Patrick Mahomes and Brett Favre have a catch | NFL | NBC Sports

Pubblicato il 5 set 2019
Peter King interviews both Brett Favre and Patrick Mahomes while they have a catch. #NBCSports #NFL #PatrickMahomes #PeterKing
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Emmy Award winners Al Michaels and Cris Collinsworth continue to follow all the action from the booth, along with Michele Tafoya from the field.
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Patrick Mahomes and Brett Favre have a catch | NFL | NBC Sports


  • Favre can still sling it at 50yrs old

  • Patrick Mahomes is the Stephen Curry of the NFL

  • And I’m sure you all are wondering the same thing I am... how did that dude get the job for asking questions?!

  • Copper Fit Condoms.....!!!! lmao … just a thought

  • Bretts bout to turn 50 and recently said he could roll out of bed and throw it 60.....the original gunslinger.

  • Mahomes is the heir apparent to Brett. I saw Brett at the Southern Miss spring game warming up before the start. Standing on the goal line he casually threw it 60-65 yards.

  • Brett Favre got that Hellboy arm.

  • Frogish voice, yes he does

  • THis kid is standing on the shoulders of some men that spent time with him....obviously. Their dedication paid off. Great video.

  • Brett Farve go get your fucking shine box

  • love this, love seeing multiple generations getting together and having fun

  • This is what you would get if McNabb and Favre had a kid.

  • It's no coincidence that Andy Reid was Brett Favres QB coach at GB and ended up with a virtual clone 25 years later now is it...I"m sure he and Reid are still friends. I'm also sure that his hunting buddy, backup and teammate Doug Pederson has had him up in Philly giving Wentz the same talk and advice. A lot of BF in both of them...

  • Dam take 3 for pat..and take 2 for the legend , he still has it 👍👍

  • I dont care what anybody else says. Favre's the goat.

  • Love that guy

  • Mahomes was raised by both parents

  • Two goats on one field

  • Yet can’t beat Tom Brad!

  • One of the true GOAT's along with a new up and coming QB. I'm a chiefs fan and have watched every game that Mahomes has played and it's been a magical journey. However I feel like people overlook things that have happened in the past. Mahomes didn't invent that no look pass. Yeah he makes it look easy but the first one who performed the no look pass was Farve! During a game he watched on how a linebacker was biting on a specific run play every time and told his receiver to run a quick slant during the next "run". What followed was a perfectly executed play that left the Green Bay coaches with a mixture of incredibly and confused anger. The play was called and when the ball was snapped Farve faked the run and floated the ball right over the Linebacker and to his Wide Receiver on the right side of the field all while looking towards the middle. Farve is a humble man who doesn't realize it but he is the GOAT because of his longevity in the league and also the pioneering he did on the field for teams and for the QB position in general.

  • Playing catch and Brett still throws an interception.

  • I've literally never heard anyone talk like Mahomes. He sounds like Kermit without trying. Great player regardless, but just saying haha

  • 2 goats.

  • I thought they were going to be playing catch endzone to endzone

  • Does Mahones remind anyone a little bit of Kenny Powers?

  • Why does Brett Farve look in better shape than when he was in the league

    • Not so beaten up. Has had a few years to heal.

  • PM, baaaaad man!

  • Brett Farve looked on both of those passes, just saying...

  • Brett Favre is still my favorite quarterback of all time it's hard to say that with Drew Brees and Tom Brady all of those guys I definitely appreciate Aaron Rodgers and now Patrick Mahomes might take Brett Favre's place but until that day it will stay Brett Favre. And he's the only quarterback I've never thrown an interception with

  • There was fanticy football in 95?

  • Mahommes reminds of him a lot

  • How is favre so old 😐

  • Farve diesel af. Still throwing crazy hard

  • Great job recommending this IT-tvs!!!

  • Greatest all time arm in the NFL, Favre and now the much fun. They are two of the same.

  • Anyone else find it surreal how good Pat Mahomes is? I mean really think about it. His first year as a starter he threw 50 TDS and won MVP. It’s gotten to the point where when I watch him I’m surprised when he misses a receiver.

  • I can’t believe I cooked breakfast for Brett! He likes jalapeños with his eggs! Big fan

  • Favre still buff af and throwing frozen ropes... good to see, and I say that as a Bears fan lol

  • Shame favre did not do this with rodgers lol... I get it it was still his team he was aging n young phenom getting ready to take his place but still.

    • Rodgers overrated bruh

  • Mahomes is a great player but I hate his personality for some reason.... something about it lol Every interview he does boils my blood... but I’m still a fan ha

    • He seems really humble..why would you hate hin lol

  • Old men getting plastic surgery looks even worse than old women doing it.

  • Why couldnt Pat and Brett just talk? King just makes this awkward

  • Pat mahomes need to give the 80s back his hair cut😂

  • Two QBs with a combined wonderlicht score of 28. Guess the test is b.s.

  • Interviewer was lame. Should’ve had expound on some things like why he thought the nfl needed that. It’s such an interesting point I would’ve loved to hear his take on it

  • Brett a 🐐 & Pat got sum good 🤲

  • Chuck Norris arm trembles at the sight of Brett Favre's CaNNoN

  • This reporter ruins it

  • One hall of fame icon and one in the making, lots of talent there...

  • We just need that madden curse to hit for Patrick.

  • The #1 question science still can’t answer: Why is Brett Favre’s last name spelled like that?

    • Because he spelled it wrong in Kindergarten and nobody dared to correct him

  • We find out later In history that Favre was granted the arm of Hercules by Zeus...making it a demi-arm

  • Patrick got tired of catching those balls real quick 😭😭😭😭

  • Imagine them playing 80 yard catch

  • Mahomes is doing the no look pass while playing catch with favre

  • Farve can throw far

  • got content and great interviewer

  • We need Jett Favre, on the New York Bretts

  • To all those saying Mahomes has alot to prove. Of course he does but when you have the entire league including great QBs like Farve praising him, you know he's special

  • 198 tp combined with these two gentlemen