Orange & Brown Scrimmage Recap | Cleveland Browns

Pubblicato il 5 ago 2019
Take a look back at this year's Orange & Brown Scrimmage. From a special visit from Phil Dawson, Odell Beckham Jr.'s first time in First Energy Stadium, and Baker Mayfield's Moustache.


  • Odell barking at the crowd let's go baby

  • OBJ “new house, new house...” Naw this is the DOG POUND MFR!!! Get it right you dam diva, and we’re not going for any of your it’s all about me antics either, if it was my choice I would’ve kept Perriman, Baker can turn any average WR into a star... but if it doesn’t work we can always trade him, either for a high couple of picks, or a position of need. I’m just hoping he brought his hard hat instead of his red carpet. Us diehards won’t kiss your ass around this way!

    • Insane Asylum There’s no dick sucking going on here...we’re just supporting one of our OWN, unlike you 🤡

    • Brandon Lowe, hey do you guys want to go suck dick else where... Thanks!

    • You would’ve kept perriman lmao

    • Insane Asylum Wtf are you talking about? It’s his first time in the stadium as a BROWN and you start crying over a 3 sec clip of him calling the place his ”new house”...🤣🤣 Get TF out of here with that BS, a ”real fan” would be excited about what’s coming! You’re a FAKE cry somewhere else.

    • You aren't a real Browns fan. We are smarter than that!

  • I WAS THERE lol

  • I’m sure if the browns start winning a bron bron appearance will be in store

    • Still worried bout bron but he aint worried bout cleveland

    • @Big Willy he's first and foremost a browns fan. Mans from there lol

    • Calvin McGee hes a cowboys fan

  • 40 thousand fans. At a practice. That's Cleveland Browns Football : ) GO BROWNS !!!

  • 😍