medal of Honor.

  • HK protesters kill Oldman, bully children, set people on fire. Support those people? Are you anti human?

  • China CCP doesn't allow any criticism. It represents truth, and other people are wrong always.

  • Dang, now they banned good health to

  • You suck

  • You suck

  • You suck

  • You suck

  • I was your big fan but some years You act like a racist

  • Its boring iteiat

  • band in china(really)

  • Chinese people are brutally honest 💀

  • Poor Gerald Johanssen, now working for vice..

  • Me: sees this vid Also me: sees a artikel of black plaug in China Also also me: pewds \:|


  • ok

  • this video should've been sponcered by VPN lmao

  • But I don't know why.

  • Lol my classmates are doesn't like you

  • You know Bart Baker his parodies is awesome! What about I banned from Ireland because as all Jacksepiceye he care about Markiplier! As many people like you Pewdiepie.

  • So basically it's a roast video

  • And everyone said that Indians can't take a joke

  • Thats why you use a vpn in communist countries that have internet

  • Heart breaking thing is that chinese dont even know who pewdiepie is...

  • Luckily i have a vpn. Im chinese btw

  • Chtye

  • *3-digit word that I am not allowed to say in comments because I'm in China* helps me watch your videos :P

  • I want to hear him sing 顾荣光归香港 ( may glory be to Hong Kong) lol

  • 2:37 does anyone know what's the original song by chance ?

  • Stupied😒

  • I love iPhone 11

  • 爽啦 小熊維尼經不起玩笑