PewDiePie Hits 100M & James Charles Gets "Hacked" - H3 Podcast #138

Pubblicato il 27 ago 2019
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  • 1:22 Popeye's Chicken Sandwich (Reviewbrah at 10:02; Chicken Sandwich Taste Test at 12:05) 23:56 Quesadilla Monstrosity 27:12 Commercial Break 36:40 Hila Appreciation & Anecdote from Ethan 55:08 Ian's PewDiePie Edit & 'PewDiePie hits 100M subscribers' articles 1:20:11 James Charles Hacking Stunt & Ethan's Nudes 1:29:18 Responding to 'Ian The Intern' Subreddit Meme 1:33:18 World Of Warcraft Classic Returns 1:45:37 Closing Section

    • @KHILLAMATION but what if you're rewatching? Then it's helpful

    • Your the best

    • The hero is getting recognition

    • Lol 1:45:37 Ethan and Hila appreciation for WoW

    • @Dire Wolf Devil lolol!! Yeah I watch the whole show, and it's pretty funny and while kind of random at times, it's all connected and not like messy, if that makes sense

  • 1:43:52 Ethan: I think you would like the easy sorta of smashing Hila: I like smashing 🤣

  • You don’t have to apologize for not liking chick filay they’re anti LGBT

  • i alwayswatch the whole teddy fresh commercials but skip the others

  • 1:23:48

  • I don't quite understand why people like this podcast. I'm baffled to say the least. Just my opinion though so calm down.

    • Joshua Bartlett you’re assuming anyone values your opinion.

  • 35:30

  • The sandwich war gone political


  • colour-block camo?

  • I’m dying laughing he’s almost eating his fingers I’m sleep 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Dude doesn’t he show his ass off at Coachella every year???

  • I ducking love Hila

  • I was supposed to start work 2 weeks ago but I had a panic attack before i could even go in and I felt so stupid cos I would've had money last week and I would've already started my new job thankfully they allowed me to reschedule due to my situation but I wish I would've just pushed myself ik it would've paid off thank you for that fr it just reminded me of how I need to get out of my comfort zone

  • I'm a transsexual. Chris Rock isn't transphobic.

  • I worked in fast food, meat can sit out for about 15 minutes before being tossed, chicken is an hour.

  • This motivational speech spoke to me man

  • I feel like Ethan and Jeff Wittek would get along.

  • Where is the original disability mobility sound bite from? Feels like I’ve looked at every podcast episode except that one:(

  • Ethan pretty much ate the Popeyes sandwich in one bite. Almost lost his fingers!

  • why did 137 get removed

  • Ethan looking like captain price

  • where is episode 137?

  • one time when I was psychotic I was on a school excursion and my ex was sitting nearby and she and her friend were talking about me in a mean way and she was making it really obvious and it just made me SNAP like what you described. cause I was lonely in high school and she had been really my only friend. so I got so confused and was crying and accusing everyone in the bus of talking about me and shit and I felt like I was in like an evil crypt. and when the bus stopped back at school I literally did the same thing RAN off of the bus and just ran off. got home eventually and was exhausted so I just took the meds my parents gave me and got out of it after a bit. that was deeply kind of you Ethan to offer that to him and to have been kind to him. it was an interesting story too, crazy how life just does that

  • the food taste was the best, i hope you guys will do that again

  • i love this episode so much

  • guys, i know its an old rerun but i just got my lifetime first UTI at 30 from holding back my pee. u gotta let go the pee

  • omg absolutely HILARIOUS!! Plz keep doing these segments!!

  • that video of the girls chanting had nothing to do with popeyes’s an old video that person was just using it as a meme in the tweet lmao

  • Thank you for sharing the story about pushing through difficult times. I've always been a believer in trying to stay positive, but some days can be incredibly difficult. This is definitely something I needed to hear today! 💜

  • Must be the most expensive friggin merch on IT-tvs.

  • Your story really touched me. Indeed going outside ur comfortzone (also talking about things you hid i ), Really helps. I have a social fobia and panic and was depressed and some other shit. Ethan what you said is really inspiring for me. Stepping outside ur comfortzone is really key to get mentally les sick and worked for me. Even standing in line at the supermarket was hell on earth. Really glad somebody understand me! Thank you

  • ethan I love you but i’m gonna fucking throw up if you keep eating like that into the microphone

  • Hila is honestly a goddess I remember when I first saw her I was like Woah, not only naturally stunning but loving and caring, a truly beautiful soul 😁

  • Ethan eating is legit the most entertaining thing to watch.

  • Awesome video :)

  • shit got real when he wanted a nother bite of that chick fil a

  • Can you guys talk about Bachelor in Paradise??

  • 19:06

  • How can you even compare Pewdiepie and Louis C.K.? Of course there should be barriers to Louis C.K. he used his power to sexually harass women.