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  • 'We're probably stubborn because you are as well' I think my Mum needs to see this 😒

  • I think i found his fb.. not a stalker here but just wanted to see the face behind this voice. ☺️

  • Nice video man

  • Welp,im a kid :P

  • 2:20 Только я пришел сюда, чтобы убедиться, что там не будет "Мармаж'а"?

  • Lol I didn't know he was a parent


  • I wanna be there just for the dog

  • 18th of august? Yessssss its my bday lol

  • Too bad my parents got divorced

  • Thank you, Domics. Very cool!

  • I’m not even a parent and I know how to parent kids better than 75% of them out there! I agree with what Dom’s saying and have even come up with a few rules of my own. I think I might write a book...

  • I was one of those kids who needed a child leash since I always wandered off

  • 0:49 you mean, my parents?

  • I love this video I personally grew up in a household that reprimanded you for telling the truth. People don’t seem to understand basic psychology, yelling at a child, beating them, and taking away toys are all forms of punishment. We have an innate ability to avoid punishment and after a few times children start to learn that honesty= punishment and begin lying. That’s how it was for me, I also work in a daycare and actively see parents yelling at their children for minor things that children do. Some people are just in love with the idea of being a parent without the actual effort of being one.

  • 3:47 ash Ketchum

  • Preach BROTHER!

  • domics kid if your watching hey hello pay attention all domics over 1 mil kid viewers sweat

  • Dude hitting your kids is nothing wrong just not abusive(like with an objects)

  • This is the only channel where we are able to know what a social influencer is.I love this channel so much.👍💯

  • Oh, is that why my mother has literally hated me & used me as her scapegoat, shrink, emotional punching bag, and money/sympathy, then treated my younger sister like the saint of all saints?? My mom is a ton of reprehensible things, but let's just say she is the literal female version of TRUMP. I kid you not. She not only never once planned for my future, especially after I became debilitated by age 13 by several early onset degenerative illnesses & had my first of 8 failed back surgeries at 15, she also took my entire $12k back pay disability check, but every monthly check after that until I was 18 (then she just charged me 90% of it for 'expenses'). My perfectly healthy younger sister got a $15/hr desk job at age 16, coincidentally never helped pay expenses for our apt, saved up for her dream car & took off with her BF at 17. Meantime, I was never even talked to about my own transportation, how I would get a car, etc. I was only allowed out for medical reasons (appointments & hospital) or to get groceries at Walmart 3x a month. I'm now 35 & have been single & alone my whole life, and am stuck in a toxic Michigan hud apt, STILL no vehicle (or even moped I've begged my family for help getting) & I am awaiting my 3rd & final stress induced heart failure. I had one at age 27 & the 2nd at 30yrs; my DNR forms were blatantly ignored both times & they put a pacemaker/defib in the 2nd time, which I eventually was able to get the defib part turned off, at least getting last rights to a small degree. If I had been nurtured or supported by anyone in my extremely large, healthy, mostly upper middle class extended family, even just to the extent of helping me move to a state where I can be medically cared for & not ignored, where my mandatory meds won't cost HALF my fixed income, leaving me with an absurd $450/month budget, I would have spent my 20s & 30s LIVING instead of existing while waiting to die! But no, my mother chooses to live in a universe where it's her way or no way, and anything that makes her uncomfortable just doesn't eexist. She has chosen to have her Jeep towed to a junkyard over one part needing repaired, rather than let me take it & raise the money to fix it, so I could GTFO of here before it's too late. She has spent my whole childhood locking me in the car with her & just driving around for hours, ranting & crying & talking to me (as a toddler too) like I was a shrink, nowhere to go & nobody to calm MY nerves afterwards! She's always said her fav thing to do was go driving to de-stress, but she is willingly watching me sit here & die BECAUSE she can't allow me to have that coveted adult luxury, that would give me LIFE for the first time, allow me to see outside the prison I've spent 35yrs trapped in! Sorry for the rant but my mother is a piece of crazy work & my life is a cosmic farce, I gotta let it out somewhere... 😞💔

  • That font on 4:29 tho :v

  • "When explaining or reprimanding children, explain why" Oh wow, now I know how my parents raised me correctly

    • Forgive me if I sound sarcastic, I'm not. Im proud of how I was raised Any tips on how to stop sounding sarcastic all the time?

  • Damn the faces you draw are just epic xDD I love your work


  • Wait dom cereal DOM! Your a Filipino where's the rice!?

  • I think dom is Yoda on earth

  • i have friends whos parents have kept tally, and fully expect them too pay them everying back

  • Domics draws so anime

  • "So they don't have to get clotheslined by my cantatloupes."

  • thank god my parents are so cool lmaoo

  • This video is very good, i love you, Domics

  • Mom: can you get my phone please it's in my purse Me:looks for a solid 10 minutes Mom I can't find it Mom: finds it just by reaching her hand in her purse Mom:If it were video games you would've found it

  • Me: *Is a complete bookworm* Me: *Reads multiple books a day* Me: *Picks up phone to check the time* Mom: wHy aRe yoU aLWaYs oN yOur pHonE?!

  • My mom talking to my baby brother Mom: you need to stop crying or else me and you are gonna have some problems 😤! Brother: *continues crying* Mom: SHUT UP- Me in my head: bruh.. he’s just a baby 😑

  • {\__/} ( • . •) / >♥ Idk what im doing

  • Do you want a phone addicted kid, or a kid that runs around in stores?

  • You can’t put a price tag on life. *Laughs in Geneva convention*

  • 3:30 Basically my dad when I was in third grade. If I got anything below an A, well, there would be consequences.

  • Me: gets 102 on math test because of extra credit Dad: if you got all the extra credit you could have gotten 105. Me: but I had the best grade! Dad time to learn math until dawn!!!

  • 4:29 that is a awful accent (is a reference to something if you saw it you will understand)

  • Im 10 bruh

  • My mom out here making all sorts of death threats @ me and calling me names but forgetting it happened when she’s happy 👏👏

  • How to raise hitler 👏👏👏

  • My parents are Asian and whenever I bring 80 they jump for joy I think this is because I am depressed so they get happy

  • 2:12 omg the drag fall lmfaooo

  • I actually think you should need a permission to have kids. I mean you need a license to drive a car but you don't need a license to raise a human being?

  • In the pictures nala looks so cute!

  • My birthday was 5 days after this

  • ^^ ()

  • I think the example of a burning house is not very good. Children understand that if you do something bad, something bad will happen to him. Thus, we can understand that for the fire (which burns in the house, which is bad), he needs to use water (so that the fire is not bad).

  • Damn its so sad that 99% of the argument i won is an argument with myself.

  • some parents talk to their babies like they are adults because I guess there were some studies that baby talking them has some sort of affect on their speech or something. idk, you might wanna look into that.

  • Mama: Ok what torture device would you wanna take? Tsinelas, belt, fly swatter, back scrubber or hanger. ( 3:35 ) Me: You forgot the insanely painful level 100 weapon, the broomstick.

  • The lesson she learned was DONT ACT THAT WAY

  • I hate when I see parents smack or slap their kids, that's just plan parents never did that to me and I turned out fine

  • And that’s why I watch the tv show Supper-nanny to learn how NOT to be a biatch (because I act like one when I don’t get any sleep) and plus I think to my self “I’m glad I never acted like these kids when I was their ages”

  • like others i have plenty of restrictions in communicate as well as study

  • /\_/\ ( ' ' ) (>💜)

  • “Kept tabs on everything they spent on you?” Me, my mother, and I.