Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Jelly Belly Jelly Beans | Bon Appétit

Pubblicato il 23 gen 2020
If Chris is the undisputed Test Kitchen super-taster, then Gaby is easily the jelly bean super-taster. Seriously, how did she guess Dr. Pepper? Impossible! Anyway, join pastry chef (and can we call her The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon co-host?) Claire Saffitz in the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen as she attempts to make gourmet Jelly Belly jelly beans. This episode is 48 minutes long, so grab a stress ball and tuck in.
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Pastry Chef Attempts to Make Gourmet Jelly Belly Jelly Beans | Bon Appétit


  • Just a suggestion, instead of gelatin, agar-agar can be used, if you let it dry out, it will become hard for an outer shell coating :)

  • Rick is so orange 🍊

  • It made me so angry that she didnt use a thick needle on the syringe...letting the syringe heat up in a warm water bath would also have helped....

  • Okay but who tf doesn’t know what Jelly Belly’s are?

  • Rick, thank you for pulling Claire out of the dark place.

  • and it’s green for eating so much kale

  • I think it's acceptable *sips beans*

  • Excuse me what?!?! Banana candy is by far the best flavored fruit candy.

  • *People asking Claire questions* Claire: Can you just... y'know, not?

  • 🔪🥕🍖🥔🍽


  • Clair hesitates when she said boyfriend, yet she has a ring on her finger. *which is it Clair?* because to me I think he is more than that! 😂❤️

  • First time watching after watching on Jimmy Fallon. This popped up as a suggestion and I love jelly belly’s so had to watch! I’m also aleftie and love spotting new lefties! (New for me!) 😁

  • 32:26 me waking up everyday

  • 24:18 had to rewatch alex is so proud to be annoying her

  • wait is it just me or i never knew that claire had a boyfriend???

  • This has more dramatic tension, more intense character arcs and story, and more expert pacing than some professionally produced movies I’ve seen in the past year

  • Man I would have loved to see a cinnamon roll flavor with like a cream cheese spin to it

  • make a maple syrup or honey based jelly bean...corn syrup is awful

  • I cant tell if shes a maternal figure, if I want to be her, or if I want to date her. All I know is that I would die for her.

  • Love Rick to the rescue.

  • That was so sweet of Rick. He helped her when she was down and was by her side to finish the product. That's amazing. We appreciate people like Rick.

  • 4:52 WOURDER?????

  • Me alone in my bedroom on my phone: I believe in you Claire, you’re doing a great job

  • 34:47 What an emotion

  • I felt like I just watched an episode of "The Office" 😂😂😂

  • I feel bad for Delaney lmao

  • Did anybody else’s mouth pucker up when she said sours?

  • @37:00 Did she say she has a boyfriend? So what is that ring all about?

    • @GY2 GY2 So why didn't she say fiance?

    • engagement

  • Love when Claire says "Ay Ay Ay" 😂😂😂 too cute!!! 😜😘😍😍😍 lol

  • Follow jellybean gen on youtube :)

  • Would you consider re creating Puck cream cheese spread?

  • i saw the boom mike lnao

  • omg don’t say popcorn water 😂

  • stop saying toasted bread water 😂😂

  • I love banana flavoured candy ....maybe it's a British thing

  • Too Long😳😢

  • claire suffering cus she doesnt live in california for the opportunity to get a jelly belly tour: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah me actually living in california having taken the tour twice: 🤭

  • please can you make Swedish berries or Swedish fish? like so she can see ⬇️

  • omg her temper.... i mean.. she's talented thats why i keep coming back to this segment... but she just keeps getting meaner to the boys!

  • It’s a real shame that Rick isn’t real and is just a coping mechanism that Claire’s mind created to get through this.

  • Delaney and claire are super cute

  • Her face on the thumbnail is that of a broken woman.

  • uh laffy taffy banana is the best one

  • Claire drinking coffee out of various items is my perpetual mood

  • I think we should put hot tamales on the list!

  • I love Chris so much!!

  • That sunset at 7:41, must be nice to have that view every day!

  • Somewhere, a large-nosed Brit-Texan is violently gagging.

  • 29:46 😂my favorite part

  • When Claire drunk coffee out of a cornstarch container!

  • 4:51 Computer: WOURDER

  • Claire just needs a co-host so she doesn't suffer alone everytime for this hellish show

  • Rick to the rescue!

  • 43:15 ok but that was kinda mean :(

  • Claire: *grateful for the existence of Rick* Delaney: "how about me.....?"

  • 35:42 me when I talk to myself 😂😗✌🏼

  • I fell asleep watching the show, and it played like 5 episodes

  • Confectioners glaze?

  • That mold proves Claire is a genius.