Pedestrians Compilation

Pubblicato il 14 nov 2019
By popular demand.
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  • God I miss London...

  • Jordanian, I am impressed every time I see Your video and I am missing my bike every single time. You and bike are one - I is clearley shown in every movie. :)

  • Why would you jaywalk with you kids aged 8 to around 12? 3:05 terrible parents who put their kids in danger just because they didn't want to wait the 2 minutes to walk safely across the street. I jaywalk all the time but never with a kid.

  • Abusé ces pietons qui traversent n importe où!!!

  • Even the ones who does NOT look at their phone just walks straight out, what the fuck is wrong with people? Were they not raised to watch both left and right before crossing a street?

  • Red light for pedestrians: "Am I a joke to you?"

  • *angry british tea sippin*

  • Does anyone know which bike is it ?

  • Daymm I need to buy myself a good bike soon

  • That's a messed up city mate.

  • 😂😂😂😂😂😚👏✌❤😃

  • Bleyerr teroossss!

  • It’s like herding sheep....

  • Bloody tourists , clueless and oblivious to their surroundings 🙄

  • So many girls with heels

  • Dumb. Just plain dumb

  • I love the sound

  • Man I love your videos but why are people in London so stupid??

  • In my country 9 year olds with motorcycles drive straight towards us and we dont even blink

  • Better to hear the roar than your body hitting the ground.

  • 4:13 Kid: I am fast as f*uck boyyyy

  • Does RJ see in the future?

  • Hmm what is this pedestrian remova device? I gotta get me one of these

  • ffs some people are just numb AND idiot at the same time.

  • I wish i can change my bikes exhaust like yours but its not legal to change exhaust in my country..😫😫

  • Try doing this in Indonesia you would get laugh at By somebody in supra x🤣

  • All over the world...pedestrians not use the proper road usage. Crossing as they wish. Now that leads to accidents.

  • Is there no penalty in London?

  • Yeah run towards the oncoming vehicle because that’s very intelligent 😂

  • where is this?

  • What kind of Exhaust do you have on your motorcycle friend? greetings from Mexico!

  • Is this in London?

  • Loud pipes save lives ..

  • Loud pipes save lives

  • @ 1:00... Sexy leg heaven.

  • Pedestrians think they own the street, great video

  • What do you expect. Your in one of the worlds major cities. There's not enough toom for us all.

  • Man are they really this clueless to crossings? You don't just walk when you feel like it... Damn. I found myself saying, "get the fuck out of the road" while watching this lol

  • Milo tin exhaust

  • 3:03 what kind of idiot does it take to cross a red light with a child on either side...hope he learns from this.