Patrick Day 🥊🆚️🥊 Charles Conwell #BrainSurgery #Brutality

Pubblicato il 13 ott 2019
#PatrickDay #KO #CharlesConwell #CHICAGO
The knock out round & and the after fight what #Conwell had to say about this fight!
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Patrick Day has been taken to hospital following his super welterweight defeat by Charles Conwell on the undercard of the Oleksandr Usyk-Chazz Witherspoon #fight in Chicago, USA. Day was taken from the ring on a stretcher after a 10th-round knockout. Day, 27, of Freeport, N.Y., struggled to find his footing against Conwell in the fight at Wintrust Arena in Chicago on Saturday night. Conwell, a 2016 U.S. Olympian, dropped Day twice in the fourth and eighth rounds before landing a left hook early in the 10th that instantly knocked him out cold. The New York fighter was treated by a doctor in the ring for several minutes. It was unclear whether he regained consciousness. He was then taken off on a stretcher by paramedics and rushed to the hospital.
Day suffered a seizure while on the way to Northwestern Memorial Hospital, sources with knowledge of his condition told ESPN. He was given a breathing tube in the emergency room and at some point went into a coma, a source said.


  • New updated video of #PatrickDay #RememberingPatDay

  • R.i.p patrick.

  • Guys these people train knowing that they could die but they won’t stop because they love the sport

  • Ref should have step in

  • Demonic hash tags.

  • They need to make the mats for the boxing ring with pads underneath it like the ones in wrestling to prevent this from happening again

  • You dont play boxing 🥊 🤨

  • Honestly that was the on the red too. He didn't stop the fight

  • ref don't even know what happened after the fall, while he should have prevent the second and third punch in the first place.

  • As Day threw his last punch, I think he gets clipped behind the ear. After that he starts sliding to his right, I think he was actually falling and just trying to keep his feet under him. Basically KOed on his feet. Scary to watch and not be able to tell a guy is that seriously hurt. It’s even scarier that these guys are tough enough to fight through that pain and not show or tell anyone.

  • ngiring duka Cita. mudah-mudahn teu aya deui kajadian doang kitu. Ti Sim kuring urang Banten-Indonesia

  • L'entraîneur aurait dû jeter la serviette... repose en paix Champion ..

  • Take off that stupid "BAD NEWS" headband man. Show some respect. "That's the statement I wanted to make..." bro the guy just died at your hands from a senseless sport. You cant be this stupid but you've clearly been hit in the head too many times yourself already to dehumanize someone like this over a STUPID human cock fight.

  • That’s exactly how Lennox Lewis got knocked out but he was fine, makes you wonder. No one knows the day or hour.

  • This is my suggestion, they should set a new rule for boxing, each fighter should wear helmets during a fight.

  • Boxen muß verbietet.

  • This is wrong

  • Not easy to watch. Rest in paradise Patrick 💐

  • We're not designed for sustained impacts to the head. Now that athletes train all year round and have better nutrition it's getting worse. Fourth boxer to die this year alone! Helmets might have to be given serious consideration. It'll help slightly. No guarantees there, we see what happens in the NFL.

  • Prayers are free and easy but RESULTS come from HARD WORK...Change the rules or ban boxing

  • That punch before he got knocked to the canvas slightly to the back part of his head imo did a lot of damage he seemed to just look ahead blankly concussed , his opponent and ref were no way to blame it really was freaky imo , poor guy RIP Patrick

  • he is smiling !!!

  • İt is a murder


  • When this fight was live people in the comment was typing dead soon as he got knocked out ... Some probably not knowing that Patrick would really actually die days!! later

  • “There he goes down again, and this time for good” 😂😂 lmao those words were more true than he knew

    • @johannisj i mean thats the typical stupid shit the commentators say in this dumbass sport, they dont care about safety.

    • @TheMW2informer wow!!

    • johannisj because it’s ironic and foreshadowing lol

    • Why is that funny?? What's wrong with you??

  • You should take this video down g. This man died. Stop being a degenerate asshole. Let him rest

    • TheMW2informer have some respect. The fuck is wrong with you mane.

    • Mexican Deicide maybe he shouldn’t have fought then

  • Felt very sad,may god make him more better boxer in next life

  • Rip Patrick

  • It's a stupid sport with a predictable outcome. We fight to stop dog fighting and pay to watch humans kill each other. People are weird.

  • They want to stop gamefowls but they keep boxing haa, they should take out boxing for good.... 0:30 You can clearly see on his eyes that he was not okay, that referee has not knowledge at all, so sad , *RIP. DAY🌿😔*

  • Always protect your head and be carefull

  • Very .very sad he was a great boxer

  • Rules must change asap (less knockdowns for the match to finish) and they must hire more competent and fast referees.. This one here should have stepped in before the last 2 punches cause obv he was unable to defend his self.. Last 2 were like punching a bag..

  • No More Boxing Sports!!!

  • Who cares he deserved it he should had never joined boxing

  • Ref had time to step in on time for him to at least not get hit that last time , ref needs to get fired

    • its hard to determine when to stop a fight. if he steps in the fight is over. the dude was still standing and walking so tough judgment

  • they could've fukin stop it tf

  • That was a very good fight and one of the best of the night, I happened to be there that night and even with the crowd roaring you could still hear the thud of his head hitting the ring and you knew it was bad news. When they picked him up off the ring his arm fell limp off the stretcher and that was another bad sign.. Everyone in our section was freaked out. God bless that young man and his family! Rest In Peace Patrick Day. 🙏

  • U kill the young men