Our Smallest Gaming PC Build EVER! - Velkase Velka 3

Pubblicato il 12 ott 2019
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We build what might be our SMALLEST custom gaming PC ever, in the new Velkase VK3 / Velka 3.
Buy a Velkase: On their site: www.velkase.com/products/velka-3
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  • I'd imagine that Linus randomly advertises LTTstore to his kids at this point.

  • Mr. Homeless still made it smaller

  • This is the type of system I've been looking for for a long time. Ultra portable power.

  • Its like adult legos

  • When a tiny pc is better than any pc at school

  • Dear Linus, will you accept the challenge this person is proposing???: it-tvs.com/tv/video-I8VXI4og8u4.html

  • Note that since the computer is smaller, Linus' voice is lowered.

  • When you realize the psu is only 350 watts

  • Can you pass this from an airport security? it looks like a boomb

  • I miss the days when you'd whip out your thermal camera mod to show us how hot these toys get.

  • Banana in the plant lol.

  • The way he handles static sensitive parts makes my pulse raise so intensely, that I literally can't watch him do stuff like this while I'm stoned, lol. My anxiety goes through the roof. Dude. Not even a grounding strap?! Insane.

  • ow ow windows search you are so damn useless wkwkwkw

  • "It's still cold from yesterday" - yeah, sure

  • I still have core duo two old version please give away a PC and select me

  • Graphics card?

  • Omg I want it!

  • Velkase Velka 3. In my language Velka means big

  • Dammmmm ur the best ever ...

  • That little clump of Bender foreskin is better than my PC... I'm done

  • Its so cute and tiny ! just like my penis

  • Broke: individualy shoplifting each pc part to assemble at home Woke (but still broke): assembling the entire pc in-store and shoplifting THAT

  • I'd just have the pcie cable and power cables go outside the case and have the gpu on the outside :-) For this reason I'd use an APU though, so then you can just plug GPU on the outside if you needed to play modern gaymes.

  • Not bad good size

  • When you realize that this teeeny pc is better than your own pc 😫😫

  • Sir can you please recommend me a cheap and very small Pc Case? I would be very Helpful With best regards, Shreyas

  • could you swap out the 40mm in the power with a nocturne one

  • With a modular power supply, this would work.

  • What is the cost of all of this?

  • I use to seriously not like this show for some reason, but after watching a ton of LTT and TechQuicky content I must say that these channels are awesome!

  • I like Pc ❤ want !!!!😭

  • But you didn’t like the 2060

  • Girlfriend: that’s not going to fit Me:

  • That is now a PlayStation

  • fazia tempo que não via vc apanhar tanto pra montar um pc, ficou perfeito, parabéns.

  • What about enhance’s silent flex atx 600w platinum psu? It’s suppose to have only 23db at 450w load.

  • Mr Hummus won

  • bro atleast u have a pc i play fortnite on a all in one pc

  • I have a smaller computer

  • mans got a power supply in a damn power supply

  • LOL. My antivirus software flagged s.krpax.com as a virus website!

  • Watched this at 1.5x and my anxiety is through the roof

  • 21:04 ya wanna go to your friends house? Your parents are split up and you wanna take your pc in between? Boo- *drops pc*

  • 10000 bucks if you can fit a 2080 / 2080 ti strix in there


  • What is the total price?

  • Maybe cutting the cables and and reattaching plugs would have removed some bulky, excess cables? Perhaps that would improve airflow?

  • Tell your sound guy to use a de-esser

  • Ever heard of a Laptop?

  • 12:04 zarbon moan

  • Amazing linus is da best

  • I drive a semi truck and I like it if I had a small pc case like that with a pretty affordable build It would be great

  • Where Mr. Homeless at?

  • The screwdriver is taller than than the whole cpu.

  • i was waiting for him to drop it the whole time he was building

  • Yo what’s up yo get ugly basically the best IT-tvsr and yo can you come basically to my house so you could maybe fix up my potato set up I don’t like it so bad like it’s so bad it’s basically like a potato had a baby and a baby games on that.

  • *sees pre assembled in store*, *shoves up ass and steals making a perfect getaway*

  • when you see someone making a computer with a size of a shoe and it is sadly better then your own big tower :d

  • How much was it???

  • Banana for scale