Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
Yandere Dev's Mysterious Obstacle video:
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  • Hey Jay, What If you asked Osana to follow you , will that work? Can you Try that When Osans comes out?

  • I know how to kill her!

  • Jay you can kill Raibaru. SET RAIBARU ON FIRE f*king Raibaru

  • Okay but wasn’t Rival Chan the original design for Osana? If I remember correctly? If so I think it’s cool that she’s back! Lol.

  • You will see her again if you watch de video again

  • Btw jay u can kill raibaru by burning her idk if it works but i saw in a few videos

  • What if the player puts the headache medicine or the other medicines in Raibaru’s bento and make her leave osana and go to the nurse and rest on the bed which gives the player a few minutes to kill osana and hide the evidence 🤭🤔

  • Cuz hes so goddamn eEviL

  • I think I know how to kill raiburu you can use a mind slave

  • Bet you a mindslave would have work

  • What if you make a mindslave make them kill osauna?????

  • Didn't Kakona get taken out a while ago? I kinda wan her to be back so LaurenZside can call her "BeSt FrIeNd" again and like ignores Senpai :(

  • Yandev: Peaceful school Yan-chan: OH, I'll show you peaceful. I ( kills everyone ne except Senpai)

  • So.....I went to YandereDev Video and.....Raibaru was the old Martial arts leader?!?!

  • Kubz scouts try some of the Easter eggs once it comes out

  • I have an idea: put your disgusting camera on her flipin face

  • Why not put poison in Raibaru's food during lunch because Osana eats lunch with Taro(Senpai) on Monday. You can distract her with the radio to get her away from her food because she isn't hanging out with Osana, she would be all by herself. Yandere Dev specifically said she ignores all other noise while hanging out with Osana, that doesn't mean the radio doesn't work on her when she is alone. He also didn't say anything about Raibaru being immue to poison so it could possibly work. If there is a problem with my theory please tell me, I would love to know why.

  • Hey jay if you ever do a new yandere myths then this is one what if you get to close to simpie 4 times then if you get him close to the counselors office then get close to him one last time then quickly go in the Calculators office will you get a game over?

  • Jay knows all, or most of the characters

  • Maybe when she is she almost in inside the school she can drop the heavy thing and you know when a target is near the school you can drop the heavy thing

  • Can you use the mine slave to kill her?

  • Myth:Jay what happens if u use a Easter Egg on Raibaru

  • Jay is getting rekt by yandere dev

  • Those 669 dislikes might be from yandere..

  • If you can’t distract Raibaru and you can’t kill her..... what if you spread rumors about her and get her bullied. Or will the bullies not be brave enough?

  • Oka is a rival so she’s coming to school later on

  • light her up usig a lighter and a gas maybe i works >:D

  • Yandere dev: I can make a game Everyone who knows unity: you sure bout that

  • "Who is she? " ...... A thot

  • What about a mind broken slave what will happen?

  • Am I the only one who forgot big titty kokona?

  • Jay! This is just a question... To eliminate the bodyguard of Osana, can you send the black obstacle home?

  • "that's just some sweet home Alabama right there"

  • OH MAH GWAD, There is 666 dislikes ;0;

  • 666 dislikes...

  • Try this 1. Kill kokona 2. Spawn a mindslave 3. Will the mindslave kill kokona even if she's dead I love your vids and your that dude I'm 10

  • I think I know how you get her away, because you can become a delinquent now, you can intimidate her and she will go away from Osana and yeah

  • Use Ebola

  • 4:00 oh so that’s why that happened to Rabbowski when he added the two of them to the game

  • Try Dropping weights on The short orange hair girl i forgot here fking name or try dropping it to osana or drop water or blood on ribaru or burn ribaru or try framing rubaru by putting a weapon ner her and try all of those on osana

  • Raibaru? Is her

  • Ayano: Attempted stab at Raibaru. Raibaru: *Omae wa mou Shinderu.*

  • What if you poison the Osana's bento and let her choking to death....will Raibaru did something?

  • Sooo Raibaru is Budo's crush? She is the former leader of the martial arts club.

  • yo dood i have one 1. kill your enemy (midory) 2. get lobster head 3. go to the headmaster 4.try to kill him with a easter egg 5. clean your sins 6. go kill another girl near a teacher 7. clear your sins 8.end the day 9. see what will happen

  • NoJay

  • jay: *says anything that might happen in the game yandere dev: it already has

  • we poison raibaru . . . . idk


  • It is raibaru

  • I think the hardest rivals are Megami because she got the student councils And Osaro because she has the flipin delinquints

  • Couldn't you use a Easter egg to kill raiburu

  • Raibaru is totally a lesbian

  • Well try burning her

  • I know how to kill ribaru when she is on the roof shove her off

  • Jay did you watch the backstory while making this video or did you skip it

  • The people who said there was a new build obviously do not pay attention to Ydevs content. They just see new stuff and assume its in it already

  • Fallow Osana to the phone call and maybe she won’t fallow

  • A question I always asked was why does Hitman have a barcode on the back of his head

  • Do that means that Raibaru is Budo crush?

  • Can you drop the dumbbells on her from the roof

  • dood that is so freaking cool bro like how u can kill her but i have an idea what if u grab the radio and put it in front of her freaking face then go behind her take of your knife and kill her jay

  • no one's gonna care but im the 67000th like :3

  • Jay u can now join the club from the thelinques 1 buy hair dye have a bad repotanshen 2 friend all the thelinques that task

  • Kubz scouts kubz scouts! New update!! Pls do the update

  • Jay please play the new builddddd😭😍

  • There is a new thing on yandere similar watch yandere kuns episode

  • I have a myth: 1 Kill someone 2 mop the blood and dip in the bucket 3 Put blood on the teacher by tripping 4 end the day Will the police frame the teacher?

  • How to kill raibaru is to use ship girl😊

  • Make yan Chan intimidate them into distracting her

  • Jay watch the new vid of yandere dev ;3

  • Jay now you can join the deliqunt gang in one of yandere dav vid but idk if it's done

  • JAY I GOT A CHALLENGE 1.kill any student 2.get the teacher to chase you Try and get threw the whole day getting chased but not getting caught Rules: Debugs Eaterseggs (I made this up on the sopt -3-plz do it T.T)


  • Jay it's now possible to join the delinquents

  • Jay, Yandere Dev posted a video, you can now join the delinquents! UwU

  • How to DISTRACT Osana-Chan or How to Murder her : 1. If she takes Kokonas calls ( Taking Place of where Kokona Stands ) Ayano can ( Possibly ) pour Gasoline, Water, or Blood Also, heres a possible Debunk : 1. Pour Gasoline on Osana or maybe Raibaru 2. Throw a match on either of them Will Raibaru hurt Ayano? Or will she H E L P Osana put out the F L A M E S ?

  • That’s my girl you best stay away from her, Ayano, I will END you

  • A way to kill Raibaru is to get a mindslave to kill her but wait until she isn't talking with Osana because it will glitch out, It's in a mod too.

  • Jay 2016: it is just sibling love, no INCEST Jay 2019: thats just sweet home alabama