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Pubblicato il 10 lug 2019
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    • Hey

    • I would totally buy some of that amazing merch that looks like someone really smart designed it.

  • I loved the scary game let’s play videos......still do. Pewdiepie and Markiplier for the comedy and horror, then Jacksepticeye for the more soul searching games.

  • someone know OUTRO SONG????

  • The worst part is after you shave and some of the hairs aren’t fully cut and are sharp and stab you in the legs or balls, taint etc

  • Send me to Australia and I’ll be your next guest... it’ll be better than anyone could possible imagine

  • Felix kisses his knuckles and brofists Chad's naked ass cheek to knight the tattoo on it - yeah, they must be really drunk in this video.

  • "Dont worry, we beeped that out and put 'gamer' over it" Narrorator: They didn't.

  • chef

  • Why does Pewdiepie look like Felix

  • I really like your ads I'm not being sarcastic. 😣

  • What the fuck is this hahahahha

  • Did I really just sit through 10 minutes of Chad talking about shaving his balls

  • I don't drink at all, but fuck me man I want some whiskey.

  • dude seemed so fucking uncomfortable

  • 16:40 as someone with an autistic brother, I thought it was really classy of Pewds to discourage the handicapped ppl jokes

  • Can u um, do another one

  • my dad said if I get 300 subs he'll quit beating me.

  • No one: This podcast: let's talk about shaving balls

  • Wait... Sive is black??

  • Never heard of this channel but this was the best podcast I’ve ever listened to hahaha

  • Damn, pewds is MEAN

  • Holy shit felix just got married 😍

  • Pewds is kind of a dick tbh in that even though he is quite intelligent and logical, it’s almost like he has no room to accommodate other people and their flaws. Like yea, anythingforviews is much smaller and has less history/ maybe relatable talking points, but most people would try to respect an interviewer as long as they weren’t trying to be disrespectful. While bagging on someone is funny sometimes it seems like a consistent way Pewds laughs at the expense of another.

  • I've never been entertained by a podcast until now.

  • Felix could of paid for this entire episode, flights, alcohol, airbnb, and production/staff while not making a Gash darn dent. I bet he has got millions from his minecraft series already.

  • 50:13 chad: is that still recording? felix: well it has a blinking red fucking light on top of it


  • And now Minecraft

  • bruh felix seems like an alcoholic veteran... he's giving them the glass shots like he's passing poker cards

  • You guys are so shitty to chad.

  • Is no one gonna talk about how chad has a PewDiePie tattoo on his ass?

  • 1:28:02 *I did not expect that*

  • I need a vid from pewdiepie about how to shave my balls because I’m scared af to try it. I just trim that shit

  • I subbed

  • I litterally just opened a bottle of whiskey I had for months without touching it and poured a glass. This is my first time watching this channel.


  • Legends.

  • why is sive hentai pixelated lmao

  • 1:32:03 School Shooter and a suicidal victim.

  • holy shit Felix downs it

  • 2017 :Hot Ones 2018 : Cold ones 2019(?) collab : Room temp ones

  • respect for felix burg *restored*

  • Here because of PewDiePie. Thanks bros.

  • wait......pewdiepie was in Australia AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH

  • Did he say Frieza was a chick? Sounds like he said "her final form"

  • Dude, Max is getting fat

    • Nobody asked about how yo mama looks.

  • LOFI HIP HOP GIRL IN THE BACKGROUND o_o am i the only one who noticed

  • Did Felix come to Australia and I didn't even know about it wtf

    • @LilTomDubs ahh okay I kinda thought so because of the room change but wasn't sure lmao

    • MrParanoia no it was a joke they flew to him (uk)

  • Hmmm what mics do they use 👀

  • Pewds is hellaaa uncomfortable if you notice :'3

  • Oh its friday, i need to shave my balls i almost forgot ty

  • “It’s a frog you fuckwit!”

  • You should let your guests speak without interrupting them more

  • 1:00:25 best part

  • Das Video ist einfach zuuuuu gut xD

  • If Pewdiepie started a podcast channel i'd actually watch every single video

  • Wall Street journal are coming I sense pigs

  • I've just learned how to shave my balls. Thanks Cold Ones 👍

  • 5:42


  • Is this like the opposite channel of Hot Ones?

  • Pewdiepie: says japanese company that sounds like the n word Vox: TAKE NOTES TAKE NOTES

  • Here from the new PewDiePie video.

  • xD

  • 1:28:00 roomie

  • 1:09:17 awww

  • Pewdiepie casually taking shots

  • Pewds at 1:40:38 joking Media- pewdiepie is back but this time face to face with podcast interviewer and attacks him!

  • 12:22 if only he knew he’d be playing Minecraft!

  • Would be really fun seeing the This Is Dan Bell crew on the podcast.

  • 1:08:42 made my siri tweak

  • Pewdiepie was a dick to chad this episode

  • Wonder if he saw the Minecraft thing coming at this point

  • Leg

  • one of the Funniest COLD ONES EVER

  • Elon Musk on cold ones?

  • Hi

  • What have I learned? There is a video of pewdiepie shaving his balls

  • *Pewdiepie make video a toturial on how to shave your balls*

  • 7:40 ,,do you forsee any further shifts" ..they didnt even know he was going to be the biggest minecraft channel...