Perry Como - Magic Moments

Pubblicato il 14 gen 2019
Perry sings "Magic Moments" with The Ray Charles Singers on an edition of "The Perry Como Show" from 1958.


  • You can just tell what hell these women's lives were, all but one look like prisoners. Probably because they know they're around men who can openly grope and harass them because ya know, "the good ol' days." Thank God, we'd still be here if republicans had their way each time around.

  • What TV studio In New York City was This Filmed? Was it the old NBC-TV studio In Brooklyn New York or the NBC-TV Studio at 30 Rockefeller Center? I Await Your Answer.

  • I got me a chick she’s driving me crazy

  • Ricordi di bimba affascinata da Perry Como e da Magic moment

  • I'm making a brick I got me a chick She driving me crazy And now that I'm rich And now I'm the shit She wanna have babies I ain't gonna lie I won't even try I'm whippin Mercedes Or fuck it a Bentley I'm wit my hoe Wendy And that is my lady

  • Fear and loathing taught me this long ago. But I love oldies this is amazing live.

  • What Beautiful Memories Love Mr.C and this Classic song and segment from his series. Thank you

  • What’s up with that pervert trying to feel that girls cunt on the bottom right? It’s not right.

  • I like Perry como show

  • Wonderful cozy song!

  • Sometimes I wish I could life in this century

  • One of the early hits written by Burt Bacharach and Hal David!

  • Many, many, many thanks to You!!! I dreamed of finding a video with this song since I found out about Perry several years ago! Thank You for fulfilling this little dream :)