Origins of the DARK WEB

Pubblicato il 16 lug 2019
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Where did the hidden or "dark" parts of the World Wide Web come from?
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    • TheKb117 It’s also a matter of courtesy. People present themselves before starting to speak.

    • see the credits at the end... maybe, just they're style... hth

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  • Kind of annoying how you seemed to use the phrases "dark net" and "dark web" interchangeably. Dark net would be any network requiring a special client, or being otherwise obfuscated. The deep web, of course, is everything on the web not indexed by search engines. And the dark web, in a bastardization of dark net and deep web, that seemed to become popular with the TOR Browser Bundle, which was a special client used to access a dark web.

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  • Lol, you're actually quoting your very own video on the same matter from 2015 xD ( /watch?v=nKrODPtVinw ). For real guys.

  • no mention of BBS (bulletin board systems) that would let you dial up to closed servers in order to trade info. up until the late 90's there were rotating lists. instructions for making bombs, black, blue boxes... you name it. if it was illegal it was on a BBS. you could run a War Dialer to create a database of unlisted servers.

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  • You think internet is trash? Think again.

  • So the point of these video was stated near the beginning with it being stated that the origin of the dark web *is* the origin of the internet.

  • Don't forget about that time the pirate bay tried to buy Sealand

  • 我认为我们会需要一个CC字幕,简繁体都可以。

  • dark web internet is basically maintain by the regular people wo run the server on the donation or by selling illegel service to the their customers. So the quality of their server is not that good. Thats the the speed is slow.

  • It still has its good uses, such as allowing people in authoritarian hells such as north korea, china, UK etc.. to have access to free information.

    • @Andy Young There's no limit on how deep you can go on youtube comments, people just self moderate their IQ; But what i see is a collusion on silicon valley to implement a social score similar to the one in china.

    • @Dr_Kachu san depends on your definition and exact interpretation of authoritarian and whether said corporations are interlinked with the government in question (personal connections, sponsorships, funding etc.) A corporate monopoly over an entire state (hypothetical endgame for your question) would be functionally similar to an authoritarian state monopoly, but could be argued to be the (or an) end result of libertarian right ideology (eg anarcho-capitalism). Oops might have gone too deep with this 😂

    • ​@Andy Young Does it count as authoritarian hell if its the corporations doing it instead of the government?

    • UK and US are pseudo-authoritarian hells (but I doubt it'll be much longer before full authoritarian police state status is achieved, the way things are going in both places)

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  • are pirate bay still trying to put servers in space?

  • At one point The Pirate Bay was also thinking of hosting their servers on Sealand.

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  • I want to see you cover *the origin of the internet!* There are a few videos online, but they are insanely boring.

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