Patrick Mahomes and Brett Favre have a catch | NFL | NBC Sports

Pubblicato il 5 set 2019
Peter King interviews both Brett Favre and Patrick Mahomes while they have a catch. #NBCSports #NFL #PatrickMahomes #PeterKing
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Patrick Mahomes and Brett Favre have a catch | NFL | NBC Sports


  • Beams

  • I want to give pat a voice transplant. He does sound like a muppet.

  • Mahomes is already better than rodgers lol

  • So much fun to watch these two! Brett will always be the man!

  • My Bears can't find a quarterback who "can throw it". SMH.

  • Favre is still a better arm than Mahomes ... not even close. The football IQ is higher with Brett, as much as Mahomes is solid.

  • I would suck at this catch....... right in the face

  • Epic interview, 2 legens of the NFL

  • What's with all the banners....????? 2 rings in 50 years...= 10 banners....???

  • I’m sorry, but this was super amazing! Favre was the best growing up. Sure Brady, has all his rings, But Brett was so amazing to watch!!! And Mahomes kind of reminds me of Favre, with arm strength and what not, but Mahomes is Mahomes. He is a special kid. I’m so excited KC finally has the best QB in the league....and he gunna be a Chiefs for a long time. Amazing time to be a Chiefs fan. Thank you God, Thank you Mahomes

  • Favre still hase a canon for an arm.

  • Brett favre for QB coach for the Dallas Cowboys.

  • Farve still has a gun. And not the kind democrats wanna take

  • Whining Rodgers doesn’t hold a candle to the great Brett Favre. Brett was twice the competitor and yet was humble, and didn’t have Rodgers’ pouting chip on his shoulder.

  • I still can't believe Brett didn't get more championships. Joe Montana is my guy but Brett is one of my favorite players.

  • How cool is that for them both ?

  • Mahomes... Tiene mucho que aprender de Brett... Fue al que más le tuve miedo cuando jugaba contra 49s...

  • Favre is a legion and Mahomes will be their soon!

  • Still got it

  • Brett: "humility is extremely important". Yep, in everything. Thank you sir.

  • Is it me or does he sound like the cookie monter?

  • Didn't really need the moderator asking the same questions over and over. Would have been better if it were just Mahomes and Favre throwing and talking to each other.

  • Brett is still so entertaining! Sure miss him!!

  • Patrick Mahommie Reminds me of Brett Favre and Dan Marino of gunslinger quarterbacks

  • "Yes sir" make Favre sound so old

  • Farve still better than dude

  • Bret is powerful football legend

  • No wonder he won, breth teach him some secrets of the game

  • Favre Is a living and legend forever. Mahomes a new legend, Super Bowl Champ

  • Brett looks great man

  • Green Bay and Kansas City are my favorite teams.

  • Special to watch. These two are so much alike. Brett was accurate about Patrick. In the day, watching Brett was so much fun. Patrick is right there now. We cant miss watching him. Two really incredible guys!

  • Patrick Mahomes is the black Brett Favre

  • It’s not farvres job to mentor Mahomes

  • This is totally Gold.

  • あっ、ブレッドだ(°▽°)

  • I think this is all nice and everything, but this guy will never be a Bret Farve. Sorry. No offense intended.

  • This guy is very respectful and talented.

  • why does this guy sound like a cartoon, what's the matter with his voice

  • Legend

  • This is such a weird interview...

  • Love me some pat.....stay out helicopters

  • Thought it was supposed to be a “no look pass,” Brett 😉

  • I love Brett's humor

  • Mahomes said they had a good year. I hope he wins the Super Bowl next season.

  • Gosh I miss watching Favre play. Glad we got Mahomes carrying the torch but never be another Favre

  • Probably the first time either has had a ball thrown back at them with zip. Mahomes was like oh, that's what that feels like.

  • Personally I think Aikman has a stronger more accurate arm than Farve

  • Shouldn’t farve be wearing a copper fit

  • Good stuff

  • Congrats on Superbowl win Mahome!!

  • I remember when Brett coming out of retirement was a meme, man, time flies

  • I think when Favre said the league needed that, I cant help to think all of sports needs a lil more of it. Dont get me wrong the athletes are so much better and more talented, it just feels like sometimes it's all to robotic.

  • anyone know the drum break at the beginning?

  • somebody knows the shoes that mahones wear ?

  • Viking's should dump Cousins and sign Favre. The rules now will protect him. 👍

  • If mahomes continues to be on fire in his career and wins one more superbowl he will be GOAT

  • Super bowl champions

  • That was awesome

  • And Patrick now has a ring good for him