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  • Ever realise that the word *life insurance* kinda sound fucked up? In some way?

  • The only lesson I remember my parents taught me is " if you do stupid shit you get smacked?" 😐😐😐 I don't know if that helped at all!!!!

  • Ⓗⓔⓛⓛⓞ

  • I just realized the intro is like pornhub intro

  • 2:58 I come from Italy, i can assure you that always worked like this. My parents never beated me. But one of my friends,as example,was alway scared to do something wrong,because if he did,his mother would have beaten him to dead...😂

  • I'd like to see an 'ANCAP' walk, lmao

  • My parents have been divorced for 11, years, I’m 12 so they got devvorce when I was 1

  • Hello

  • 5:08 Dom, genetics are much more complex than you think. And then here we are talking about DNA that is influenced little by genetics compared to what comes from experience. Everyone is different and you are never the same as your parents. There can be a lot of totally different misunderstandings, intolerances and political opinions or ideas between parents and children. So it's natural to argue with your parents because they don't even match 50% of who you are.

  • Well if you think wouldn't it be better that a child be aware that if they act a certain way there will be fire consequences, I mean if a 20 year old started punching and screaming in a public place with someone they sure are going to get there tushys whooped

  • My son will rise up right or I'll break him

  • "ill give you 50% off the X-Box-" shows PS4

  • “Done properly parenting is a heroic act” -Edna 2018

  • Uh, can I still join the program?

  • What would it be like if parents Weren’t a thing so u rate sed your self or just get eaten

  • That’s my birthday lol I’ll donate

  • Well f**k my mom

  • Ok hold up. When riding a bike, I went from tricycle to just 2 wheels. None of the extra wheels they put on.

  • You’re the animator I’ve been looking for... minus the cursing.

    • The cursing... what else.

    • Nate what’s bad about the cursing?

  • Mom: hmmm you costed meee... $546,628,728,760,399 Me: *I’d rather die, thank you very much now, I will take my leave and jump of a cliff*

  • My mom told me when I was growing up.... I brang you into this world and I can take you out

  • 0:48 yes, mine does that allll the fucking time!!! My my mom remindes whole the time of those 9 MONTHS!!!

  • Mexican mothers really be trying to bring up everything they pay for you...


  • Man, I couldn't agree more with this video on all accounts...

  • Milk before cereal 4eva

  • Women: "omg there's a building on fire!" Girl:"don't worry I have a torch!"

  • Domics your Filipino right so did you heard that bulcan taal has exploded hurry donate some supplies for them

  • 0:27 kid on crack

  • Me: I feel like I could fall into a state of depression at any moment or already am because of my body Parents: IT’S CAUSE OF THAT GOD DAMNED PHONE!

  • Wow Alaylays helped animate this! I adore her work

  • Mom: You can’t do your homework in that light Me: Actually I can- Mom: *Did YoU jUsT tAlKeD bAcK?*

  • {\__/} (^__^) />

  • A went to school when I was 3 year old I went to pre school

  • *looks at watch in 2020* “I can make it to the walk”

  • ...And even if you could repay them, you are just going to get that money back in 20 years anyway.

  • What happens if they dyslexia

  • Na they were entitled and egotistical only thinking about themselves. Left that place behind, I'm a better person now

  • Is anybody here in 2021

  • I am so happy to watch this video and your other videos. They help me through alot of tough mental breakdowns and through my depression and other issues I deal with. I am 25, live in the same province as you Dom, but in a town above Richmond Hill and not in Toronto but I do go down there from time to time. I deal with alot of struggles with living with my mom as my dad is in Vancouer. My mom treats me like a 12 years old and she yells that to my face and gets harsh on me when I do not do what she wants me to do right away or when I ask for a little more time with what I am doing. She nags and goes on forever about what she doesn't like of me and what she sees of me even when I am doing what she wants. Watching this video I completely agree with you and know the errors parents do to their kids. And it affects them mentally and emotionally as they age. Especially with me as I have alot of problems from how I was treated by my mother growing up, but my father was in the picture until 2016 when he went into the Canadian armed forces to work on aircrafts. I rarely see him. My dad and I have the better relationship while my mom and I have a questionable toxic one. It is so bad to where none of my friends like my mom especially my online friends. Some does like her but most of them find her annoying and painful to be around with. And while she is my mom I do agree with them because I have dealt with alot of emotional abuse from her that at this part of my life it amazes me how strong I've came to be. Not everyone who has shitty parents can become shitty. But it is hard when morals and what you came to know and come to learn warps your perspective on reality and the world around you. I will not go on my rant for hours but I do wanna say that I enjoy your videos alot and they do give me joy as to know I can relate to some of the things your videos are about and feel like I am not alone. So yeah, I can't wait to watch more of them :)

  • My boyfriend's mom was just like this. She literally brought up how long she was in labor when he decided to move out. I see some parents on here bitching that you should beat your kids and that you can't give parenting advise if you aren't one. Well, some of you are narcisitic assholes who can't fathom being wrong. My own mother hit me all the time, whether I was bad or just made a mistake. She took everything I did as a personal attack on her. Even just getting a C or accidently braking a plate. She made me feel bad just for being alive.

  • My name is Samuel 😂

  • 0:14 YANDOOO

  • Parent: **Yells at child for making a mistake** Child's Brain: *We're in the endgame now*

  • I use a child harness for my children- it's not because they run away, I use them so that when I am at the store with 3 kids by myself, I won't be so terrified that if I look away for a second, that someone will take them- someone tries to take my kiddo, they be dragging my but with them and then id be kicking their ass

  • Government: The purge People: it's ok I got money

  • {\__/} ( ' ' ) / >

  • I hate how parents blame phones for bad grades

  • Who bought you your first gadget? Mom... Aaaand who stops you from gadgets now? Mom...

  • Dom:Says hello instead of hell at 1:39 Also Dom:at 3:34 get her ass beat Me: visual confusion

  • Why would u argue with your self because it is you so you would win the arguement 🤣 P.s. I knew what Domics ment

  • ma'm, we have diagnosed you with ......... pRegnAnT

  • Me: Mom im a dad now. Mom: Its cause dat DAMN phone

  • THANK YOU what's wrong with explaining why! Your kid needs to learn how things work not how to not get beat. Like try to help them understand not beating them when things are wrong.

  • This IS *LITERALLY* my *DAD* when he gave us money for school and had to write the amount of money oN a *BOOK!* So we could pAy iT wHeN wE'Re rICH! 0:44

  • Prolly and unpopular opinion but, i think that *all child abusers should die*

  • My nephew is in the "you're not the boss of me" / "the brat" phase

    • My sister is too, and the other one is going through the moody where she screams at everyone.

  • This feels like a 80's disney cartoon

  • I am not having kids because a dont want to put another human to have as shitty of a life as me.

  • I’m Vietnamese, and in Vietnam there’s the term that parents tend to use when scolding their children, “mất dạy”. This term directly translates to “lack teach”, but it really means “taught poorly,” or “poorly educated”. So when i was young i got a lot of “Ôi trời ơi, mày mất dạy quá!” which i think translates to “Oh my god, you’re(disrespectful speech) so poorly taught!” You have *NO* idea how many times i wanted to reply “well, that’s your fault since you were the one who taught me.”