Overtime: Killer Mike, Rick Wilson, Betsy Woodruff, Carl Hulse | Real Time (HBO)

Pubblicato il 17 ago 2019
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Bill Maher and his guests answer viewer questions after the show.
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  • Killer Mike ALWAYS on point! Dang!

  • Can we talk about the human rights in America!!!!!!

  • Abrahamic religion started in Africa? It is a shame that more people aren't familiar with the term "Levant"

  • When it comes to Isreal, Bill's opinion is just so wrong. He can be such an ignorant dipshit

  • Killer Mike is amazing

  • Did anyone else see Maher's guest appearance on Morning Joe this past week? It was cringe-worthy and predictable! There was a time when Maher would have taken Mika and Joe to task. That was not true this time around. For some reason, Maher has decided to align himself with Republicans and DINO's - Democrats in Name Only. I want to know who 'got to him' and what the fear-based explanation is/was. He is a ghost of the activist he used to be. Is he still a non-believer? That was one of his best selling qualities for me when I first started watching/listening to him! I hardly ever hear him bring it up anymore - NOT that he needs to make a big deal of it. I just want to KNOW!

  • Killer Mike - Are you still a Bernie supporter? If so, you need to make it more clear on shows like this. Bill Maher has turned into a caricature of his former self - seemingly out of fear (from who or what, I do NOT know). But he really seems to HATE Progressives and it just baffles me! He is just a ghost of who he once used to be!

  • I saw an interesting video on you tube, an interveiw with Chomsky talking of Trump. i short, Chomsky thinks that the whole, Russia helping Trump to win the election problem, is a distraction from more important themes.

  • Killer Mike is great. He had better lose weight, we need him.

  • Just seen a episode of, "Elementary" the newish Sherlock Holmes series, in which episode the big villain is a billionaire who kills Sherlocks billionaire father. : Makers of series are beginning to catch up with the big themes of our times.

  • Just watched a new for me childs cartoon called in spanish babe jefazo which in English is babe big boss or some such.THe big boss baby is a take off of trump hitler you name it any adult who is pretty over the top on bossing others around with trumps hair cut. I find more political criticism in "boy", type cartoons for children than in most films, indeed in all entertainment films fo adults.

  • if Trump likes watching your show, then he is perfectly intelligent, could you do for him with his worker class voter by pointing out how condescending he is, how he talks down to them and says anything idiotic in order to hold them because he so despises them. if you watch reality shows on land holders in ALaska, then these people seem very intelligent. Can't you reach them.´Watch you tube gardening bits of video to get to know them.

  • Correction... Nobody cares about the mass incarceration of muslims.

  • We have a mass incarceration problem here in the States. It is really a waste. Especially for non-violent drug offenders.

  • Killer Mike for President

  • Killer Mike killed it!!! 👏 👏 👏

  • Killer Mike slays everything.

  • No, Rick Wilson. America IS the hood of the UK. Australia is far more stable and lawful than the US. More people in the US have been killed through gun violence in the last 2 decades, than US military killed in both of the world wars. Not to mention the rampant and unchecked corruption currently in the Whitehouse.

  • Killer Mike make better sense than most politicians these days. The harder you work and put children through college, you build a nation.. And it's not through making the wealthy wealthier, who only spend their money in the Caribbean, money in offshore accounts or in their silver spoon grandchildren's trust funds. The thing is.. the wealthy A. don't want any educated working class.. They want SLAVES.. B. They will argue that they shouldn't have to pay more taxes to help pay to make the lives better of the people of the very country that made them wealthy.. C. They will not see nor accept that better paid jobs and people create more income tax foundation to fund the free education. One first has to put this elite class back into the box through election reforms (dark money and other donations)

  • Damn I love this show. Don’t agree with everything, but its real and relevant.

  • Killer mike make every body else look stupid

  • The democrats also did nothing about Tibet

  • Israel ain't in the horn of Africa killer Mike. Israel is not even in Africa.

  • Strange how an Overtime segment is in the Monologues playlist. You might want to fix that later guys.

  • Wow. If Betsy Woodruff wants people to think that she's not stupid, she has to stop using millenial click-bait buzzwords like 'literally'. So the Governor of Virginia was actualy in a giant pot of hot water, not figuratively in hot water. LOL - moron

  • My goal is to become as woke as Killer Mike.

  • YOu were your old happy self, talking about Clinton calling Putin, Vladimir. Your new, "real self" is ghastly, you just look horrible trying to pretend that Clinton not Trump is the most shocking example of sexual misconduct, infidelty. Is your real self this unhapy boirng and nasty person who is persecuting clinton? YOur eal self is just a terrible reduction of all the sides of your character. My sister is part of regnum christi. SHe talks about being ones real self it means beign what they want you to be.

  • Could you be any more ignorant Bill Maher regarding Rastafarians? And you claim to be a poster boy for pot! For shame! 👎

  • Bill Maher has a prejudice against Palestinians, part of why he supports Israel's onslaught against the Palestinians and land-stealing. Killer Mike sure checked Bill.

  • A Koch brother type act would be to go for the throat of anyone who is not supporting billionaires and petrol, would be to try to do for Sarah SIlverman and her ilk. And, what about chelsea Handler? She said that Mel Gibson was her boyfriend the other day. that crazy and awful member of the Opous Dei. I can't always make out if she says that sort of thing because she supports a person or as a sarcastic comment. She was also worried in your show about whether a person whose family had not been poor could be sorry for themselves or not. She started to talk about, how she could not lament anything about her life because she is not poor, that is the sort of worry a catholic would try to get someone to worry about. It is terrible to be made awfully anxioius about money, but it is also terrible to have parents who leave you psychologically a bit messed up. The poor of course can suffer from poverty and being messed up in childhood or in adult life., You can be rich and sorry for yourself if you could not, no one but the starving in the third world would be allowed to worry about themselves and that would mean a world full of people who had not tried to get their problems sorted out. Have Catholics been getting at her. HTere is nothign they like better than a plump jewess or part jewess. I have twice been with catholics who were licking their chops and salivering because they have got their hands on a jew. Such fun, they are the ones most given to calling any heretic, myself for example, a vermint, which is to say somone who needs to be killed, as they did the Jews of the holocaust, and then, to add insult to injury, they like collecting lost Jews to convert.

  • What I remember about Sarah Silverman's black face sketch, was that she was asking if it was worse to be black or Jewish. Good question! Did she do just one such sketch or various? It was hardly a black and white minstrel show act. Don't poeple just have to learn to distinguish between what is really insulting and what is not insulting at all. She is one crazy comedian.

  • What i don't understand about black face is why people wonder why a woman, dressed up as a black woman, trying to live as one was bad?, There are so many incredible black people, Killer Mike for example or Whoopi Goldberg, that it is so easy to understand why some white woman or other might want to pass as one of them . The black and white minstrel show types were insultingly wet, and,Ii dont know cashing into somthing they did not really admire, but a person who really wants to be black, that is a compliment. Lord, Michel Jacksons white face, all mixed up with his fear and hatred of white people, one sketch of his was about trying to get away from white people who seemed to scare him, was sad.

  • Although I am pro gun regulation myself, getting money out of politics (including gun manufacturers, prison industrial complex, military industrial complex, big pharma, predatory payday lenders, big oil) is FAR more important.

  • Killer Mike dunked on all these neo-libs. Bill Maher doesn’t even know what he’s arguing for this dude just spews corporatist thoughts and call himself ‘woke.’

  • Does anyone really believe the average American understands Trump's position on China where Hong Kong is concerned? Wait, does anyone really believe Trump knows WTF is going on in Hong Kong? Excluding swing voters, who can't seem to make up their minds about anything, the average American voter is poised to vote for Trump A-G-A-I-N based solely on the economy. Polls are one thing but 2016 was a totally different thing. American's short term memory is worse than any pot smoker or lab rat on Ritalin.

  • BDS is free speech, Bill FFS

  • Mike Render is making Bill Maher look like a shill. What a smart man (Render).


  • I love how this cunt Maher just had to out himself as a champion of apartheid. Clearly Palestinians are fabricating their suffering...

  • Carti is annoying as fuck

  • Did Mike call Jesus a Beach Bum!😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂

  • Killer Mike is so fantastic. I wish I could have a tenth of his intellect and eloquence. He blew everyone else out of the water without missing a detail or stepping one toe in the pompous bullshit of the others.

  • Thank God Killer Mike still shows up on this shithole show! Bill may as well become republican!

  • There are times Bill is kind of clueless--college, vaccinations, trans rights.

    • And Israel.

  • Google the 'NAKBA'. When Jewish/British soldiers ethnicly cleansed/displaced/murdered 700,000+ Palestinians only a few years after Jewish people were held in nazi death camps. Make sense of that moronic fucking nationalist hypocrisy. Criticising dehumanized murderous policies of Israel doesn't make you anti-semitic. FREE PALESTINE. SUPPORT BDS! Fuck the abrahamic religions.

  • God people are so indoctrinated into this idea that college should cost a fortune. The concept of free education should cover everything. Trade school, university, community college, whatever. Anyone who wants to improve their life should be supported. You get it back in taxes, in lower levels of criminality and less dependants in society overall. Plenty of first world countries do this. Bills argument is such B.S. By his logic we should do nothing. He doesn’t have kids. Why should any of his taxes support other peoples kids. It’s the entire point of a society. We do what’s best for the group. A better educated population is better for all of us. Freedom means opportunity and that means access to skills to become independent. I like his show but man he drives me crazy sometimes.

  • America was Cyber attacked by Russia in 2016. Russia won the Cyber battle, and installed Trump in the Whitehouse. Trump is a wannabe Oligarch. If Trump wins in 2020, Russia wins the Cyber War. VOTE Democrat to save democracy.

  • Killer Mike for president! ...and he runs under the name Killer Mike!

  • Thank you "killer Mike" for your critical input on the Falasha Jewish People of Ethiopia and the cruelty they face by the Israeli government, which you and I know is all about color and breeding. As for my "Liverty" in the Ras Tafari Community I believe greater work needs to be done by Governments in the Caribbean who mistreated us, degraded and took our out rights as a free people.

  • What about human rights in Israel? They kill Palestinians like they kill brown and blacks people in the States.

  • One of these days, Trump will show up butt-naked and eating KFC Fried chickens on both of his hands. say "Time magazine said I am the SEXIST MAN in Century."

  • It's amazing how some Americans can't stand the thought of pitching in on healthcare and education etc.. but don't mind burning money on Israel ( who violate human rights daily )....

  • Civil rights violations in China? Is Bill Maher on crack?! China is a communist country, which is exactly what democrats are trying to create here in the US. Freedom fighters in China are actually protesting communism for the chance to have the same rights and privileges as Americans, while liberal leftists and democrats protest in America for the chance to destroy the US constitution and have communism in the states. TRUMP 2020!!! HISPANICS FOR TRUMP!!!

  • Bill, you realise that these kids that can go and get an education under Bernie's vision will become more productive citizens, right, so see it as an investment that pays itself back and than some!! You are paying now for wars and the hobbies of the billionaires AND for the churches who pay NO taxes at all. Why is investing in the people such a problem than??? I just don't get that selfish argument

  • wtf bill why should anyone who doesn't have kid pay for k-12 schools why should people who don't own a home pay for fire department.

  • the fastest way to have some great gun control laws is to get a new law passed that all black people can open carry any gun they want automatically, then watch the white people start talking about gun control.

  • Betsy Woodruff is even hotter when she keeps it real. OMG I love her and want to have her overly-smart, good-looking babies.

  • Why democrats don’t believe in the constitution?

  • Poor de,ocrats believers worshippers!

  • bill, com'on dood. complaining about free college and YOU dont want to pay for it is the same damn thing as other greedy dumbfuks that bitch about paying for public schools [k-12]. getting MORE people education is better for EVERYBODY in the country AND the planet, otherwise we end up with more trumps, dumb as FUCK.