Oscars 2020 nominations announced

Pubblicato il 13 gen 2020
AWARDS season is now in full swing and the biggest event in the Hollywood calendar is almost upon us - the Oscars.
But who is up for a gong at the 92nd Academy Awards? Drum roll, please...
A two-part live presentation will be aired via a global live stream on Oscar.com (the Academy’s digital platforms) to unveil the 92nd Academy Awards nominations in all 24 Oscar categories.
Hollywood producer and actor John Cho and actor/writer/producer Issa Rae will host the two-part live presentation.
Those wishing to tweet about the nominations have been advised to use the hashtags #OscarNoms and #Oscars.
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  • Sérgio baranita soares

  • Let me guess?Nothing but WHITE,OR DAMN NEAR WHITE...right?

  • So the movie that was hell of awesome just got one sided .. avenger endgame? 😑 Probably disappointed to see jacquen pheonix take the oscar😑

  • why did they failed to mentioned Best Supporting actors - actress ! That's not fair !

  • THE KOREAN GUY HUMANITY WE CAN SEE , OSCAR OR MYFRIENDS. PLEASE FIX KOREAN GUYS MEAN ACT not to respect Screenplay Award woman writern. korean guy dont eat whole honer like what you did all. the script is very important and everyone recognize the script is very important . we cant find thankful.mind to writer. why korean video just focus bong? writer can be hero. in this chance , .I expose the korean guy how mean to woman to get womans work and benefit without thanksful mind or no reward. ITS THE TIME TO FIX THEIR MEAN THINGS .KOREAN GUY IS SO MEAN. DONT CHEATED BY THEIR LIEMANNER. ALL LYING AND JUST FOR OUTLOOKS. ANY WAY I HOPE KOREAN MEAN MIND BE REASONABLE AND FAIR TO BE WOMAN.

  • I had a cow when they said Avengers Endgame

  • already know

  • Parasite

  • Joker is the best movie ever, they better win every category!!!

  • Even defeated, well done for Edge of Democracy!

  • I miss Tenki no ko in the nomination

  • Macedonia is comming Honeyland 🇲🇰🇲🇰❤❤

  • It is a disgrace that a deceitful and false documentary like The Edge of Democracy would be nominated for an Oscar. If it is awarded an Academy Award, it would serve to confirm the leftist bias of the Academy's members.

  • How can a movie, Edge of Documentary based on lie to protect the corruption of politics in Brazil can be compete in Oscar??? It’s a big BS, the director of the documentary is Petra Costa and his father Andrade Gutierrez is one of the CEO’s that was investigated and convicted for corruption with the Government. If this movie wins the Oscar, I will start a war against this permeation. Say no to corruption do not vote for Brazilian documentary


  • I hate this video 😭

  • Joker: 11 nominations The lighthouse: 1 nomination Bruh...

  • Endgame should have more nominations

  • Petra Costa and her documentary is a shame to brazilian people. She lies.

  • I knew it Klaus would be nominated

  • If you want to win money betting on the Oscars here are the winners. BEST PICTURE -- 1917 BEST ACTOR -- Joaquin Phoenix BEST ACTRESS -- Renee Zellweger BEST DIRECTOR -- Sam Mendes Best SUPPORTING. actor -- Brad Pit actress -- Laura Dern

  • If you want to win money betting on the Oscars here are the winners. BEST PICTURE -- 1917 BEST ACTOR -- Joaquin Phoenix BEST ACTRESS -- Renee Zellweger BEST DIRECTOR -- Sam Mendes Best SUPPORTING. actor -- Brad Pit actress -- Laura Dern

  • Hollywood is a myth.. All the World is a Stage as man futs and Struts..

  • Cuaron says, it's a dog-eat-dog world and I'm wearing milkBone underwear..

  • Speaking the administrators in the Academy, Highschool was never like Saved by the Bell. It was Saved by the Bell with guns and Knives..

  • Cho, don't be So humble You're not that Great.

  • Wonder if Gaga will be appearing in the next Oscar show..Lady Gaga wants it Orally. She says, Poke her Face.

  • Speaking of progressive coolness, Timberlake goes hip Hop Up the ass..

  • Cats was rejected since it wasn't cool enough..

  • Hollywood trash sleazy worthless people

  • How the hell there isn’t any marvel film

  • Japanese already won 12 Oscar winning (that includes the Won Honorary Awards) and 43 nomination, in past. Nominated this year again. Good job!

  • Parasite🔆

  • does joker have the potential to pick up a special achievement oscar? imagine if joker pulls a lord of the rings the return of the king stunt sweep? ;)

  • 1917 should be nominated for Film Editing tbhb

  • All movie great this year and need to think about coexistence, Live together. Now china have difficult issue with virus. we human need to help them! not mockery. Our support will help ourselves. Human can help Human. We called Friends and Family. Parasite Repect!

  • 기생충❤️

  • Best actor male .... Joker

  • Joker 💕💣


  • Joker must win

  • *Joker must to be a winner*

  • Joker the best

  • Joker 1 love

  • Joker Joker Joker

  • For leading Male actor I want Joaquin phoenix

  • I swear if Parasite doesnt win.

  • Clapping in every 5 seconds is annoying....

  • Parasite steps on the entire nominations list for Best Picture. Just saying...

  • i really loved dicaprio in once upon a time in hollywood, he played the role very well, but joaquin is taking this one home and rightfully so

  • Bill hader in It chapter 2?

  • There is only one winner joker

  • The applause is lame. Completely bogus. Get over yourselves.

  • 1917???????????wtf this movie is stupid and boring af

  • I think Harold went the wrong way. Dude! Whitecastle is on the other side of the road! Poor little stoner...now he has to go along with this joke of an event

  • Quentin Tarantino!

    • @Brian Channel hk Leo was good. I'm unable to even guess. I have to watch 2-3 times. :D

    • @Devendra Kumar Chaturvedi How about Leo? i know Joaquin surly good, but do you feel Leo acting a "hard to outstanding role"? Leo also good?

    • Brian Channel hk Quentin tarantino. Above all

    • Devendra Kumar Chaturvedi You like Quentin or Leo or Brad?

  • How did joker get so many nominations? It was good for sure but not THAT good?

  • For Sama goooooooo

  • Parasite will win Best Picture

  • 7:28 If Joaquin doesnt f****** win we protest in clown masks