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Pubblicato il 10 lug 2019
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  • Hey guys the biggest dutch news network sended me here -

  • IDK where he's coming at. I shave my balls only when loose. Gets all the hairs.

    • Also.. does any one else feel like they got serious, then went TV and went back to "OMHWHATSITLIKETODATEASAIT-tvsR?!?" I mean this with love.. Skinny dude called out on not being genuine, then BAM! Fearofcensorshipquestiontime...

  • chilled cow in the background ayyyyyyyyyyyy

  • this was boring

  • Gotta watch Danny Mullen lol

  • 33:40

  • max has the worst teef

  • I love Pewdiepie, so glad you were able to get him onto the channel. Definitely one of my favourite episodes, the banter and the back and forth is hilarious. Love you bois, keep it up cants

  • Chad just being a third wheel.

  • Why is pewdiepie dressed like an F1 driver

  • Chad has legitimate brain damage from the alcohol. Take some omega 3.

  • Never kissed a BOY

  • Watching Felix be mean to someone hurts me for some reason.

  • He said he didn’t want to do happy wheels forever, that game is hilarious. Minecraft is for kids, happy wheels is gory at least. It’s just weird he said that and now all he does is Minecraft.

    • Failed Abortion I can’t stand Minecraft anymore I beta tested that shit 11 years ago it’s beyond old news.

    • Happy Wheels gets old really fast and most of the levels are the same shitty minigames in a different cover. Minecraft isn't even made for kids, it just appeals to them and, unlike Happy Wheels, it's actually a decent game, which is fun to play.

  • Remember when Chad got a brofist tattooed on his ass?

  • What in the fuck did you feed Felix before this video, his pupils are FUCKED. För i HELVETE Felix

  • Best fucking ads ever

  • the heart tattoo on pewds’ arm looks like the evil heart from adventure time

  • 1:25:30 it’s a toad

  • ok ok XD i go to hahahaha ... im going to hell

  • Pewds I could be your stunt double

  • Should show him the ass tattoo

  • o k so why isnt anyone talking about how pewds kissed a guy and said he enjoyed it-

    • Autumn Cross this is probably a joke but he said its was one of the most traumatic moments of his life lol

  • How did Pewdiepie get there???? I thought he has no legs. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.

  • Chad, i can never have thiccc legs like you.

  • Bookmark 31:48

  • PewDiePie has the same humor as David dobrick

  • mmmmmm seananners i can smell you

  • Clicked on this genuinely believing Felix wouldn't be on it and they were memeing but here we are. Fair play.


  • So George Kusunoki Miller influences our biggest youtuber of all time? So how much money is supposed to have?

  • "he's relapsing he's relapsing"

  • Who would've thought that the first few minutes of this podcast will be them arguing over some whiskeys.

  • Pewdiepie was being a dick to Chad that entire time just and everyone just ignored it. He knew full well the kind of offensive jokes that they made yet he still got mad whenever chad made one. It’s kind of annoying to see pewdiepie treat chad like shit just because he has a bigger following. There’s clearly a tension between the two the entire video and it throws off the cold ones feel.

  • I wanted to enjoy this but Felix just seemed uncomfortable and it reminded me of all the many times that I was super uncomfortable and awkward in front of people and I had to click away for my own sake

  • 1:00:34

  • Love this channel. XD

  • 480p

  • So much nostalgic memories

  • Must suck to be obese and stupid like chad. He legit is retarded LOL.

  • I’m gonna shave my balls now

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