Paintball Goalie! | Block the Paintball!!

Pubblicato il 1 ott 2019
Hey guys! In this challenge, we jump in front of paintballs to protect the precious items that we love! If the paintball hits the item, it gets smashed!!
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  • Can someone please tell us that wasn't actually jfred's grandma's ashes. Cause that's just messed up and disrespectful

    • PChamileon97 well they are christian and so am i there is nothing in the bible that states that but yeah it is screwed up

    • Samantha Earls if you pay attention to their words, they don’t really cuss, they’re religious(more obvious Bobby is because of his tattoo), so actually using ashes of ANYONE would be against what they do

    • 👁‍🗨

    • It was a joke

    • Stop being mean to each other guys

  • your videos are like dope or nope

  • Its funny seeing grown men fear a paintball gun but i go paintballing every month

  • I love paintball!!!!!!

  • My names Issabella

  • nice jeff

  • I have a good idea for a challenge how about they do paint on a target the opposite team has to guard the target with there bodies LIKE OF YOU AGREE

  • Bobby: "I don't want Joey to get married! I want Joey for myself!" Did anyone else catch that?

  • Y’all need a new score keeper

  • I didn’t know Joey even had a girlfriend let alone get married


  • whats the age limit

  • whats the age limit

  • How did Bryan have 2 points on Joey's turn

  • Let's experiment with Jeff, and then layer up.

  • Papa why. 😂😂😂

  • 3:24 Jeez Bobby. Just jeez

  • Joey's finally getting married!!!

  • Coooool


  • Where’s gunner the runner

  • The real question is how many kids does brian have like dam the dude looks 23-24 and already has 3-4 babys get it bro get it lol.

  • What's. Crazy is that my name is isabella and Bryan's daughter is named isabella

  • Joey touched it

  • Bru moment

  • Why dont you shut up

  • Why would the put ashes there that is disrespectful

    • osso_ jay it’s cement dust, it’s not really ashes.

  • This is help if you want to be a goalkeeper in soccer

  • my name Isabella

  • You put 18 up there

  • Team edge I know your videos Just high pitch screaming and I like it

  • The JeffCracker every family needs one

  • Joey is my fav he’s so funny

  • Bobby shouting PAPA WHAT ARE YOU DOING?! Is the best thing I’ve ever heard. Also congrats Joyf of getting engaged

  • jeff’s items: We arnt all that much and those of us that are are small :) Joey’s items: We all are important and we are all large framed targets

  • You should do a video with Mathias like if you agree

  • Were gonna put some personal items on the shelves, has coffee on the shelve

  • Ahhhh HIT THE WEDDING RING!! I want J-Fred for myself 😂 No marriage!!

  • Bobby: Shoot the ring! I don't want Fred to get married! I want him all to myself! Brian: **purposely avoids ring, le jelly** 😂

  • Who else noticed the coffee mug at the beginning? 😂

  • WOW just Wow

  • Yeah is the ashes real

  • j fred u messedup if those r relly your grandmothers ashes

    • Family Espeseth it’s cement dust, not his grandma. So no worries.

  • If we hit the ring we smash it with a sledgehammer Same for my dog

  • Hi

  • Good luck with the marriage Joey

  • guys remember matt 🥺 good times

  • NO!!! MY KELLY!!!

  • Bro was that really joeys aunts ashes though😟😟😟

  • how meany likes can i get on this comment

  • Please respond because you guys never say "oh my god" and i like that because i'm mormon so please respond if you guys are mormon thank you for your awesome videos

  • 0:25 Bobby:"were going to put some very personal items on these shelf's" me : like that thing in the top right shelf

  • I have a idea game is play nerf war on the atv and dirt bike

  • I can see that you are doing a lot more cool challenges i love that

  • ahaha, guess they havent played paintball before aha

  • 4:35

  • Everyone is roasting Joey in the comments 😂 but congratulations on your engagement Joey! Good luck 👍

  • Hey team edge Can you please do more videos with your families With Sarah and Amanda and your kids

  • Why is everyone keep saying "it took him long enough" about Joey getting married...First, Joey is not that old. Second, you never want to rush into marriage. Commitment is starting to have no value because divorce is on such a rise. 1/3 of kids in the USA now live in a single parent home. Even if it's a joke, it puts pressure on someone to rush into something that they shouldn't.

  • Bryan puts Jeff in a head lock within the first minute lol