Patriots vs. Jets Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2019

Pubblicato il 22 ott 2019
The New England Patriots take on the New York Jets during Week 7 of the 2019 NFL season.
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  • The jets have bad cover

  • Sam Darnold: Ok, who's open??? Patriots Defensive: Me!!!! Sam Darnold: Seems legit.

  • They are both my favorite team but Jets need to step up there game

  • Imagine if they lost

  • The first half was the whole highlight of the game.

  • The jets are the most depressing fans base ever they consistently try to soldier through years apon Apon years apon years being absolutely crapped on and there fans still think there good

  • I feel bad for the jets fans that went to this game they wasted alot of money for this

  • The New England Patriots will be dominating the 49ers are lucky

  • Jets are Trashhhhh...

  • Mike Vrabel: "Hmmm... " [Notes Belichick's clock burning trick] LMAO #TitanUp

  • It was rookie for patriots

  • Why does Stephon Gilmore not play on offense? You might ask. Well it's because He's scared to get tackled by his hair.

  • Super Bowl 54 here we come

  • If #25 have not leaped, then it would have been a touchdown for the jets

  • The Patriots tested out three players as their Fullback. Looking back to this game, I now understand the genius of Bill Belichick.

  • I’m seeing ghosts

  • Bell would be having a good year of he woulda stayed with steelers and ab would still be the best in the league

  • They should have started playing Benny hill music

  • Why this look like madden on easy mode 😂

  • Were we at patroits fans

  • Darnolds "Hot Read" on a blitz was either McCourty brother-- so now it makes sense!

  • I'm a. Patriots. Fan. The. Jet have better chance winning. Superbowl 2020. Than Dallas. And. Raiders

  • this is like a madden game

  • wow brady never gets old

  • Nets Playbook: 1. Give Bell the Ball 2. Give the Ball to the Defender

  • are there even Jets fans????????? if there are I feel really really bad for them (NOT!)

  • the pats defense had more points than the jets

  • Whenever Darnold senses pressure he panics causing him to throw inaccurate passes 🤷🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  • 👻

  • Why NFL >> NBA in US

  • Wow

  • this is sad

  • Half way through and I just realized this wasnt a patriots highlights reel

  • Poor Jets looked like an amateur team

  • Fair to say, at this point anyways, the Pats have the greatest coach...the greatest quarterback, and the greatest defense in NFL history.

  • Looks like a lot of Pats fans drove down I95. What a disgrace.

  • They Should have signed Valentine Holmes. Look at that trashy football.😂

  • Like, where are the highlights for the Jets..? Oh..yeah, there wast that accidental fumble downing...!

  • Patriots defence popping off

  • That’s alll tom Brady do is throw short passes , that’s why he’s still playing over 40

  • J. E. T. S. suck suck suck

  • Yo the patriots didn’t play nobody good but the Steelers and the Steelers always lose game one ☝️ I bet they won’t go undefeated if they played the Seahawks. Then Steelers. Then ravens then kc. Then 49ers. Their division is weak and has been since 20 years ago

  • How could the jets traumatize a young kid like this?

  • Tom Brady is not the goat

  • The patriots must get destroyed

  • Y mataban a Mark Sanchez

  • Patriots defense this season been hungry af I swear

  • Best play by the jets was the yellow flag by the ref against the Pat's defense 🤣

  • I'm pretty new to watching the NFL. This is just my 3rd season and I can say with absolute certainty that this is definitely the worst I've seen a QB play. It's embarrassing. I never though i will see a worse QB play than Mayfield vs 49ers but damn! this was just atrocious. Darnold had a passer rating of 3.6 out of a possible 158.3. Just let that sink in for a moment.

  • Patriots on Godmode!

  • I have no clue why im here

  • WTF, people defending SAM DARNOLD? He STUNK!!!! This guy was chosen BEFORE Lamar Jackson? Jackson ain't a NFL QB but Baker, Sam and the 2 Josh's are? No, the NFL seeing ghost! Ghost of a racist NFL past! hahahahahahahaa!!

  • Gase is actually a guenious . He knew NE would win BUT he created a tape to teach what not to do .

  • Jets are a pretty good div II team.

  • Sports Talk Shows: Baker Mayfield leads the league in INTs right now... Sam Darnold: Hold my play card arm-band!

  • No one stop patriots.., look like going to superbowl again..hehehhee

  • Beat they ass like they stole something from Tom Brady's mom. The Jets Quarterback kno they are wearing green jerseys right?

  • *_"No fair, Patriots cheated!!!"_* --Jets fans

  • The 2019 New England Patriots team is exactly like the 07 team.. the only difference is, the roles have been reversed. 07 had a Dynamic Offense now in 19 they have a Destructive Defense.

  • Qué buena campaña llevan los pats